Bigger Screen

When it comes to screens, we want them bigger and BIGGER. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s huge 12.4” display is as good as a handheld cinema at home and on-the-go, which she can fit nicely in her mom bag. Vibrant colours and details that pop will have her tearing up to her K-dramas, laughing along to romcoms, or sitting on the edge or her seat while watching action-packed blockbusters.

Incredible audios

Her ears are in for an auditory treat with incredible sound by AKG, with dual speakers and immersive Dolby Atmos that transports her to the middle of all the action and make her feel like she’s actually there.

Great for Video Calls

For sociable mamas who love to connect with family members and all her friends, the tablet is a great device for video calls. The cool Auto Framing function on the Galaxy Tab S8 series zooms in and focuses on her, while keeping her in the Centre of the screen as she’s asking how your day went and reminding you to drink plenty of water!

S Pen for easy communicate

Creative mummies will love the S Pen that helps them write, draw or create with ease. From drawing family portraits and birthday cards, to home recipes, there’s nothing the artiste in her can’t do.

Provide Multitask Screen

And for working moms who need a device that helps them be productive, the Galaxy Tabs have a second screen function, which provides a full page view in portrait or landscape mode, so that she can easily multitask between her phone or PC to the tablet.

Huge Battery

Equipped with a huge battery to take on this boss lady’s busiest days, she will enjoy hours and hours of movie marathons, browsing, video calling, or even bedtime reading before needing to recharge.

So get one for your mom and enjoy Mother’s Day rebates:

  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra- Storage 5G 12GB_256GB (RP RM6,199)-Promo price RM5,399 (Rebate RM800)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with KBD- Storage 12GB_256GB (RP RM5,899)-Promo price RM5,099 (Rebate RM800)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 5G- Storage 8GB_256GB (RP RM4,999)- Promo price RM4,299 (Rebate RM700)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Plus with KBD- Storage 8GB_256GB (RP RM4,699)-Promo price RM3,999 (Rebate RM700)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 5G- Storage 8GB_128GB (RP RM3,799)-Promo price RM3,299 (Rebate RM500)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 with KBD- Storage 8GB_128GB (RP RM3,499)-Promo price RM2,999 (Rebate RM500)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE- Storage 6GB_128GB (RP RM2,349)-Promo price RM2,099 (Rebate RM250)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE- Storage 4GB_64GB (RP RM2,049)-Promo price RM1,799 (Rebate RM250)
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE- Storage 3GB_32GB (RP RM699)-Promo price RM599 (Rebate RM100)
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite- Storage 4GB_64GB (RP RM699)-Promo price RM599 (Rebate RM100)

Shop at any of these participating stores, including Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Authorised Retailers, Samsung Online Store, as well as Samsung Flagship Stores on Shopee and Lazada.

To learn more about the promo, go to:

Choose the best Galaxy Tab for mom here:


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