This special and affordable device are for students since there is an increasing on online classrooms learning. 

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SNS Network Technology Berhad (“SNS” or the “Group”; Bursa: SNS, 0259), an ICT system and solutions provider are proudly to announced that on 1 November 2022, they launched a special device deal for students for learning in online classrooms and need the tools to facilitate access for online learning.

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Managing Director of SNS, Ko Yun Hung, said,

“This special deal is timely as the perfect tool for online classroom learning or hybrid learning given that the government launched the Hybrid Classrooms Pioneer Project. We believe that this special deal makes the devices very accessible to students and levels the playing field for virtual learning situations.

These devices are highly adaptable for students to browse through their coursework, take their tests onscreen or maintain a schedule; all while ensuring a smooth experience for classroom interactions. Students will not have to feel that non-physical interactions will make their experiences with  students any less. We are also offering JOI, our smart classroom solution providing a flexible learning approach ideal for hybrid learning and emphasising critical skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. JOI devices are also compatible with the suite of Microsoft Office tools that unlocks the power of creativity and collaboration vital for online learning” 

SNS-iTworld (2) (2)

Starting from September 2022, 550 classrooms in 110 schools across the country will adopt the Hybrid Classrooms Pioneer Project as part of initiatives by the Ministry of Education (“MOE”) to accelerate digitalisation and adopt information and communication technology (“ICT”) in the public education system.

MOE has also embarked on a three-phase RM1.3 billion programme to improve and replace ICT equipment and infrastructure including:

  • desktops and laptops
  • printers
  • projectors
  • charging ports

All of these using the lease-to-use approach, in schools nationwide.

The FIRST phase involving RM411.8 million for 3,900 schools is almost complete, with the SECOND phase to replace devices at 3,455 schools with an allocation of RM460.0 million will be completed by early 2023 while the THIRD phase for 3,400 schools with an allocation of RM430.0 million is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

The special deals cover:

  1. HP devices from as low as RM599, with savings of RM400
  2. Lenovo devices from as low as RM1,249 with savings of RM200.

These modern devices fit for school-going kids comes in various form factor such as:

  • thin and light
  • rugged
  • 360º flexible rotating device powered by Intel® Core™ processors
  • running latest Windows operating system

Devices equipped with JOI are also going for as low as RM599 with savings of RM600.

Besides the special deals, premium devices are also available with options of iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface. Other models available include AVITA and Huawei MatePad.

For more information on the product offerings, visit:

SNS Network Technology Berhad (“SNS” or the “Group”) is principally involved in the provision of ICT products, services and solutions. The Group’s core business activities are the sale of ICT products comprising hardware, devices and related peripherals, as well as the provision of ICT services and solutions and; provision of device repair and related services, as well as sale of broadband services.

Under ICT services and solutions, SNS offers JOI® smart classroom framework, which integrates and combines a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning and, Device-as-a-Service (“DaaS”), a subscription-based service. DaaS offers customers bundled ICT products comprising devices and services according to their requirements.


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