Marigold Peel Fresh Encourage Healthy Eating for Children

As Malaysia’s No.1 Pasteurised Fruit Juice drink choice, the nation’s drink of choice aims to address the country’s alarmingly low intake of fruits and vegetables, especially amongst the younger generation through its MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow.

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The campaign which kicked-off in July saw its brand ambassador, Lisa Surihani uniting parents via a panel discussion to address the decline in consumption of fruits and vegetables amongst Malaysians and a parent’s role in encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for their families.

“As a mother of two, my husband and I try to set a good example and are more conscious about what we consume by involving our children in the selection of fruits and vegetables at home. We make it a point for our household meals to be balanced and consist of leafy greens and nutritious fruits. Despite our busy schedules, we find it important to find time to sit down and enjoy a family meal together for better quality family time.”

Sharing their views on modelling healthy habits for their families alongside Lisa Surihani, were Audrey Ooi (fourfeetnine) and Aliza Yasmin (Lizzie), who have made names for themselves through their parenting and family stories, especially within the motherhood community.

Both panellists agreed that the campaign provided an excellent platform for parents to come together and share their own experiences on trying to cultivate healthy lifestyle choices amongst their children. The panel discussion offered tried and tested methods used in making it a more fun experience for the younger generation to incorporate fruits and fruit juices as part of a balanced diet.

Commenting further on the roadshow, Michael Ong, Deputy General Manager, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH said,

“We understand the challenges faced by parents, especially in this competitive environment that we live in today where everyone is always on the go. It is especially difficult for parents to encourage their children to have the recommended two servings of fruits and vegetables daily when they have difficulties doing so themselves. The campaign is in support of the recommendation and MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH serves to complement the daily recommended servings for extra daily fruit goodness. It is convenient and it comes in its ready-to-drink packaging.”

For more information on the  upcoming events for MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH, please visit

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