Taiwan HALAL Products Gaining Popularity in Malaysia

Taiwanese food producers have successfully expanded their presence in Malaysia in recent years and have just upped the ante with the Taiwan Halal Pavilion under the Taiwan Expo 2018 in Malaysia.


The expo started from the 25th to 27th of October and HALAL products on display at the Taiwan Halal Pavilion include canned coffee, brewed milk tea, vegetarian products, franchise business and skincare products. The aim of the expo is to foster greater cooperation with Malaysian companies to collectively branch into the Southeast Asian HALAL market and beyond.


Research and development are defining traits of Taiwanese products and have resulted in a wide variety of products with delicious flavours and exquisite packaging well received by the market.

Popular brands such as 3.15pm Instant Milk Tea and Mr. Brown canned coffee have become very popular amongst visitors to Taiwan and will be available in Taiwan Expo.

Taiwan Halal Center has been seeking greater cooperation with Malaysian counterparts to join forces in developing the global HALAL market. Taiwan Expo and the Taiwan Halal Pavilion are the perfect platforms to introduce to Malaysians the competitive edge of Taiwanese halal products.

The product debut in 2017 was a good test of market and the innovative products introduced received good feedback from Muslim customers. This year’s development has been even more noteworthy as the products have made inroads into major hypermarket as well as the Taiwan Halal Food Fair held organized by MyDin.

Among participating companies include BIOSOL TECH. CORP. LTD., TENART BIOTECH (MasKingdom); VEGEFARM, YOUNG QIN INTERNATIONAL (Fried Chicken Master); SHIH CHEN FOODD (3:15PM), KING CAR INDUSTRIAL (Mr. Brown), etc.

Special guests to the event include Mr. Mohd Aminuddin Sham Tajudin, Director of Halal, F&B and Agro-Based Section, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Mr.Zulkifly Md Said, Director General of Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC), Dato’ Noor Zaleha Baharudin, Organising Chairman of MTC Gold Awards cum Vice President of Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) as well as 60 friends from the media and social media influencers. The guests and media were treated to a delightful runway show of the many wonderful products available.

Halal Food Fair with MYDIN

Outside of consumer products, Taiwan has also made significant strides in attracting Muslim Travelers and was ranked fifth in the latest Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) under the Non-OIC Destination category for the first time this year. The Taiwan Halal Center was awarded MTC Gold Awards by the Malaysia Tourism Council for developing and promoting Muslim-friendly travel destinations. Malaysia is home to more than 20 million Muslims and is the most advanced and developed Muslim market in Southeast Asia. It is also home to a large Chinese population that can communicate easily with Taiwanese companies, making it the ideal springboard for Taiwanese companies looking to expand into the global market. That Taiwan Halal Center plans to organize yearly business visit to Taiwan for overseas buyers to learn more about the products as it sets its sights on the Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Taiwan Expo in Malaysia is held from the 25th to 27th of October at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Taiwan Halal Pavilion is one of the theme exhibitions under the Expo and visitors are welcomed to visit Booth 402 to try out some of the delicacies.

The Taiwan Halal Food Fair with MYDIN will run from 25th of October to 4th of November at SAM Groceria NU Sentral. Hundreds of Taiwanese halal food products will be available including dried fruit, fruit vinegar, desserts, snacks, etc. All the products are certified halal and Malaysians from all walks of life can enjoy with peace of mind.

For more information, please visit official website:

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