PETRON Lancar Kedai Atas Talian Pertama di Shopee

Sekarang minyak enjin pun boleh beli online! Mudahnya..


Minyak enjin Petron kini boleh didapati secara atas talian melalui platform e-dagang terkemuka Shopee, yang mempunyai lebih daripada 16 juta pengguna di Malaysia.

Ini menandakan pelancaran kedai rasmi atas talian yang PERTAMA buat Petron Malaysia, selaras dengan komitmen Petron dalam meningkatkan pengalaman pelanggan dengan menyediakan akses yang lebih luas dan mudah kepada produknya.

Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail and Commercial Business_1

“Kami sentiasa berusaha untuk menggembirakan pelanggan dan meningkatkan pengalaman mereka bersama kami. PelangganPetron kini boleh menikmati pengalaman pembelian yang lancar – hanya semak, klik atas talian untuk membeli minyak enjin Petron, dan mendapat penghantaran produk terus kepada mereka,” kata Choong Kum Choy, Ketua Jabatan Dagangan Runcit dan Komersial Petron Malaysia.

Minyak enjin Petron juga boleh didapati di kedai serbaneka yang terdapat di stesen minyaknya dan bengkel kenderaan yang sah.

“Pembelian atas talian semakin berkembang di kalangan pengguna. Kini, mereka boleh menyakini keaslian minyak enjin Petron yang terdapat di kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee kerana produk-produk dihantar dari pengedar kami yang sah. Kami berharap para pelanggan dapat menikmati inisiatif baharu ini daripada kami sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha kami bagi memenuhi keperluan terkini mereka dan menawarkan layanan yang lebih baik,” tambah Choong.

Shopee merupakan platform atas talian yang dicipta untuk memenuhi keperluan rakyat Malaysia, dengan memberikan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang mudah dan selamat. Ianya kini pantas menjadi tapak e-dagang terkemuka di Malaysia.

Pelanggan boleh menemui pelbagai produk minyak enjin Petron seperti Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic, Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend, dan Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade yang terdapat dalam portal membeli-belah tersebut. Kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee juga memberi pelanggan akses kepada panduan dan maklumat produk.

Selaras dengan kempen Tahun Baru Cina Petron dan kempen Shopee Khas Untuk Lelaki yang akan datang, Petron Malaysia menawarkan barangan premium untuk sebarang pembelian Petron Blaze Racing Engine Oil.

Setiap pembelian minyak enjin Petron Blaze Racing 4L dilengkapi dengan hadiah istimewa. ‘Speaker bluetooth’ percuma akan diberikan buat setiap pembelian Petron 4L Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W-40, manakala pembelian 4L Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend 10W-40 dilengkapi dengan satu set fon telinga tanpa wayar percuma.

Sementara itu, pelanggan yang membeli 4L Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade atau 7L Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade 15W40 akan menerima pengecas kereta USB percuma. Promosi ini sah sehingga 28 Februari atau sementara stok masih ada.
Sejak dilancarkan pada tahun 2015, Shopee, platform e-dagang terkemuka di Asia Tenggara dan Taiwan, telah menunjukkan komitmen yang tinggi dalam menyediakan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang terbaik kepada rakyat Malaysia sambil menawarkan penyelesaian penjual dan jenama mengenai cara bagi mengoptimumkan jangkauan mereka.

Lawati kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee


LACTACYD ‘Be The Best You on V Day’ Encourages Womens’ to Love Themselves

They also encourages all Malaysian women to shine the spotlight on self-love this Valentines’ Day

Photo 2

The brand, which has been innovating feminine care products to support women at different stages of life held a small tea party at Greenhouse by Muir. Held exclusively for influencers from all walks of life, gathered at the venue to discuss various aspects of self-care and beauty (grooming) and health. The event also emphasised that loving yourself first is actually the best love you would give to anyone.

Photo 5

Ms. Maynart Mesommonta, Marketing Director of Lactacyd Malaysia said,

“Lactacyd has been around for more than 30 years and is a preferred feminine wash products by doctors and women everywhere. This Valentine’s Day had us thinking out of the box and gave us an opportunity to reinforce our brand’s belief; to empower women and encourage them to give importance on self-love by starting from taking care of their feminine hygiene. We believe that true confidence comes from within because when you are confident, you can take over the world and Lactacyd is there for you to achieve this. Through this campaign, we want women to place more importance on vaginal care and enjoy Lactacyd products that offer cleanliness, freshness, and comfort for the confidence every woman needs to bring out her best.”

Three amazing women, namely Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist; Weena Marcus, Miss Tourism Malaysia 2009/2010, and beauty lifestyle influencer; and Juanita Ramayah, former HITZ radio host and current TV host discussed ways on loving and embracing yourself by taking care of your personal hygiene and how vaginal PH balance matter for a healthy vagina. Through the forum, Lactacyd unveiled the fact that most women do not spend much on feminine products other than sanitary napkins and would only seek help when an infection occurs.

Guests at the event were also able to express their self-love such by creating their own ‘Loving Me Basket’. Seasoned florists from The Florest guided the session where guests were taught step-by-step on how to make their own bouquet of flowers accompanied with Lactacyd products.

The event concluded with a group photo with Lactacyd’s key management personnel and guests in attendance. The ‘Be The Best You on V Day’ campaign will run throughout February 2019.

For more information on the campaign and other activities initiated by Lactacyd, please visit:

Lactacyd offers different variants such as:

  • All Day Fresh
  • White Intimate
  • Soft & Silky and
  • all-time favourite Feminine Hygiene

Every bottle of Lactacyd are specially formulated with natural milk Lactoserum and Lactic acid that help maintain PH balance of your V.

#BeTheBestYouonVDay #LactacydVLoveYou


HUAWEI nova 4 Released On Valentine’s Day

HUAWEI Celebrates the Love with one of the Best AI Entertainment  #nova4you

HUAWEI nova fans waiting for the balloon drop to win exciting prizes

After much anticipation, the HUAWEI nova 4 is now officially available for purchase in Malaysia. Enthusiastic HUAWEI supporters were seen lining up hours before the start of the sale, situated at the HUAWEI nova 4 roadshow in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, to get their hands on a device that boasts cutting-edge premium-design and AI technology.

With features that include an improved photography experience and revolutionary AI technology, the new HUAWEI nova 4 were quickly snapped up throughout the sales event. The early bird definitely catches the worm as the first 50 customers got their hands on the devices grabbed up to RM600 in freebies that consisted of a FREE Bluetooth headset, and a special Valentine’s Day edition of the HUAWEI A2 Band.

Joining in the fun and excitement was HUAWEI nova Malaysia’s ambassador, Hannah Delisha, who mingled with fans and customers throughout the event.

“The HUAWEI nova 4 packs a punch with its AI-supported features such as the Triple AI Camera, AI Smart Video Editing, and AI Beautification. It is a device that embodies the millennial generation who are fond of participating in trendy lifestyles. It’s remarkable to see the support from our fans who have lined up to be the first in Malaysia to own the HUAWEI nova 4 – it definitely proves the devices’ popularity and timely availability.”

First in line to purchase the phone was Tan Xin Wei who started lining up at 7am. Mr Tan, who has always been a HUAWEI nova fan said:

“The HUAWEI nova Series has always been one that excites and intrigues me because the features help to complement my lifestyle. The AI-enhanced features also allow me to have fun especially when I am with family and friends as they are a definite conversation starter.”

Amazing nova Search winners

The Amazing nova Search commences

Adding to the buzz of the sales launch, consumers were also able to join the ‘Amazing nova Search’ – a test of agility and wit – to stand a chance to win one of eight HUAWEI nova 4s. More than 100 participants raced through the mall to search for four ‘HUAWEI nova Special Agents’ to collect cards that spelled the word ‘nova’. They then had to head back to the starting point before the cut off time to find out if they were one of the lucky eight winners.

According to Carlson Leong, Retail Director of HUAWEI Malaysia,:

“Being a phone that’s made for the youth, we wanted to do more than just a typical sales launch. We believe that providing opportunities for consumers and fans to have fun and interact with one another is vital as well. Activities such as the ‘Amazing nova Search’ allow us to do just that with some fun. Those who participated in the events that include a balloon drop later that night will also have a story to tell when showing off their new HUAWEI nova 4.”

Those who are still interested to participate in the Amazing nova Search can do so as it will continue at the following venues across Malaysia:

  1. IOI City Mall, Putrajaya 16th February 2019 ERA 11.00am 12noon
  2. Queensbay Mall, Penang 17th February 2019 ERA 11.00am 12noon
  3. AEON Kinta City, Perak 17th February 2019 ERA 2:00pm 3:00pm
  4. Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru 23rd February 2019 ERA 10:00am 11:00am
  5. Mahkota Parade, Melaka 23rd February 2019 ERA 5:00pm 6:00pm
  6. AEON Kota Bahru, Kelantan 23rd February 2019 Gegar 11.00am 12noon
  7. Imago Mall, Kota Kinabalu 2nd March 2019 ERA 11.00am 12noon
  8. Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur 2nd March 2019 Hitz & ERA 11.00am 12noon

Joining in the celebrations for the month of love

As a special treat in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, HUAWEI also organised a memorable balloon drop where lucky customers stood a chance to win more than 2,000 prizes and vouchers worth up to RM150,000, including one unit of the Huawei nova 4, Huawei vouchers, as well as vouchers from nova VIP partners, Zalora and HappyFresh. Those who joined in the fun included fascinated couples who had a fun time popping the heart shaped balloons that fell from above.

Retailing at a price of RM1,899, the HUAWEI nova 4 is made for the youth and embodies the millennial generation of today who are fond of participating in trendy lifestyles. Equipped with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM and over-a-day 3,750mAh battery life, it is available in two fashionable colorways in Malaysia: Crush Blue evokes a sense of mystery with a tinge of romance; and the Black exudes understated class. The device can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, display zones, authorized dealers and major telco companies.

For more information, please visit:

LEGO Malaysia Introduces The LEGO Movie 2

Therefore, they are hosting a 11-day consumer event that will introduce SIX new universes from the latest offering from the LEGO Movie 2 franchise, hosting an awesome experiential consumer event, along with attractive and exclusive gift with purchase (GwP) promotion.

The LEGO Movie 2 Event (1)

Taking place in Mid Valley Megamall from 13th to 24th February 2019, this fun-filled event will present an immersive experience into the amazing LEGO Movie 2 multiverse, as well as provide an opportunity for siblings and parents and build something awesomer together

The LEGO Movie 2 Event (3) - Lenticular Emmet Mosaic

Among the different zones that participants will get to experience is:

  • the ‘Systar System’:where children can have an on-screen dance off with their favorite characters from the movie and more
  • Duplo Monster’ workshop:where participants are welcome to build their very own monster DUPLO invaders!
  • Apocalypseburg’ zone where you can film your own awesome movie with the LEGO® Movie Maker slego lover
  • et!

Each zone represents a mission to be completed and when all SIX missions have been completed, participants will receive a special achievement certificate from LEGO Malaysia.

Welcome to Apocalypseburg – where everything is awesome!

The ‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg!’ set is one of the most eagerly anticipated LEGO sets of the year. It features a section of the collapsed Statue of Liberty surrounded by a ruinous city of containers filled with a variety of interiors including a coffee shop, holding cell, armory, a barber cum tattoo parlor, gym, diner, spa and a few living quarters.

Priced at RM 1399.90, it is made up of over 3,000 pieces and measures over 20” (52cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 12” (33cm) deep. This advanced building set is a truly epic 360-degree play experience and will represent a challenge even for master builders.

LEGO fanatics are also extremely excited about the 12 new minifigures that come with the set: Emmet, Lucy, Batman™, Scribble Cop, Harley Quinn™, Green Lantern™, ’Where are my pants?’ Guy, Larry the Barista, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, Roxxi and Fuse, plus a rat figure.

Take home your very own, one of a kind, Lenticular Emmet Mosaic!

LEGO is also offering a special promotion in conjunction with this event. With every purchase of the ‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg’ set, LEGO is giving out a limited-edition Lenticular Emmet Mosaic as a gift with purchase (GWP).

There will also be an adorable heart-shaped Gift with Purchase with any purchase of RM179 or more at the event. These offers are only available at the event in Mid Valley Megamall while stocks last.

“In every little LEGO brick lies our utmost determination to spark creativity, ignite childlike fun, and provide bonding opportunities that will bring families closer together. We hope that this event serves as an opportunity to create bonding moments between siblings, friends and family, as we truly believe that we can create something surprisingly awesomer together,” said Victor Plange, the Head of Marketing, Malaysia and Singapore.

The LEGO Movie has become a global phenomenon since its release in 2014. It was critically acclaimed and garnered around $1 billion in box office revenue globally. It was nominated for various prestigious awards, such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes Awards and the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA).

This long-awaited sequel is one of the most anticipated animated films of 2019. Emmet is back and determined to fulfill his role as the special one yet again; to rescue his friends from the grasp of the space invaders and restore the beloved city of Bricksburg to its former awesomeness.

Visit :

  • LEGO Malaysia
  • LEGO Malaysia Facebook