Siri realme 5 Perkenal Teknologi Quad Kamera

realme Malaysia melancarkan telefon pintar quad kameranya yang pertama-realme 5 dan realme 5 Pro yang dilengkapi dengan Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 dan 712.


Kedua-duanya menjanjikan prestasi cemerlang kepada pengguna bagi segmen telefon harga pertengahan dan kelebihannya penggunaan quad kamera dengan lensa sudut ultra-lebar, kamera utama, lensa potret dan ultra makro.


“Ribuan terima kasih buat semua peminat realme di Malaysia kerana kami tidak dapat berada di tahap ini tanpa sokongan dan semangat yang berterusan. Hari ini kami menerskan semangat ‘Dare to Leap’ dengan membawa revolusi pasaran baharu iaitu dua telefon pintar yang akan menjadi penanda aras dalam segmen harga pertengahan di Malaysia. Kami juga bangga kerana semakin ramai rakyat Malaysia mempunyai akses kepada teknokogi yang dibawa realme. Hal ini turut menyakinkan kami untuk membawa masuk model realme 5 dan realme 5 Pro ke Malaysia”. kata Tiffany Teh, Pengurus Jenama realme Malaysia.

realme 5-Quad Camera PowerHero

Model realme 5 dilengkapi dengan Snapdragon 665 AIE iaitu enjin Qualcomm AI generasi ketiga berdasarkan cip pemprosesan 11nm oct-core yang beroperasi pada kelajuan jam 2.0GHz seiring dengan prestasi permainan yang dipetingkatkan. realme 5 boleh didapati dalam dua warna baru iaitu-Crystal Blue dan Crystal Purple, mempunyai paparan 6.5 inci FUll HD+ yang memberi ruang pandangan lebih luas, pengalaman permainan yang lebih hebat dengan gandingan audio dan video berkualiti tinggi.

Rekabentuknya juga dipertingkatkan engan diamond-cut dan sentuhan hologram memberikan ilusi tekstur 3 dimensi. Selain itu, i memberi pengalaman imej baharu dengan quad kaera AI-119 sudut ultra lebar (8MP), kamera utama (12MP), lensa potret (2MP) dan lensa ultra makro (2MP) serta AI kamera hadapan (13MP). Dengan bateri 5000 mAh besar untuk menikmati pengalaman hiburan yang lebih panjang, realme 5 menjalankan sistem operasi ColorOS 6.0 berdasarkan Android 9.0 Pie.

realme 5 Pro-Quad Camera SpeedMaster

Dikuasakan oleh Snapdragon 712 AIE, dengan CPU berkelajuan 2.3GHz yang juga dikenali sebagai enjin AI generasi ke-3 yang membantu mempercepat pengkomputeran AI bersama GPU Qualcomm Andreno 616. Model ini boleh didapati dalam warna Crystal Green dan Sparkling  Blue. Bagi persediaan quad kamera pula, reame 5 Pro dilengakpi dengan 119 lensa sudut ultra-lebar (8MP), lensa potret (2MP) dan lensa ultra makro (2Mp) ditambah pula dengan kamera depan Sony IMX471 AI 16MP sekaligus memberikan pengalaman imej yang tidak dapat ditandingini bagi segmen ini.

Menariknya, ia mempunyai paparan skrin 6.3 ini FHD+dewdrop didatangkan dengan warna hologram nanometer dengan tekstur visual berlapis pada penutup belakangnya. Ia juga dilengkapi dengan set 20W VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

Buat pertama kalinya juga, telefon realme 5 dijual secara ekslusif di platform Lazada. Layari

realme 5

1.3GB RAM+64GB ROM dan 4GB RAM +128GB ROM akan dibuka jualan pada 17 Oktober serentak dengan jualan ekslusif online di Lazada.

realme 5 Pro

8GB RAM + 128GB ROM pula dibuka jualan pada 10 Oktober ini.


REALME 5 Series Equips With Quad Camera

The latest series: realme 5 and realme 5 Pro comes with FOUR or QUAD CAMERA!

realme global has recently introduced it’s latest quad camera smartphones series in India.

Both smartphones equipped with:

  • Qualcomm Technologies’ mobile platforms
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 and 712

realmes new product series shows a giant leap from dual camera to QUAD camera to cover variant demand and usage.

The new series consists of a QUAD camera function with features like:

  • high megapixel main camera
  • ultra wide angle lens
  • potrait lens
  • a macro lens

Want to fit everything in one photo?

Switch to ultra wide angle lens as the visual angle goes up to 119 degree and helps in capturing any breath-taking landscape photo or accommodate more people for a group photo.

Portrait photography is all about capturing the person’s attitude and personality. A portrait lens works with unique filtering system, software adjustment and exposure to redefinte users’ portrait experience.

The fourth lens, macro lens offers user a focal length of 4cm to let you explore a whole new world in just a small space. Moreover, the F2.4 aperture and bokeh effect let you take more outstanding and focused shots.

Lastly, the new product series with QUAD camera able to capture stunning photos in all situations no matter during day, night, recording portraits, landscape or macro level.

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More Than 3,000 Realme Fans Turns Up During Realme Roadshow

Realme 3 Roadshows in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Sunway Velocity Mall were colourful and exciting as we saw fans of all ages around Klang Valley visited the roadshows. Passionate fans, first-timers and families spent their weekends to get their hands on the latest realme 3 smartphone and even participated in several fun activities throughout the day.

Image 1 (1)

Image 2 (1)

Dharani a/p Kaliappan, a 23-year-old realme fan and proud owner of the latest realme 3 smartphone said that,

“I really like the specification and design of the realme 3 and can’t believe that I’m able to own one for myself. I will be using it right away and the price of the smartphone is really affordable.”

“I was actually spending time with my family and friends in getting my computer done at Sunway Pyramid. While we were waiting for it to be ready, we visited the roadshow and decided to give it a try with the mini mobile game tournament. I’m really happy to be winning the game and we’re also happy that realme is offering such affordable smartphones for everyone,” said Lim Tiak Cheong, a 15-year-old boy won himself RM1,000 in cash after competing in the mini game tournament at the roadshow.

“I’m really surprised that I won the realme 3 because all I did was signing up two hours ago and I won the lucky draw. I’m thinking to give it out to my friend as a present or maybe I’ll fall in love with it later when I try it out,” said Wee How, 28 years old from Johor who won a new unit of realme 3 through a lucky draw contest.

Adding to the roadshow, visitors also participated in activities like PUBG challenge, Mobile Legends, Instant Selfie Print and mini games where they won assorted realme merchandise. To those who missed out on the realme 3 First Sale Roadshow, feel free to visit realme Image Stores at Sunway Pyramid or check out our list of retailers and distributors near you at

Realme has more than 1500 store as well as 21 authorised service center across Malaysia. For more on realme 3, please visit and

REALME For Young Generation

Realme’s THREE product line-up sets to address the needs of Malaysia’s younger generation


Realme, an emerging smartphone brand that specialises in providing high quality smartphones, unveiled its line-up of devices for the Malaysian market, that is:

  • Realme 2
  • Realme 2 Pro
  • Realme C1

Designed with today’s youth in mind, Realme’s tagline, ‘Proud to Be Young’, is focused on revolutionising the smartphone for the younger generation, combining top notch performances with contemporary style.

“By embodying the spirit of ‘Proud to Be Young’, Realme provides an optimum combination of bold, innovative designs and a balanced integration between software and hardware. Realme represents the concept of ‘Power Meets Style’, or the amalgamation of fast performance and trendy designs, with remarkable prices.” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager, Realme Malaysia.

Realme is dedicated to addressing the needs of the youth. The brand has been breaking records ever since launching in India and Indonesia earlier in the year. In India, a total of 200,000 units of the Realme 2 were sold in under 5 minutes after being officially launched – making Realme the fourth most popular online smartphone brand in India. The brand’s launch in Indonesia last month followed suit when it sold more than 15,000 units of the Realme 2 in only 10 minutes. An astonishing 33 billion Rupiah were spent on the Realme 2 Pro alone, in just 3 minutes!

Also present at the launch was Goh Thiah Liang, Country Manager, Qualcomm International. With Qualcomm committed to create paths to a smarter, and more connected world, Qualcomm’s partnership with Realme is unsurprising.

“We see the increasing power of the younger generation thus it only made sense to work with Realme. The brand, while young, has some deep insights about what the youth require from devices like a smartphone. We are indeed proud to be collaborating with such a foresighted brand to provide the best, affordable products for the target market,” he said.

Added convenience and special offer await Realme fans in Malaysia

Raising the ante at the launch, Realme also announced its collaboration with TWO  of Malaysia’s largest e-commerce websites: Shopee and Lazada to provide special offer with added convenience, ease, and accessibility.

In conjunction with Shopee’s 11.11 Big Sale, the number one year-end online shopping festival in the region, Realme’s ‘flagship for youth’ Realme 2 Pro will be sold exclusively on the platform.

Lucky customers will be able to get their hands on the smartphone at the following prices:

  • RM849 (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM)
  • RM949 (6GB RAM + 64GB ROM)
  • RM1,099 (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM)

However, Malaysians will be able to enjoy further discounts for the Realme 2 Pro during Shopee’s 11.11 Big Sale:

  • RM799 (4GB RAM + 64GB)
  • RM899 (6GB RAM + 64GB)
  • RM999 (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM)

The Realme 2 Pro will be available at 00:00 on 11th November on Shopee:

The price of the Realme 2 starts at RM 599, and Malaysians can get them soon on 24th November from retail outlets such as Vivid, Mobile to go, Seven mobile, DirectD and many more .

The Realme C1 was also unveiled with a price of RM449, and will be sold exclusively on Lazada Malaysia from 22nd November to 22nd December.

Consumers will be able to own the Realme C1 with a special offer of RM399 from Lazada Malaysia during this period.

Log on to to find out more.

New Look, New Aspirations

Realme’s official presence in Malaysia was made all the more special when the brand unveiled a slew of new visual images. Realme’s new brand color is golden yellow, defined as “Realme Yellow”, representing power, style, modernity, youthfulness and neutrality in color. Starting from November, 2018, Realme is going to fully launch its new visual identity and logo across all visual touchpoints according to specific timeline, changes will be implemented across but not limited to: official websites, social media platforms, branding videos, e-commerce platforms, customer-end image, customer service centers, office interior decoration, office supplies and press conference productions. Products on sale and products in pipelines will also change their packages step by step.