The mystical world of Marrakesh comes to Avenue K Shopping Mall from 24th March to 30th April 2023!

Drawing inspiration from vibrant colours, intricate designs, and the rich culture of Marrakesh, a giant, majestic flying carpet above the entrance of the mall’s Atrium invites shoppers to escape to the heart of Morocco and be entranced by the beauty of Marrakesh. Lamps in bright, stunning colours dangle elegantly from the intricately woven carpet.

Decorating the ancient city walls is a showcase of artistic porcelain plates and elaborate tilework that creates a stunning backdrop filled with photo-worthy opportunities. Equally Instagrammable is the elegant courtyard with a private lounge area and panoramic view of the palm-shaded gardens.

The sound of music fills the air as talented musicians display their skills with traditional instruments ranging from Gamelan Musical to Angklung and Cak Lempong Contemporary Musical.

Malay dances performed live allow you to immerse yourself in the rich culture, customs, and traditions of the Malays.

Watch also an artist use Jawi calligraphy to create beautiful works of art which you can bring home with you!

Don’t miss the Colourful Raya Costume Contest which promises to be a fun and memorable event as contestants strut down the catwalks in creative, eye-catching ensembles.

In the spirit of sharing, caring, and spreading kindness within the community, Avenue K will organise Bubur Lambuk Giveaway every Friday from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm (24 March to 21st April 2023) and Kurma Giveaway every day from 24 March to 21st April during the holy month of Ramadan. Come and be blessed!

AK Neighbours Cardmembers will be rewarded with exclusive AK Raya Packets when they spend RM200 and above in a single receipt on the same day (limited to two redemptions per customer daily), and an exclusive AK Porcelain Plate and specially designed AK Raya Packets with a minimum spend of RM500 and above in a maximum of two combined receipts on the same day (limited to one redemption per customer daily). So remember to bring along your AK Neighbours Card when you shop at Avenue K.

Don’t have an AK Neighbours Card? Sign up for FREE at the Information Counter to take advantage of exciting discounts and special offers!

Celebrate in style with chic fashion, statement accessories, and mouth-watering cookies that will make any celebration unforgettable, and enjoy complimentary parking for the

first three hours (Sunday & Public Holidays) or the first hour (Monday to Saturday) when you spend RM300 in a maximum of two combined receipts on the same day.

Be one of three lucky winners to win AK Cash Vouchers worth RM100 when you enter the Count and Win Facebook Contest. Head over to the Ground Floor Atrium to count the number of aesthetic plates adorning the Hari Raya decor area. Find out more by visiting Avenue K’s Facebook page.

Usher in Ramadan and enjoy the festive spirit of Raya as you shop and feast amidst the bustling ambience and rustic charm of Marrakesh at Avenue K Shopping Mall.


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