3 Winners Walk Away With 365 Days Free Bubble Tea During Hong Leong Bank Digital Day Campaign

No one can resist bubble tea, right?


Customers who either:

  1. apply for a HLB Credit card
  2. register for HL Connect (banking mobile app)
  3. link their HLB Debit Card/i -to WeChat Pay Wallet
  4. follow HLB WeChat Official Account


on Sunday, 21 July at HLB’s Bubble Tea Frenzy at SS15/4 Subang Jaya were immediately enjoy a RM10 bubble tea voucher bubble tea from Daboba, The Alley or PIN Tea courtesy of HLB, redeemable only at the participating branches at SS15/4.


The icing on the cake for this super super promotion is THREE lucky customers are in running to win 365 Days of Bubble Tea when they done the above requirements.

To encourage customers to share the great moments from the event, they stand a chance to win exclusive Social Media Giveaway when they post their photos with their bubble tea with HLB Logo on location on their FB and tag @HLBMalaysia and with the hashtag #HLBDIGITALDAY #HLBBUBBLETEAFRENZY.

The participating outlets for the street party are Subang Jaya’s iconic SS15 outlets Dodoba, The Alley and PIN Tea. Also, on hand for redemption will be Malaysian chain Tealive and other participating partners. These brands are credited with being among the most loved and certainly among the most mentioned brands in must-drink-bubble-tea-experience lists- making long wait times there quite common especially on weekends.

The Bubble Tea Frenzy and HLB’s campaign is centered on helping consumers better understand how easy and rewarding going cashless can be when done right.

Emphasising convenience, engagement and the benefit of a trusted partner like HLB, the Bubble Tea Frenzy is one of several activities that mark this year’s Digital Day campaign for the bank.

According to Zalman Zainal, Chief Marketing Officer of HLB:

“Malaysians love their bubble tea! Understanding this and as part of our focus on delighting our customers while making it convenient and rewarding for them to go cashless, the Bank is offering 3 lucky customers a chance to win 365 Days of Bubble Tea when they apply for a HLB Credit card, register for HL Connect or link their HLB Debit Card/-i to WeChat Pay Wallet at the Bubble Tea Frenzy on 21 July 2019-it is that simple! So, go ahead-go digital, cashless and get a sweet surprise!”

HLB’s annual Digital Day which falls on 7 July each year is focused on cashless this year to help consumers and businesses accelerate their adoption of easy, secure, rewarding digital platforms. The Bank’s unrelenting focus on driving the country’s cashless movement forward is fueled by its providing convenience as a core value within HLBs entire suite of digital-led cashless ecosystem solutions for consumers and businesses.

For ore info on HLB Digital Day and promotions, kindly go to http://www.hlb.com.my/DigitalDay.


FIREFLY Airplines Applauded For Recycles Its Inflight Beverage Cartons

What a GOOD Initiative!!


Together with Tetra Pak, Firefly Airlines has taken its first step into recycling its inflight beverage cartons


Although it is a known fact that it is challenging to recycle inflight items, the airline that goes with the direction Discovery this year, has discovered a way to be able to help preserve the environment in addition to providing more usable objects to people without the need for extra resources.

Firefly is the first full-service airline in Malaysia that separates used beverage cartons on board for recycling. It is understood that there are two other full-service airlines in Malaysia who does recycling but they do not separate their recyclable waste including Used Beverage Cartons (UBC) on board.

“Having started with just beverage cartons now, we will gradually begin transitioning to more sustainable initiatives in the near future as we will need to consider space and time pressures on cabin crew to collect materials separately,” said Firefly CEO, Philip See.

He added that recycling cartons is a great way to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, but your green contribution can start as little as when you are shopping. Tetra Pak cartons are 100% recyclable. The recycled UBCs are collected and recycled into something new and useful such as recycled paper, cardboards, roofing tiles, furniture and many more.

Terrynz Tan, Environment Director, Cluster South Asia, East Asia Oceania, Tetra Pak International S.A. echoes his sentiments and said,

“It has been our goal to introduce recycling to as many Malaysians as possible, and it has been a great journey towards educating more people on the usefulness of beverage cartons even after it has served its purpose. We are honoured to partner with Firefly and look forward to benefitting more communities, increasing the recycling rate and introducing even more collection points as a result of this initiative.

Tetra Pak Malaysia actively drives recycling of UBC through collaborations with the government, communities and other partners to promote public participation in recycling programmes and activities.

“RAGE”- A New Cafe Concept In KL

This home-grown Malaysian tech startup has been the talk of the town for reinventing the local coffee scene in the Klang Valley with a refreshing new cafe concept and mobile application, DrinkRage.

(Left) Jevin Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of RAGE; Makissa Sophia, Chief Community Officer of RAGE + DrinkRage App

Armed with a catchy “RAGE to #NeverSettle” tagline, the brand hopes to assemble go-getters, dream chasers and entrepreneurs to do what they love, and #NeverSettle, while fuelling themselves with specialty coffee and other sumptuous offerings.


RAGE is the brainchild of Jevin Singh, and it aims to be much more than your typical instagrammable cafe. What sets RAGE apart from your copy-and-paste coffee chain is their focus on technology and community.

Pre Ordering via the DrinkRage App & Picking it up

With their app DrinkRage, they don’t aspire to only sell you coffee, but rather deliver inspiration on demand. Within the app, there is also a specific community tab which allows fellow RAGERs to sign up for events and build relationships with people who enjoy the same cup of coffee.

“Most relationships start over a drink and very often that happens to be a caffeinated beverage. It can be as easy as ‘Hey, let’s go and grab a cup of coffee’,” emphasised CEO and Co-Founder of RAGE, Jevin Singh.

“We want everyone to walk into any RAGE outlet and feel the close-knit communal spirit that we aspire to create across all outlets. Even the interior is build with a focus on Relationships-First; most of the seating we have are communal long tables and we even have a “RAGE room” where you and your friends get to let out some steam after a stressful day at work”.

Coffee Shots


Upon realising the energising power of caffeine to keep the working crowd constantly revitalised, RAGE is among the first in the market to develop an application called DrinkRage, which allows RAGERs to pre order their drinks and even get it delivered.

To ensure maximum freshness, RAGE uses a micro-delivery model within a geofence from each RAGE outlet. At the moment, delivery areas are mostly targeted at high density office areas such as KL Sentral and Bangsar LRT station. Members can now get their caffeine fix in just a few taps and have it sent to their doorstep without having to leave the office!

People are forever in a hurry and with so little time to waste, RAGE aspires to be a part of a solution that helps make the experience of ordering coffee and other caffeinated beverages, a smooth and efficient transaction. Upon placing an order, RAGERs can expect their coffee to be ready for pickup when they arrive or delivered within 20 minutes by an assigned runner.

For those who dread the morning coffee queues, DrinkRage offers you the perfect pre-order solution. And those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated runner to pick up coffee for us, DrinkRage offers you the perfect “tea runner” on demand while in the office.


As a brand that advocates building meaningful relationships and facilitating stronger connections, communal seating is conveniently offered at RAGE’s flagship store situated in Menara UOA Bangsar, which encourages interaction between all guests of the outlet.

The brand is also heavily invested in curating workshops in hopes to support aspiring individuals and tie the working community closer together. From movie nights to personal branding and motivational talks, RAGE has curated a fascinating lineup of interactive activities in store for all its members. To stay in-the-know, RAGERs can check out the DrinkRage app and sign up to join in on the conversation.

“Most of what we do at RAGE revolves around our goal of promoting the urge to #NeverSettle. It is our belief that every individual stands to benefit from interacting with other interesting individuals. That is when differing perspectives are gained; ideas propagate and sometimes turn into action,” says Makissa Sophia, Chief Community Officer of RAGE.

RAGE is also a strong proponent of working with other local businesses and places strong emphasis on participating in the circular economy. Circularity has never been more prevalent and necessary than it is now, therefore RAGE has taken the initiative to put systems in place. Collaborating with eco and chemical-friendly beauty brand ‘The Mineraw’, RAGE’s coffee waste is the star and vital component in their body, face and lip scrub produced by these ethical connoisseurs.


Of course, most important of all, customers can rest assure that good quality coffee comes at an affordable price range and it doesn’t stop there –– vegans and lactose-intolerant RAGERs are given an extensive range of alternatives to dairy milk such as oat milk, soy milk and even coconut milk!

All recipes in the RAGE menu are meticulously crafted, seeking to offer customers the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The flagship store in Bangsar is also vegan-friendly as they serve plant-based food and to keep taste buds aroused, the RAGE menu is constantly reinventing itself.

Spreading energy and motivation at five locations in less than two months, the ambitious startup aims to have a total of 50 outlets in full operation by H2 2020, and hopes to encourage more individuals to punch through the fatigue and revitalise themselves by using the DrinkRage app.

For orders made via the DrinkRage application starting from 22nd of July to 18th of August, members will get a promotional rate at RM 5 (Black Coffee), RM 6 (White Coffee and Matcha) and RM 7 (Specialty Drinks) across all outlets! *Alternative milk options will cost an extra RM2.


Revive Your Skin With 1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC

This Australian skin care brand has been officially launched on July 16 in Kuala Lumpur.


Glamogenic was created to allow everyone no matter male or female to revive the skin, making you look beautiful and radiant thus increasing self-confidence.


Our doctor has more than 30 years of experience in beauty sector and skin care industry has developed the professional series skin care products. Through the formula, the 1+1 method allows each consumer with different needs to find a unique face and body care series.


Glamogenic understands the requirement and the need of consumers through market analysis, so it is unanimously determined to use the best raw material for the skin, as well as to protect the skin, and to have the effect of not damaging the skin. The ingredients used in Glamogenic skin care products are suitable for each person’s face to be formulated for each skin problem. They also use only the best broccoli extract and with high-tech development, so that each product is suitable for people at different stages and it is a must for everyone in their skin care range.

1+1 Be Simplify Beauty Glamogenic, I warmly welcome parties to join us and become our partners to achieve every desire to improve ourselves and restore in self-confidence. Today, our great honor to welcome Singer and Actor Nicholas Teo to be our brand ambassador, he looks great and match with our branding image!

I believe he can help to spread the goodness of the brand of Glamogenic and our products will be able to help everyone in their skin care concern and inspire you in achieving a better quality life.” Glaomogenic Honorary Chairman Dato Dr. Wong Aik Loung said.

Brand Ambassador Nicholas Teo said:

“This is my honor to work with Glamogenic skin care brand. Although I am a man but I am also pay attention to my skin care! In particular, Glamogenic’s Vitalize Soothing Mask effectively soothes my sensitive skin and fatigue, and has a moisturizing effect that makes me look refreshed. Brassica Peeling Gel is a gentle exfoliating gel that is also suitable for my skin without irritation. I was very excited about the 1+1 formula and combination when Galogenic team proposed to me! The charm of this product and the seriousness of the work team have deeply attracted me and thanks for choosing me become the brand ambassador. I will try my best to recommend to my friends and fans, and inspiring everyone to gain beauty and confident. Mostly importantly we must take good care and love ourselves in priority!”

Glamogenic also collaborates with Asia Metropolitan university in launching beauty courses includes: basic skin care classes and advanced beauty courses. All the courses are suitable for those students who are interested in beauty industries. Each student who successfully completes the course will be granted a professional certificate from the university.

At present, Glamogenic is actively recruiting distributors in Malaysia, and welcome young entrepreneurs to join. This brand will provide the knowledge of using Glamogenic skin care products as well as incentive travel and generous bonuses.

Glamogenic is very grateful that the media and VIPs attended the conference to make the launch event more beautiful and meaningful. They include Honorary Chairman Dato Dr. Wong Aik Loung, Brand Ambassador Nicholas Teo, Professor AMU Prof Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong, Malaysia Foochow Chamber of Commerce, Dato Sri Wong Ing Soon, Image Consultant Simon Bindgen and Brand International Model Miss Tina.

To experience Glamogenic skin care products, kindly:



BRAHIM’S Announces Its Opening Online Store at Lazada and Shopee

Now, it is much easier for everyone especially  travellers to get Brahim’s food..just order it ONLINE at Lazada and Shopee!!


The announcement came in conjunction with the company’s 31st ANNIVERSARY!

More than 50 products ranging from Meal-Ready-To-Eat such as rice, porridge and dishes to Ready-To-Cook Sauces and Pastes are listed in the stores.


Among them are NINE new products that are not available in the market as it is specifically made for online stores.

  1. Chicken Rice Porridge
  2. Savoury Rice Porridge
  3. Sambal Sotong
  4. Sambal Daging
  5. Sambal Telor Puyuh
  6. Daging Masak Hitam
  7. Rendang Tok
  8. Bubur Pulut Hitam
  9. White Rice


In conjunction with the launch, Brahim’s Online Store is offering up to 30% discount on all their products at both Lazada and Shopee from 16 July until 23 July 2019.

Nur Fatin Dato’ Seri Ibrahim, Group Managing Director of Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd. commented that:

“Brahim’s is excited to open its online store at Lazada and Shopee, a premier online marketplaces in Malaysia. We look forward to becoming a member of the local online community and building our reputation for excellence service and products among Malaysia consumers as well as the neighboring countries in the region. Brahim’s is committed to creating perfect meals that meet the needs of Malaysian’s. With this online store, we are offering convenience at just a click of a button on smartphones. Pick. Choose. Pay. The rest of the delivery process is our job to ensure customers’ satisfaction!”

Fazil Othman, Marketing and Sales Manager of Dewina Trading Sdn Bhd. said that:

“Lazada and Shopee have been among the top online portal popular among local consumers. Our company started joining the online platform in March this year and to date, the response has been overwhelming with about 35,000 meal packs dispatched during the 4 months period. Averaging 300 to 500 meal packs every day. We cannot lack in this online sales momentum and thanks to the acceptance and support from customers on our promotions and offers especially during the Ramadhan and Raya season and more so with the free shipping offered.

In today’s launch, we are introducing 9 new products from Chicken Rice Porridge, Savoury Rice Porridge, Sambal Sotong, Sambal Daging, Sambal Telor Puyuh, Daging Masak Hitam, Rendang Tok, Bubur Pulut Hitam and White Rice.

We hope to gain more traction on our online store with this launch and with the up to 30% discount offer on all our products available both at Lazada and Shopee. Our online team will constantly update new promotions and offers and ensure efficient customer services in keeping with the online service standard.”

In view of high demand for online purchases, Brahim’s will regularly promote its online activities on its social media platform and website. The brand offers high quality, ease, and convenience at affordable prices. Its main focus is on promoting new and tasty meals suitable for all occasions, from home, travel to outdoor.

More information about the products that ill be offered by Brahim’s Online Store can be found at: brahimsfoodisforsharing.com




Masalah Radang Gusi Diatasi Dengan Ubat Gigi Gingilacer

Hamil kali kedua memang terasa sukar dan sangat berlainan daripada yang pertama. 

Perubahan ketara adalah setiap kali memberus gigi, pasti berdarah. Sedangkan selama ini tidak pernah terjadi walau sekalipun. Apabila membuat pemeriksaan doktor, dikhabarkan ia sering terjadi pada wanita mengandung akibat perubahan pada aras estrogen dan progesteron yang meningkat selari dengan proses kehamilan. Sedikit sebanyak menjejaskan kesihatan mulut dan gigi.


Dengan kecanggihan internet, maka admin cuba mencari penyelesaian kepada masalah kesihatan gusi. Meskipun banyak saranan yang ada, namun tidak semua dapat diaplikasikan kerana takut boleh menjejaskan kandungan sehinggalah admin terjumpa Ubat Gigi GINGILACER.

Memang nampak perubahan ketara apabila mengguna ubat gigi GingiLacer ni. Masalah radang gusi semakin berkurangan dan tiada lagi pendarahan sewaktu memberus gigi. Mulut pun berasa segar sepanjang hari, Kerisauan akibat masalah radang gusi kini tiada lagi!!


Apakah yang perlu anda tahu mengenai ubat gigi Gingilancer ini ?

Ia dihasilkan oleh Spanish Pharma Group yang telahpun beroperasi sejak tahun 1949. Syarikat yang menjalankan operasi di Barcelona mengkhusus dalam kesihatan oral dan ia menduduki kedudukan ke-10 dalam industri kesihatan tempatan.

Antara kelebihan ubat gigi Gingilacer adalah:

  • mengurangkan pendarahan gusi dalam tempoh 48 jam
  • menguat dan melindungi gusi
  • mengurang pembentukan plak
  • mencegah kerosakan gigi
  • boleh diguna setiap hari
  • tiada pewarna
  • tiada alkohol

Jadi jika anda mengalami masalah selain gusi berdarah seperti:

  • gusi bengkak
  • gusi berlebihan
  • gigi mudah tercabut
  • bau mulut yang teruk

Maka, anda disarankan untuk mencuba ubat gigi Gingilacer ini.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai ubat gigi Gingilacer ini, bolehlah melayari:

AmBank and UnionPay Launches Its First Travel Credit Card

With the launched of the Ambank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card, making AmBank, the FIRST local bank to collaborates with a global payment network. The Ambank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card looks to tap into the fast-growing segment of Malaysia travellers.


Since 2013 Ambank has partnered with UnionPay to provide a payment platform for its customers in Malaysia as one of its top acquiring banks in the market. In April 2019, AmBank was among the six companies from six Belt and Road Initiative countries invited by UnionPay in their bid to build an interconnected payment network within the region and support personnel exchanges.


“We are pleased to have UnionPay on board as we launch our first travel credit card in partnership with them. Through this collaboration, we are able to leverage on UnionPay’s strong global presence, access to UnionPay exclusive deals and The U Collection, a global privilege programme that brings together hotels, shopping and specially-curated dining offers for its premium cardholders.” said Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, Group Chief Executive Officer, AmBank Group.

Mr Wenhui Yang, General Manager, UnionPay International Southeast Asia said:

“We are delighted to partner AmBank, a leading Malaysian bank for our first credit card issuance with a local bank. This collaboration marks another step forward in our expansion plan in Malaysia, and our commitment to providing products and services which are relevant to locals, including the increasingly well-travelled Malaysians by resonating with their lifestyle needs. Cardholders will appreciate the convenient, fast and secure UnionPay transactions, together with great rewards, travel, dining and lifestyle privileges in popular international travel destinations like Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and domestically in Malaysia.”

“We are very excited to partner with UnionPay as they have set up a strong issuing business support for their partners, especially here in Malaysia for us. There is a fresh branding campaign focusing on worldwide travel and dining privileges such as the Michelin Star restaurants. The look and feel is young and modern.” said Jade Lee, Managing Director, Retail Banking, AmBAnk (M) Berhad.

“In addition, we are working together to have an all year long Four Seasons campaign whereby in every quarter we ill be sending an AmBank UnionPay cardholder to popular overseas destinations according to the season. Our UnionPay card will excite our customers who travel, entertain and enjoy dining, here in Malaysia, internationally and especially China.”added Jade.

The Four Seasons campaign will see opportunities for cardholders to win exclusive overseas travel packages for each season starting from Spring, when they spend using the card from 1 October to 31 December 2019. This will then be followed by Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Amongst the privileges and deals being offered through AmBank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card/ Credit Cardholders are:

  • 5x AmBonus Points for every RM1 overseas retail usage
  • 2x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge, subject to terms and conditions
  • Complimentary access to UnionPay lounge Pavilion KL, the first card scheme lounge located in a shopping mall with a dedicated Customer Service Personnel, complimentary coffee and tea, mobile charging points and free WiFi
  • Preferential rate for access to more than 1,400 DragonPass airport lounges in more than 150 countries worldwide. DragonPass is the world’s first all-in-one digital airport platform that offers discounted airport lounges, enjoy restaurant discounts privileges, airport Limousine services and personal  meet & greet concierge service all within a single platform
  • Discounted rental rate for pocket Wi-Fi
  • Discounts up to 10% OFF at 100 international airports’ duty-free stores
  • Golf privileges at selected golf courses worldwide

In addition to that, AmBank will be offering additional privileges and deals to its cardholders such as:

  • GSC movie tickets for the first 100 cardholders who apply for the AmBank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card
  • Upon card approval, new AmBank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card cardholders are entitled for RM50 cashback for any amount of retail usage
  • within 90 days from card approval, new AmBank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card cardholders will be entitled up to 65,000 AmBonus Points for an accumulated amount of RM2,000 retail usage
  • Over 240 readily available credit card deals on AmBank Spot (www.ambankspot.com) where 40 are UnionPay-exclusive deals and over 200 existing AmBank credit card deals

Existing AmBank customers can apply for their new AmBank UnionPay credit card directly via AmOnline or AMY our Virtual Assistance on AmOnline mobile app. Our online banking platform not only enables card application but has the capabilities for our cardholders to activate and operate their account online. AmOnline is available in English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin across its web and app platforms.

Present at the launch ceremony were Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, Group Chief Executive Officer, AmBank Group, Mr Larry Wang, Vice President, UnionPay, Ms Jade Lee, Managing Director, retail Banking, AmBank (M) Berhad, Mr Lenon Cheong, Head, Cards and Merchant Services, AmBank (M) Berhad along with the Senior Management from AmBank Group and UnionPay.

Radiate Your Skin With PIXY’s New “Make It Glow” Series

It is not easy to get a glowing skin, but it is now with PIXY’s New Make It Glow series.


These products enables your skin to radiate and glow at any time throughout the day with just a SINGLE application.


Available exclusively at at Watsons, PIXY’s Make It Glow series is made up of THREE different types of base makeup:


  • Make It Glow Dewy Cushion (15g)-RM54.90
    -Packaged in a convenient cushion form for easy access and reapplication of makeup, this base product flawlessly covers blemishes and evens out facial skin tone to give the skin a natural glowy look. The light texture and high coverage of the product ensures that the skin continues to radiate for up to 10 hours without the oily feeling. Available shades for the Make It Glow Dewy Cushion include 101 Light Beige, 201 Neutral Beige and 301 Medium Beige.
  • Make It Glow Silky Powdery Cake (10g)-RM24.90
    -This two-way cake powder that works in replacement of a foundation applies on softly and seamlessly onto skin without comprising on coverage and glow. Embedded with the fine particles of Smooth Polished Powder, the product blends into the skin to give it a natural no makeup look that lasts up to 10 hours. Due to its lightweight and easy-to-apply nature, the product is perfect for those who are looking for a fuss-free high coverage powder tat can be used daily. Shades for the Make It Glow Silky Powdery Cake include 101 Light Beige, 201 Neutral Beige, 301 Medium Beige and 401 Sandy Beige.
  • Make It Glow Beauty Skin Primer (25ml)-RM28.90
    -To ensure long-lasting base makeup, one of not -to-be-missed products before anything else is the primer. PIXY’s Make It Glow primer specially works to cover uneven skin tones as well as to camouflage dark spots or wrinkles, thus brightening up overall complexion of the face with just one product. Encapsulated with moisturizer properties as well, this primer is the perfect combination with either the Make It Glow Dewy Cushion or the Make It Glow Silky powdery Cake for that perfect healthy looking skin.

All containing moisturizing botanical extracts such as Olive Oil, Jojoba and Yuzu extract that give the skin a healthy complexion and natural-looking glow without comprising the coverage.

PIXY’s Make It Glow is part of the new rebranding for PIXY commencing this year in creating a clear brand positioning towards the current and overall cosmetics category targeting the trends of youth lifestyle and showcasing the brand’s new image of feminine, simple, chic and modern.

The natural moisturizing extracts also helps nourish the skin from the inside, thus offering a healthy glow. Formulated with Light Reflection Technology that is seamlessly embedded into the Make It Glow series, the radiant effect is produced when light bounces off the skin. Working together with this special technology is the Smooth Polished Powder that blends into the skin to give the base makeup a longer lasting staying power, thereby allowing makeup to stay intact for up to 10 hours. All products also come with SPF with a range of 23 to 35, coupled with PA++ to PA+++ for optimum skin protection from the harmful UVB and UVA rays.

“The beauty industry is now seeing a major shift towards a beauty trend many dubbed as “glowy”, “dewy” or “glossy”. this essentially means having an incandescent and radiant complexion that looks like you are glowing from within. At Watsons, we always listen to our customers and partner with innovative brands such as PIXY to offer latest beauty offerings. The J-beauty industry is one of the biggest forces driving the beauty industry worldwide. PIXY’s new Make It Glow series will be no doubt bring new excitement to our customers in wanting to enhance their daily beauty results.” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

During the PIXY “Make It Glow” series media launch event, the media had an opportunity to witness the launch of new make-up series and also a “glow” make-up tutorial session with make-up guru Teyn Athirah using PIXY’s “Make It Glow” base make-up products.

The winner of the #PIXYMakeItGlow Contest Review was also announced where the 10 key influencers were requested to upload their photos of their face with a sunray touch and natural glowing look using medium and close-up angles ad invite their fans to join the contest as well with hashtag #ThewayIGlow.

The top 3 winners are then selected based on the best 3 photos with the #ThewayIGlow statement (how they glow inside out). The winners received make-up beauty boxes, PIXY MIG boxes and Watsons vouchers.

Present at the event beside the Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia are Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia, Shinichi Takata, Senior Executive of Mandom Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, Thoren Tan, Trading Director of Watsons Malaysia and Caryn Tan, Sales Division General Manager of Mandom Malaysia.

“As for PIXY, Mandom uses its cosmetics expertise and technology to develop quality cosmetics for Asian women. PIXY products are created with the Japan quality standards with formulation that are compatible and clinically tested safe for the Asian women’s skin starting from its very first based series which is UV Whitening PerfectFit series and now Make It Glow series!

We are grateful to be able to launch PIXY Make It Glow series in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No.1 Drugstore/Pharmacy, we have trusted and valued Watsons’s support for the brand. As of today, we have expanded  to more than 500 Watsons stores nationwide and available via online. Now I am excited to announce the new series of PIXY, the Make It Glow range, our first premium based series!”, said Dexter Lee.

Thi products series are available exclusively at Watsons stores and Watsons Online.

Restoran Burger PEBBLE Kini di Buka di Bangsar Baru

Restoran yang memfokus pada menu berasaskan burger ini melangkah setapak ke hadapan dengan membuka sebuah lagi outlet terbaru di Bangsar Baru.


Dibuka buat pertama kali di Taman Tun Dr Ismail tahun lepas, Pebble mengguna bahan berkualiti tinggi dalam menghasilkan burger yang enak seperti 100 peratus daging lembu Australia, ayam tempatan dan sayur-sayuran segar.


Sos yang digunakan dalam hidangan burger pula adalah ‘home-made’ yang dicipta khusus agar dapat memenuhi citarasa pelanggan yang datang menikmati hidangan di restoran ini.

Kombinasi bahan berkualiti bersama sos ditambah dengan kemahiran dan kreativiti Cef menghasilkan rangkaian menu burger yang enak.



Baru-baru ini, Pebble telah menghasilkan LIMA set burger terbaru untuk rangkaian “Pebble International Signature Burger” yang terdiri daripada:

  1. Mala Burger (China)-RM16.85
    Peha ayam digoreng garing dan digandingkan bersama sos Mala peppercorn yang pedas. Memang pedas menyengat!
  2. Falafel Burger (Timur Tengah)-RM19.60
    Burger ‘vegetarian’ ini dicipta mengguna chickpea patty, ranch sauce dan cili benggala yang digoreng garing
  3. Korean Burger (Korea)-Rm16.85
    Peha ayam digoreng garing yang mana permukaannya diletakkan sos soya bawang putih dari Korea yang istimewa, keju cedar dan sayur kobis ungu
  4. Crispy Chicken Rendang Burger (Malaysia)-RM16.85
    Menggabungkan ayam yang digoreng garing dan dilitupi kuah rendang pedas bersama telur goreng dan timun
  5. Salmon Sushi Burger (Jepun)-RM18.85
    Hirisan ikan salmon mentah digunakan dalam hidangan ini bersama sriracha aioli dan atasnya diletakkan rumpai laut

Kelima-lima hidangan Pebble International Signature Burger ini mempunyai keunikan masing-masing dengan rasa yang enak. Orang ramai digalakkan merasai sendiri hidangan yang disediakan oleh restoran Pebble ini.

Selain rangkaian International Signature Burger ini, orang ramai juga boleh merasai burger Signature mereka iaitu Pebble Signature Burger yang mengguna 100 peratus daging lembu Australia dan sos BBQ pada harga RM18.95.

Pebble juga menawarkan Set Makan Tengah Hari yang terdiri daripada burger keju, kentang goreng dan air soda pada harga RM19.90 bersih. Setiap hari Jumaat pula, Pebble akan menawarkan kempen Friday Night Burger di mana orang ramai berpeluang memenangi burger secara percuma.

MARRYBROWN Perkenal Kombo ‘Korean Sensasi’ Ayam Terhangat

Bukan satu, tetapi DUA menu baharu sekali gus!!


Kedua-duanya sedap dan menyengat sesuai dengan kepedasan hidangan Korea.

Jadi jika anda peminat ayam goreng Korea, bolehlah merasai promo popular “Korean Sensasi” yang ditawarkan semula oleh Marrybrown®- rangkaian makanan segera Halal yang pertama dan terbesar di Malaysia.


Marrybrown® memperkenalkan Kombo Ayam Terhangat yang terdiri daripada:

  • Kepak Ayam Terhangat
  • Burger Ayam Terhangat

Kombo Ayam Terhangat ini boleh dibeli mulai 12 Julai hingga 1 September 2019 di semua cawangan restoran Marrybrown® seluruh Malaysia.

Kombo “Korean Sensasi” Ayam Terhangat kembali dengan gabungan kerangupan ayam Marrybrown® yang enak disaluti sos pedas Korea – ciptaan yang sempurna direka untuk menepati citarasa mereka yang suka rasa manis dan pedas dalam setiap sajian.

Hidangan lazat ini juga bakal mencabar daya tahanan anda apabila rasa enak dan pedas bergabung dalam setiap gigitan yang lazat. Bagi melengkapkan pengalaman “Korean Sensasi” anda, setiap hidangan datang dengan set kentang goreng rangup dan minuman ringan.

Bersempena dengan promosi ini, Marrybrown® juga akan mengadakan peraduan yang menyeronokkan di laman media sosial mereka iaitu cabaran “Korean Hot Chicks Sensation Mukbang” yang akan berterusan hingga 26 Ogos 2019.


“Merujuk kepada permintaan ayam goreng Korea yang semakin berkembang, kami amat gembira untuk membawa kembali promo popular ‘Korean Sensasi’ pada tahun ini. Kami amat berterima kasih atas sokongan yang diberi oleh para pelanggan yang menjadikan ‘Korean Sensasi’ pada tahun lepas satu kejayaan yang besar, malah, kami teruja untuk memastikan pelanggan menerima servis dan produk yang terbaik,” ujar Dato’ Joshua Liew, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Marrybrown®.

Marrybrown® turut berasa bangga untuk meraikan pencapaian tahun ke-38 sebagai jenama rangkaian makanan segera Halal yang pertama dan terbesar buatan Malaysia. Jenama ini telah membangun dengan pesat dalam 38 tahun ini, dengan pelan pengembangan bagi domestik dan antarabangsa untuk tahun 2019/2020.

“Matlamat kami adalah untuk terus memberi perkhidmatan yang berkualiti tinggi dengan hidangan penuh enak untuk para pelanggan menikmati bersama-sama ahli keluarga serta rakan-rakan mereka di Marrybrown®. Oleh itu, dalam perancangan masa hadapan, kami akan terus berusaha untuk meningkatkan mutu pengalaman para pelanggan dengan memberikan mereka pilihan lebih mudah seperti mewujudkan e-wallet menerusi hubungan kerjasama dengan GrabPay serta melancarkan perkhidmatan penghantaran dalam talian. Kami berharap agar terus mendapat sokongan para pelanggan Marrybrown® melalui penambahan ini,” tambah Dato’ Joshua.

Tahukah anda?

Marrybrown® juga adalah rangkaian makanan segera yang pertama di Malaysia yang membawa makanan warisan tempatan yang popular di dalam menu mereka seperti Nasi MB, Bubur Ayam dan Mi Kari.

Jenama kelahiran lokal ini juga amat berbangga dengan keupayaan menyediakan pelbagai pilihan hidangan yang inovatif dan lazat menggunakan bahan-bahan yang berkualiti daripada pembekal yang dipercayai.

Untuk meraikan pencapaian tahun yang ke-38, Marrybrown® akan memperkenalkan kupon ulang tahun dengan promosi istimewa pada bulan September 2019 di mana, butiran lebih lanjut akan dikongsikan tidak lama lagi.

Marrybrown® kini berkhidmat buat berjuta pelanggan melalui lebih daripada 500 restoran di 16 buah negara dengan matlamat utama untuk menyediakan kualiti, servis, serta nilai kebersihan dan kepuasan yang tinggi bagi pengalaman menjamu selera yang sempurna.

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