The SCA signed in October 2022 involves American Spine Center (“ASC”), a Dubai, UAE-based specialist in spinal injury and spine pathology; BALSAM Health Services (“Balsam”), a Dubai, UAE-based healthcare service provider; Wellness by Design FZ LLC (“Wellness by Design”), a Dubai, UAE-based nutrition, obesity and weight loss specialist, and Sharjah, UAE-based IAC International LLC (“IAC”), which is coordinating and developing the partnerships.

Under the SCA, the parties are exploring common strategies for joint or allied projects, the first of which is the deployment of Malaysian Genomics’ genetic screening tests and genomic research capabilities in the Middle-East North Africa region.

Mr. Sasha Nordin, CEO of Malaysian Genomics said,

“IAC has made important progress in the onboarding of local partners such as ASC, marking the commencement of sales of our Dtect genetic screening tests in UAE. In addition, through participating in the Arab Health 2023 exhibition in January, IAC has also attracted new potential collaborations from as far as Singapore. Optimistically, we expect more similar collaborations with other big players globally including the United States in the near future.

The update from our partner IAC is good news, and it extends beyond genetic screening to the potential use of our genomics expertise for applications in the oil and gas sector (“O&G”),”

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