Vivo V15Pro Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech to Rev Up the Mobile Experience

Vivo finally unveiled the all-new V15Pro smartphone in Malaysia.

3. L-R Vivo Brand Ambassador Janna Nick, Vivo Malaysia CEO Mike Xu and Vivo Brand Ambassador Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza launch the V15 Series smartphone

The V15Pro is Vivo’s first model after the NEX to incorporate the industry’s first Elevating Front Camera. It packs upgraded AI technology, bringing consumers a stunning full-screen smartphone with an intelligent personal assistant that understands and anticipates their needs.


Vivo once again is breaking new ground by elevating the mobile experience with this latest affordable V series addition that packs in many high-end technologies that usually feature in only the most premium phones.

In addition to the Elevating Front Camera, the V15Pro includes cutting-edge technologies like its AI Triple Camera that takes pro-photography on the smartphone to another level, plus In-Display Fingerprint Scanning.

“Innovation is one of our core values. Aside from the industry’s first Elevating Front Camera which gave us the ultimate bezel-less display, we are always looking to bring other game-changing features, such as higher-quality cameras and smarter AI services that transport the mobile experience to a new dimension.” Said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Malaysia.

“The V15Pro is a clear example of our commitment to bringing advanced products to consumers from all around the world and from all walks of life.”

Elevating Front Camera Makes Possible Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display

Taking inspiration from the groundbreaking NEX, V15Pro carries the same Elevating Front Camera, but better. V15Pro comes with a staggering 32MP Front Camera to capture even better selfies with unrivalled clarity. Vivo has further upgraded the mechanics of the Elevating Front Camera in V15Pro. Design enhancements also ensure the camera is sturdy enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear.

The innovative Elevating Front Camera which first debuted at MWC 2018 as a concept and was featured in the first NEX has effectively created the ideal full-screen display without compromising on photo quality or camera position. With the elimination of the notch, V15Pro now has a staggering 91.64% screen-to-body ratio, creating an unprecedented immersive viewing experience for gaming and video viewing. The Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display on the V15Pro now has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and is 6.39 inches diagonally. Its side and top bezels have been reduced to a razor-thin 1.75mm and 2.2mm respectively.

Capture the Perfect Shot with a Stunning AI Triple Camera

V15Pro comes with AI-embedded solutions that take the mobile photography experience to the next level. With an AI Triple Camera, V15Pro allows consumers to take photos with stunning clarity and a wider perspective.

Users can easily capture professional-grade photos with a snap, thanks to the 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor , 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera, and 5MP Depth Camera. The “four-in-one pixel” technology in the main rear camera combines four pixels into one large pixel to deliver high-quality 12MP photos even in the dark. The AI Super Wide-Angle Camera can expand up to 120 degrees , capturing more people and fuller landscape shots.

This powerful hardware is complemented with AI to make professional photo-taking a breeze. Borrowing from V11, V15Pro is equipped with AI photography features including AI Face Beauty and AI Portrait Framing. The all-new AI Super Night Mode makes shaky night shots a thing of the past, as consumers can now capture amazing night scenery without a tripod or a DSLR camera.

AI Super Night Mode can instantly take multiple photos at different exposures. It then brilliantly combines them to greatly improve brightness and clarity, meaning night scenes can now be captured with a high level of detail and stability.

With the all-new AI Body Shaping feature, users can now look naturally perfect by adjusting every aspect of the body such as the waist and legs – users will no longer need to use photo-editing applications to look their best.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology Brings Out the Best in Sleek Design

V15Pro also incorporates Vivo’s popular In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, which is now in its 5th generation with higher fingerprint pixel density and more sophisticated algorithms allowing consumers to unlock their phones in a more secure and intuitive manner.

Without a physical fingerprint pad, the sleek back cover adopts a unique Spectrum Ripple Design in Topaz Blue or Coral Red, that reflect different shades at different angles, complementing the futuristic innovations housed within V15Pro.
AI-Powered Performance for a Smoother and more Intuitive Experience

Vivo’s AI has made another leap forward, with a more powerful Jovi, the personal assistant that understands your needs and desires better than ever.

The brand-new AI-powered Jovi Image Recognizer has access to almost 100 mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Zalora, so it can easily search through databases of over half a billion products for you. With a simple scan, you can now directly locate the product you need and enjoy futuristic AI shopping.

Simply use the new Smart Button on the side of V15Pro to release the power of AI. One press activates the Google Assistant, while two calls the Jovi Image Recognizer into action. It’s easy, intuitive, and fast. V15Pro also has its own customised voice commands developed in partnership with Google to answer to your needs. Whether you want to activate AI Face Beauty, clean up phone memory, or search for food pictures in your album, just utter the command and V15Pro will do it for you immediately.
Avid gamers will love the upgraded Game Mode 5.0. It comes with the new Competition Mode that allocates system resources to prioritise game performance, and Dual-Turbo, which reduces frame-drop by 300% and increases smooth gameplay.

V15Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 675AIE Octa-core processor with 6GB RAM + 128 ROM, ensuring ultra-smooth performance. Consumers can also have peace of mind that their phone will be up and running at all times thanks to Vivo’s latest Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology, which tops the V15Pro up to about a quarter of power in just 15 minutes.


V15Pro in Topaz Blue and Coral Red will be available for pre-order, which comes with a complimentary gift box in Malaysia from 26 February to 1 March 2019 via its roadshows at select locations, Vivo Concept Stores, authorised dealers and collaboration partners.

Additionally, Vivo will also be holding a V15 Pro Superday Sale on 2 March 2019 at Sunway Pyramid (Blue Concourse) where early birds will received a complimentary DJI Spark selfie drone (on a first come first serve basis) and a Vivo gift box.

The public is also encouraged to take part in the exciting contest and giveaways that will be held on Vivo’s Facebook page (

Stay tuned for more information on Vivo V15Pro Superday Sale on 2nd March 2019.

PUBG MOBILE Tournament in 2019

PUBG MOBILE Malaysia National Championship 2018 was first introduced to facilitate the PUBG MOBILE community in Malaysia which plays a large part as the root of the esports ecosystem due to its overwhelming registered players’ growth. PMNC 2018 is a PUBG MOBILE national championship sponsored by Vivo in Malaysia.
PUBG MOBILE Malaysia National Championship (PMNC) 2018 finale, which was held early this year, was broadcasted in English and Bahasa Malaysia. It garnered up to 2.2 million views on its live streams. At the same time, estimated 2,000 fans and supporters came down to Sunway Velocity Mall to witness the event live.

Following the success of Vivo’s PUBG MOBILE Malaysia National Championship (PMNC) in 2018, Vivo’s PUBG Mobile Tournament will return at a larger scale and more attractive prizes! This year, Vivo will be collaborating with Tencent in the PUBG MOBILE e-sport tournament. The tournament sets to commence in March 2019.

KARA Holdings Umum Program Perlesenan Kedai Ayamas

Pengendali Kedai Ayamas dan juga anak syarikat Johor Corporation (JCORP) ini mengumumkan pelancaran Program Perlesenan Kedai Ayamas sebagai salah satu langkah bagi mengembangkan perniagaan Kedai Ayamas dan menyokong pembangunan usahawan Malaysia dalam industri makanan dan minuman.

Pic 1

Kedai Ayamas adalah kedai pertama di Malaysia untuk memperkenalkan jualan ayam segar HALAL dan pelbagai produk berasaskan ayam di dalam suasana kedai moden dan selesa.

Pic 2

Sebagai sebuah jenama yang telah dikenali sejak 30 tahun yang lalu, Kedai Ayamas menyediakan perkhidmatan berkonsep makan di restoran dan bawa pulang bagi membolehkan pelanggan untuk menikmati pelbagai jenis makanan enak keluaran mereka seperti ayam panggang Ayamas Roasters, produk sejuk-beku seperti nuget ayam, sosej, bebola ayam dan pelbagai lagi.

Selaras dengan slogan mereka iaitu “More than just chicken”, Kedai Ayamas juga menawarkan makanan sedia-dimakan seperti Nasi Briyani Bukhara Ayam, Nasi Pilaf Ayam Mentega, Nasi Kandar Ayam Masala, Nasi Bijan Ayam Bulgogi dan Nasi Kari Hijau Ayam Thai. Di samping itu, Kedai Ayamas juga turut menjual produk masakan seperti pasta, rempah-ratus dan herba, pelbagai produk rak dapur serta sos-sos, pemanis mulut dan juga minuman.

“Sebagai sebahagian daripada komitmen JCORP dalam menggalakkan inisiatif keusahawanan menerusi aktiviti perniagaannya, kami berbesar hati untuk bekerjasama dengan pemegang-pemegang lesen kami justeru menjadikan program ini satu kejayaan besar,” kata Pengerusi KARA Holdings Sdn Bhd, Tuan Haji Mohd Sahir Bin Rahmat.

“Kami menawarkan peluang istimewa ini untuk menggalakkan lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia berkecimpung di dalam bidang keusahawanan terutamanya dalam perniagaan makanan dan kedai runcit. Di bawah program perlesenan kami, pemegang lesen akan diberikan sokongan penuh ke atas semua aspek aktiviti perniagaan Kedai Ayamas seperti latihan tenaga manusia, produk dan perkembangan menu, pengurusan kewangan, pemasaran dan promosi, dan bekalan produk yang terjamin. Program ini juga akan memberi kuasa kepada Pemegang Lesen untuk menggunakan jenama dan kelebihan Kedai Ayamas untuk menjadi usahawan yang berjaya,” katanya.

Pengumuman tersebut dibuat di Kedai Ayamas Taman Tun Dr Ismail yang telah diperbaharui dan merupakan salah satu daripada sembilan kedai di bawah Program Pelesenan Kedai Ayamas ini. Kedai-kedai lain adalah Kedai Ayamas TTDI Jaya, Kedai Ayamas Melawati, Kedai Ayamas Bukit Baru, Kedai Ayamas Medan Gopeng, Kedai Ayamas Kota Damansara, Kedai Ayamas Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, Kedai Ayamas Bukit Jelutong dan KIOSK Kedai Ayamas Beserah di Kuantan.

KARA mensasarkan untuk membangunkan 20 buah kedai pemegang lesen baru pada 2019 dan 100 buah kedai pemegang lesen menjelang 2023. Pada masa ini, terdapat 49 kedai Kedai Ayamas di Malaysia yang terdiri daripada 40 kedai milik KARA dan 9 kedai oleh pemegang lesen.

Keunikan Produk HKTDC DG Studio Tarik Pengunjung Tempatan

Sebut je Hong Kong, mesti teringat drama-drama dan pelakon-pelakon Hong Kong yang pernah jadi kegemaran dulu-dulu.

Tapi tahukah anda?

Selain daripada menjadi hab membeli-belah dan pembikinan drama TV yang popular, Hong Kong juga merupakan salah satu tempat kelahiran bagi banyak jenama tempatan dan produk gaya hidup yang inovatif.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) merupakan satu badan yang bertanggungjawab dalam mempromosikan produk dan perkhidmatan dari Hong Kong ini di arena antarabangsa.


Kini, DG Studio mengambil inisiatif membawa hadiah serta cenderamata-cenderamata gaya terkini dan premium dari Hong Kong kepada pembeli-pembeli di Malaysia.

Sebanyak 12 jenama terkenal ditampilkan kepada orang ramai di pusat beli-belah 1 Utama (Sayap Baru Tingkat LG Highstreet) dari 20 hingga 24 Februari ini dan di Da Men Mall (LGB1,Tingkat LG ) dari 20 hingga 26 Februari ini.

Jenama-jenama dari DG Studio adalah Artiart, Cardhoda, Eco Concepts, Hoobbe, Hyone, Kilovest, Konstar, MH Blocks, Paris Garden, SOAP Studio, Tea Lab and Team Green. Kesemuanya mengkhusus kepada produk-produk gaya hidup tertentu, yang biasanya ditawarkan sebagai hadiah peribadi atau korporat dan premium. Apa yang menjadikan produk-produk ini berbeza adalah dari segi kreativiti, keunikan dan gaya terkini bagi produk harian pengguna.

“Kami berbangga menampilkan produk-produk gaya hidup Hong Kong kepada rakyat Malaysia, kerana kami percaya pasaran di Malaysia sudah bersiap sedia untuk menerima produk-produk yang bukan saja menepati fungsinya, bahkan mampu mencuit emosi. Kami yakin bahawa sesetengah produk yang anda nampak hari ini mampu menceriakan hati anda,” kata Hoh Jee Eng, Pengarah, Malaysia, HKTDC.

Artiart merupakan jenama produk kegunaan isi rumah dengan rekaan inovatif. Jenama ini menghasilkan perkakasan untuk rumah, perkakasan untuk minuman dan item-item berkaitan-bisnes dengan rekaannya yang kreatif, unik, menyeronokkan dan berwarna-warni. Antaranya adalah cawan AR Iceberg Suction Cup, dengan cengkaman bawah, dan Elegance Suction Bottle yang 100% bebas bocor, produk yang dikatakan dihantar dari ‘syurga’ untuk individu yang kerap ditimpa ‘kemalangan’ dan menjadi produk yang paling laris bagi syarikat itu.

Konstar pula mengutamakan kepada peralatan isi rumah yang kecil. Jenama ini direka secara inovatif bagi memudahkan kerja-kerja rumah yang banyak mengambil masa. Empat daripada produknya telah meraih anugerah RedDot Design.

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SHOPEE Anjur Jualan Produk Pembersihan Rumah di Super Brand Day

Ibu-ibu di luar sana, jangan lupa sertai Super Brand Day anjuran Shopee bersama Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser bermula minggu depan, iaitu 25 Februari nanti sehingga 3 Mac.

Photo 4

Photo 3 (1)

Jika dahulu, tugas membersih dan mengemas rumah satu tugas yang sangat membebankan lebih-lebih lagi bagi ibu-ibu yang bekerja dan dalam masa perlu memastikan kediaman rumah sentiasa bersih dan kemas.

Photo 1 (1)

Photo 2 (1)

Kini, tugas mengemas rumah disifatkan sebagai paling bergaya. Memandangkan trend ini sudah menjadi satu sensasi global, semakin ramai orang menyahut cabaran untuk mempermudah urusan mengemas rumah mereka dengan mengikuti beberapa peraturan asas.

Pakar-pakar telah berkongsi hasil penyelidikan dan kajian mereka yang menunjukkan bahawa mengemas rumah adalah satu tugas penting. Bagaimanapun, kita perlu sedar bahawa usaha menjaga kebersihan rumah bukan sahaja dengan mengemas dan membuang barang yang tidak memberi sebarang faedah tetapi juga perlu membersihkan lantai, tingkap, bilik mandi, dapur dan setiap permukaan serta ceruk dalam rumah.

Tahukah anda?

Menjaga kebersihan dan menyenggarakan rumah adalah juga satu keperluan untuk memastikan persekitaran yang sihat dan mesra demi kesejahteraan keluarga, terutama sekali keluarga yang sedang membesarkan anak-anak. Rumah yang ceria membantu melenyapkan tekanan dan ketegangan yang disebabkan persekitaran yang berselerak. Dengan demikian, ibu bapa kurang terganggu dan dapat memberi tumpuan sepenuhnya kepada usaha untuk mewujudkan persekitaran yang sesuai dan kreatif untuk anak-anak membesar.

Memahami betapa pentingnya kita mempunyai kediaman yang sihat, Shopee telah merancang Super Brand Day bersama Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser, yang dijadualkan dari 25 Februari hingga 3 Mac.

Jenama-jenama terkenal di bawah Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser, khususnya adalah:

  • Dettol
  • Enfagrow A
  • Sustagen
  • Durex
  • Vanish
  • Air Wick

Kesemua jenama diatas akan menyertai kempen ini dengan menawarkan produk dengan harga jauh lebih rendah.

Sepanjang TUJUH hari itu, pelanggan boleh merebut pelbagai tawaran hebat, termasuk tawaran RM1 pada 28 Februari.

Shopee Super Brand Day bakal:

  1. menawarkan diskaun sehingga 85%
  2. Jualan Mengejut harian
  3. perkhidmatan penghantaran segera kepada pengguna Shopee.


Manfaatkan sepenuhnya nilai wang ringgit anda dan rebutlah baucar menarik sehingga RM500,000.

Selain itu, mereka yang membuat perbelanjaan harian paling tinggi berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah menarik seperti telefon pintar, tablet, jam tangan pintar dan banyak lagi.

Untuk butir-butir lanjut, sila ke laman

3rd MIFFest and MGGA Officially Launched in Malaysia

And another great news is Bront Palarae and Sinje Lee has been appointed as the ambassadors of the year


The 3rd Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) has officially launched at the Saphire Room, Dorsett Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

It is an honour to announce that that Ms. Sinje Lee (well-known Malaysia & International actress) remain to be our ambassador and continue to support us. Other than this, we are honoured that Mr. Bront Palarae (renowned Malaysia & International actor) accepted our invitation and joined as our 3rd MIFFest and MGGA’s ambassador.

This is the first time for Bront to take up his role as the ambassador of the festival. As an actor, producer and filmmaker, he shares his journey in filmmaking with the media and invited guests. Sinje is glad and full of excitement that these events are entering its third edition and getting more support from public and government department this year.

‘Having our very own film festival is always my greatest wish’, said Sinje.

This festival is supported by Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM); FINAS Malaysia; Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and Taiwan Cultural Department. The 3rd MIFFest announced the key dates and much-waited for its’ inaugural return will be held from 14th July 2019 to 19th July 2019(venue to be confirmed), while the MGGA will be held on 20th July 2019, at the Istana Budaya. The purpose of MIFFest and MGGA is to build a communication platform for global filmmakers and to promote Malaysia film industry, arts and cultural offerings to the world.

“Humanity” as the main theme and key message for MIFFest and MGGA, moreover “The Journey”, was the concept created to represent the focus on Film and Filmmaking Journey. The main purpose of the Malaysia International Film Festival is to bring in the best films around the world that have a true humanity feeling to the audiences.

“These events celebrate uniqueness and champion humanity. To recognize and honour human excellence through films that inspire and enlighten the human spirit. MIFFest and MGGA help to promote tourism and diversity of Malaysian arts and cultures to the global audience, it also aims to strengthen Malaysia’s position as a major leading creative hub of film and cinema within the ASEAN region”, proudly said by Joanne Goh, Chairman of MIFFest and MGGA.

To discover the hidden yet extraordinary young filmmakers, the festival is organizing the 3rdMIFFest Short Film Competition. The competition opens to entrants who aged 18 or above at the time of entry. The winning and participated short films will stand a chance to screen their film during MIFFest at the selected TGV cinemas.

Kindly visit our official website at and for more information or email us at for any further queries.

Firefly Airlines Introduces New Campaign for 2019

Firefly Airlines once again has rolled out a concentrated campaign which will run throughout 2019 to sustain and further attract its business and leisure market.


‘Discovery – See It, Hear It, Sense It, Feel It, Touch It, Taste It’ is the direction that the airline is heading towards this year to complement its ‘Jom Jalan’ campaign as part of its effort to lure more locals to discover and re-discover the unknown places and things of our motherland, not forgetting the tourists to visit Malaysia by facilitating and developing more creative and interesting campaigns, activations and holiday packages.

Having launched the campaign ‘Discovery – See It, Hear It, Sense It, Feel It, Touch It, Taste It’ earlier this week at The Saujana Hotel, Firefly kick started the campaign journey one day earlier to the launch by having a the “Come & Discover Selangor with Us” media familiarisation trip to various places around Selangor. This effort was initiated together with Tourism Selangor and The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur as media members from Penang and Kuala Lumpur visited many hidden places of attractions in the 2-day tour.

“Our country has many hidden places of attractions that are worth discovering and you will be equally surprised by how close these places are to the city. Even some locals are surprised to find certain new places to visit that are still unknown to most. We need to educate our people especially the younger generations to appreciate what our motherland has,” said Izra Izzuddin the Vice President of Marketing & Communications from Firefly Airlines.

Izra also added that Firefly wants every passenger to experience every sense that a human has to enjoy the journey and make it well worth.

  • See It connects to places, things and people
  • Hear It connects to local entertainment, what’s in, what’s happening and what’s new
  • Sense It ropes to the beach, food, garden, park, arts and atmosphere
  • Feel It binds to the journey, enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Touch It links to arts, batik, shopping items, museums
  • Taste It chains to local food and beverage.

Some of the main highlights included in the tour was the Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk, visit to the Mah Meri Cultural Village in Carey Island and Dong Zen Temple, located in Jenjarom. The tour continued on day two with a trip to the famous Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor, and a quick stop over to Bukit Melawati where the main attractions include the presence of silvered leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques, before making a final stop to visit the well-known Blue Mosque in Shah Alam.

“We have recognized a few new tourism attractions to focus this year for example, Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor, Royal Klang Heritage Walk, Kuala Kubu Bharu Eco Adventure Activities, Tanjung Sepat An Emerging Eco Agro Tourism, Kajang Heritage Centre and a few more others. Tourism Selangor has worked closely with the tourism industry players and other stakeholders to ensure they provide the best service and hospitality,” said Puan Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor.

As Firefly operates from Skypark Terminal 2, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is the best choice for passengers as the facilities of this well-appointed resort include extensive dining choices, practical function areas with a luxurious grand ballroom, 17 meeting rooms and a host of delightful recreational activities to suit the needs of all travellers. The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a member of WorldHotels, a global brand that brings together 500 of the world’s most unique independent hotels in 250 destinations across 65 countries worldwide.

“We are a tranquillity landscape where one can find endless possibilities to experience an enjoyable and relaxing stay experience with top class service quality,” said Peter Hourigan, Vice President of Operations/General Manager of The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The highlight of the evening on the second day was indeed the highly anticipated event, Media Mingle 2019 held at the Zamrud function room at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There was a brief presentation of each brands, by Firefly Airlines, Tourism Selangor and the event’s host, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, where the business information and directions moving ahead in 2019 for each of the organization was shared. The start of the dinner was then marked with the “Yee Sang” toss to symbolise good luck, health, prosperity and all things favourable.

Program Happy Meal Readers McDonalds Tawar 12 Karya Cressida Cowell

Diterbitkan eksklusif oleh penulis dan pelukis ilustrasi terkenal dunia, Cressida Cowell, buku-buku  itu bakal dikeluarkan oleh McDonald’s sepanjang tahun ini

Photo 1

Diwujudkan dengan meletakkan keluarga sebagai keutamaan, program Happy Meal Readers oleh McDonald’s Malaysia bertujuan memupuk minat membaca dalam kalangan kanak-kanak di Malaysia menerusi pendekatan ‘Scale for Good’.

Photo 3

Menerusi program Happy Meal Readers, McDonald’s bekerjasama dengan Cressida Cowell, penulis dan pelukis ilustrasi terkenal dunia yang menghasilkan siri buku popular How to Train Your Dragon, untuk melancarkan satu siri buku bertajuk Treetop Twins Adventures.

Terdapat 12 cerita yang akan dipaparkan menerusi buku bersiri ini yang dihasilkan secara eksklusif untuk McDonald’s. Setiap bulan, sebuah buku akan dikeluarkan sepanjang tahun ini. Untuk pasaran Malaysia, buku-buku ini boleh didapati dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia.

Bagi menjadikan pengalaman membaca lebih menyeronokkan, buku-buku ini juga boleh didapati dalam versi digital menerusi aplikasi Happy Studio yang boleh dimuat turun dari Play Store dan Apple Store.

Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini, seisi keluarga dapat sama-sama membaca dan berinteraksi tentang cerita yang ditulis, sekaligus meningkatkan lagi pengalaman membaca dan mengeratkan lagi hubungan kekeluargaan.

Pengarah Pemasaran McDonald’s Malaysia, Eugene Lee berkata, komitmen dalam memupuk budaya membaca telah banyak menyokong usaha syarikat dalam mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan.

McDonald’s Malaysia ingin menggalakkan keluarga agar meluangkan lebih banyak masa bersama-sama. Program Happy Meal Readers ini membolehkan ibu bapa membaca buku dan menikmati masa berkualiti bersama anak-anak. Kami berharap program ini dapat menerapkan minat membaca dalam kalangan kanak-kanak dengan menjadikannya sebagai satu aktiviti yang menyeronokkan untuk seisi keluarga” 

Menurut Lee, Program Happy Meal Readers ini juga merupakan tanda sokongan McDonald’s terhadap aspirasi kerajaan untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara membaca di bawah Program Dekad Membaca Kebangsaan.

“Kami mengucapkan syabas atas usaha yang dilaksanakan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dalam menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia untuk membaca. Kami juga amat gembira dapat turut serta mengambil bahagian dalam usaha ini dengan mengetengahkan manfaat membaca kepada ibu bapa dan kanak-kanak.”

Dengan setiap pembelian Happy Meal, keluarga juga boleh memilih untuk mendapatkan sebuah buku atau satu permainan di restoran-restoran McDonald’s seluruh negara.

PETRON Lancar Kedai Atas Talian Pertama di Shopee

Sekarang minyak enjin pun boleh beli online! Mudahnya..


Minyak enjin Petron kini boleh didapati secara atas talian melalui platform e-dagang terkemuka Shopee, yang mempunyai lebih daripada 16 juta pengguna di Malaysia.

Ini menandakan pelancaran kedai rasmi atas talian yang PERTAMA buat Petron Malaysia, selaras dengan komitmen Petron dalam meningkatkan pengalaman pelanggan dengan menyediakan akses yang lebih luas dan mudah kepada produknya.

Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail and Commercial Business_1

“Kami sentiasa berusaha untuk menggembirakan pelanggan dan meningkatkan pengalaman mereka bersama kami. PelangganPetron kini boleh menikmati pengalaman pembelian yang lancar – hanya semak, klik atas talian untuk membeli minyak enjin Petron, dan mendapat penghantaran produk terus kepada mereka,” kata Choong Kum Choy, Ketua Jabatan Dagangan Runcit dan Komersial Petron Malaysia.

Minyak enjin Petron juga boleh didapati di kedai serbaneka yang terdapat di stesen minyaknya dan bengkel kenderaan yang sah.

“Pembelian atas talian semakin berkembang di kalangan pengguna. Kini, mereka boleh menyakini keaslian minyak enjin Petron yang terdapat di kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee kerana produk-produk dihantar dari pengedar kami yang sah. Kami berharap para pelanggan dapat menikmati inisiatif baharu ini daripada kami sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha kami bagi memenuhi keperluan terkini mereka dan menawarkan layanan yang lebih baik,” tambah Choong.

Shopee merupakan platform atas talian yang dicipta untuk memenuhi keperluan rakyat Malaysia, dengan memberikan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang mudah dan selamat. Ianya kini pantas menjadi tapak e-dagang terkemuka di Malaysia.

Pelanggan boleh menemui pelbagai produk minyak enjin Petron seperti Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic, Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend, dan Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade yang terdapat dalam portal membeli-belah tersebut. Kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee juga memberi pelanggan akses kepada panduan dan maklumat produk.

Selaras dengan kempen Tahun Baru Cina Petron dan kempen Shopee Khas Untuk Lelaki yang akan datang, Petron Malaysia menawarkan barangan premium untuk sebarang pembelian Petron Blaze Racing Engine Oil.

Setiap pembelian minyak enjin Petron Blaze Racing 4L dilengkapi dengan hadiah istimewa. ‘Speaker bluetooth’ percuma akan diberikan buat setiap pembelian Petron 4L Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W-40, manakala pembelian 4L Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend 10W-40 dilengkapi dengan satu set fon telinga tanpa wayar percuma.

Sementara itu, pelanggan yang membeli 4L Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade atau 7L Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade 15W40 akan menerima pengecas kereta USB percuma. Promosi ini sah sehingga 28 Februari atau sementara stok masih ada.
Sejak dilancarkan pada tahun 2015, Shopee, platform e-dagang terkemuka di Asia Tenggara dan Taiwan, telah menunjukkan komitmen yang tinggi dalam menyediakan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang terbaik kepada rakyat Malaysia sambil menawarkan penyelesaian penjual dan jenama mengenai cara bagi mengoptimumkan jangkauan mereka.

Lawati kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee