Starting from 11 November 2022, families that comes to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will be experiencing a new exciting wonder as a new world of mythical creatures has come to the 4D Cinema!

4D Movie Launch - Journey to MYTHICA (2)

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort launched an All-New 4D movie title: LEGO® MYTHICA – JOURNEY TO MYTHICA – an exciting addition to the LEGO 4D Movie experience that will have families fully immersed in the 4D experience.

4D Movie Launch - Journey to MYTHICA at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort (2)

LEGO MYTHICA – JOURNEY TO MYTHICA follows Bobs, a courageous little Alicorn on an adventure into an undiscovered world, where LEGO creatures become real. A parallel universe that, unbeknown to us, has been created by the power of kids’ imagination.

Children Enjoying the MYTHICA 4D Movie Experience at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort (2)

Experience enchanted forests, raging seas, hidden caves, fire and ice. Escape the Chimera, soar with Maximus the Sky Lion and make a splash with Duo the Hydra, before Bobs discovers his true powers.

IMG-20221104-WA0028 (2)

But is he too late to save this mythical world?


LEGO MYTHICA is in trouble. Its once powerful life force has been weakened and the world is dying as less and less kids have time to create new LEGO creatures.

The only way that MYTHICA can be saved is by inspiring kids to create again.

IMG-20221104-WA0029 (2)

This exclusive LEGO MYTHICA event at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort invites guests to enjoy the all new 4D movie and become LEGO MYTHICA adventurers. Kids can explore a world of imagination and see LEGO MYTHICA creatures come to life before their eyes.

IMG-20221104-WA0032 (2)

“We are really looking forward to inviting all of our visitors to enjoy and take part in our celebrated new LEGO MYTHICA – JOURNEY TO MYTHICA 4D movie. We have always been driven by our passion and energy to create wonderful moments and unique experiences that you can only find at LEGOLAND Malaysia. We hope that the new 4D movie, JOURNEY TO MYTHICA, will inspire children to use their imaginations to create the extraordinary and help save LEGO MYTHICA, in line with our LEGO DNA of learning through play within our resort,” CS said CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. .

The new 4D movie LEGO MYTHICA – JOURNEY TO MYTHICA will be included in the price of admission to LEGOLAND. Guests can purchase tickets and reserve their spot through LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort reservation system for their desired Park visit. For more Resort information, operating schedule and to make reservations, visit: https://www.legoland.com.my/.

For more information on LEGO MYTHICA – JOURNEY TO MYTHICA, head over to :


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