The announcement ceremony was attended by the Co-Founder and President of i-SiNG World, Yuro James Tee, President of i-SiNG Malaysia Michael, Samy, i-SiNG Malaysia Advisor, Romli Bidin, i-SiNG India Producer &Board Member of i-Sing World Savio D’Sa, i-SiNG World Hong Kong Producer & Board Member of i-SiNG World, Sammy Wong and i-SiNG World Business Development, Manager James T.

Also attending the event were a few celebrity guests, well-known musicians, industry professionals and members of the media.

i-Sing Background

Formed in 2017, the relatively new i-SiNG has proliferated to become one of the biggest singing competitions today that offers the best platform for aspiring singers to showcase their talent, while providing valuable experiences and opportunities for all its delegates to shine, away from their homes while enjoying the hospitality and beauty of a foreign country. 

The inaugural competition was held in Yangon, Myanmar with 24 countries, which almost doubled to 40 the following year in Paris, France. In 2019, Stockholm, Sweden hosted 47 countries at the world final. Malaysia was supposed to host it in 2020 but the physical competition was held back and relegated to virtual competitions after being postponed because of the pandemic. It is now slated to be hosted here in Kuala Lumpur over a period of 6 days, from 23rd to 28th May 2023 with a participation of 25 to 30 countries.

Malaysian Participations

Nabillah Muhammad was the very first delegate to represent Malaysia at the inaugural finals in Yangon. She made the nation proud by placing seventh.

In 2018, underdog Muhamad Syafeek Ikhwan Ghazali surprised everyone at the Paris finals by taking the main champion’s prize, bringing glory and honors to the country and creating opportunities for himself.. Mohamad Husaini Mahmur & Nadia Naswan Hasnan also did well for Malaysia in Stockholm in 2019 after snapping up both the runner up and second runner up titles.

The likeable and easily approachable Syafeek has since gone on to record several singles. He is currently a talent of Alternative Records & Talents and has just put out “Lakar”, his latest single for a television drama. He was on hand to perform to two songs including his latest release during the press conference.

“I believe all of our Malaysia youths are born to be stars but they need a platform to showcase their talents. I-Sing is very good opportunity to showcases themsleves and eventually become stars,” expressed I-SiNG Malaysia President Michael Samy in his opening address.

“A special thanks to i-SiNG World Co-Founder & President Mr Euro Tee and his team from the i-SiNG World Asia Pacific Innovation Centre for organising this competition yearly with huge success. I would also like to thank Euro for giving Kuala Lumpur the opportunity to host the world finals in 2023. This year the Malaysian team went to several destinations to conduct the search for the best vocal talents including at Johore Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and also in Kuala Lumpur, where auditions will conclude on the weekend of 25th & 26th February 2023,””Samy appreciated.

In his speech Sammy also thanked the Malaysian Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC) Ministry and Atria Shopping Gallery for the utmost support, as well his advisors Romli Bidin and Kamal Haji Kassim.

i-Sing World Finals

The World Finals of I-Sing World 2023 will be held at the Hotel Royale Chulan Damanasara in Mutiara Damansara. The public are encouraged to attend and watch the ticketed event at the venue. Tickets will be available through the official website and also at the door subject to availability. They will be inclusive of meals and are expected to be nominally priced. Online viewing will also available for those living outside the country.

Apart from the prestige of winning I-SiNG World, there will also be a cash prize for the international winners, along with an all paid flight to attend the next world finals in Dubai in 2024.

The world final is expected to be broadcast live through several international television stations from Asia, Europe and North America.

“If you look up any singing competition any where in the world, when the winner is announced, the winner gets a trophy, a medal, a bouquet, a certificate, a sash, a certificate, then they go home and sleep. The best part of I-Sing is, for each country that journey begins when the winner is selected; where they will have to represent their country at the world platform against so many other countries,“ i-SiNG World Board Member D’sa emphasized.

“I have judged international singing competitions in the United States and Spain, and I have to tell you it is not easy at all to be a judge, because I can tell you every singer is better than the other,” he further stressed.

“Malaysians, if you have the chance, please come and witness it for yourselves, its not only about the singing, its about the dress, the attire, all about the social, the hoo-haa, its not your regular competition. This is not American Idol or Malaysian Idol, that is totally different. This is something close and personal, hearing the talent and voice of so many other individuals from across the world, from so many different cultures, which you will be witnessing for yourselves, and getting it in with each contestant, where they will are all be dressed up, many close to around USD 300.00 for each outfit. There is a a heaven to hell difference between any other competition you have seen before other than i-SiNG,” the passionate D’sa expanded.

The winners will be selected by THREE main criteria:

  • the Voice
  • the Performance
  • the Attire that matches the performance

Only 4 categories will be competed at I-Sing World:

  • solo
  • duet
  • group
  • junior

The Judges

The competition will be judged by 3 international celebrity judges and 2 celebrity judges from Malaysia as competition hosts.

RTM’s renown music director, conductor and composer Datuk Mokhzani Ismail was revealed as one of the celebrity judges who will be part of the local panel at the world finals. The highly accredited Mokhzani is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music Boston and the Associated Board of the The Royal School of Music, London. He is also a professor at the Sultan Idris Education University, and also lectures at UPSI, Aswara, UiTM and at various other Asean countries. He has been a chief judge at Anugerah Juara Lagu, the nation’s biggest songwriting competition.

Also reveal as one of the world final judges was multiple award winning singer, composer, actress & politician Dato’ Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin. Aishah first achieved international stardom in New Zealand when her first album with her band Aishah and The Fan Club charted globally. She returned to Malaysia to continue as a solo artiste, releasing 11 albums to date. She has won 2 Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) awards for Best Vocals Performance in an Album and also Best Pop Album, as well as 4 Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) awards including for Best Performance and Best Song.

They local judges were selected because of their international calibre and achievements in the industry. The international celebrity judges will be be announced closer to the finals as it is still under negotiations.

i-Sing Malaysia 2023

Since the finals is being held in Malaysia, the country has an option to send in an additional contestant per category to compete at the world final as a wild card entry.

i-SiNG Malaysia 2023 finals is expected to be held on 11th March 2023. Details of the finals will be announced shortly. The Malaysian finals is also expected to screened live on I-Sing Malaysia’s FB page.

The winner of I-Sing Malaysia stands a chance to win a “single” recording with renown Malaysian music director Balan Raj and the opportunity to represent Malaysia at the world finals in May 2023.


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