LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit! by LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

A thrilled and action-packed movie specially for Lego lovers

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort announced an exciting brand-new addition to LEGO® 4D Movie experience, with the launch of LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit! that will have the whole family engaged and fully immersed in the 4D experience starting from 24 January 2019.

Fans will be able to watch LEGO® City Policeman chasing down mischievous crooks through the streets and skyscrapers of the metropolis. Packed with 4D effects with bursts of bubbles, strong winds and sprays of water, this attraction will provide a truly immerse experience of the LEGO® universe.

Adding on to the excitement from LEGO® City 4D Movie, LEGOLAND® is hosting the LEGO® Movie Event Days in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part. Visitors could relive moments from their favourite LEGO® Movie™ franchise.

legoland®malaysia resort lego city 4d movie launch photo #1

In conjunction with LEGO® Movie Event Days, the park will be filled with fun-filled activities where visitors can truly connect with their favourite characters from the movie, including:

  • “The LEGO Movie” Scavenger Hunt
    Wyldstyle, MetalBeard, Unikitty and Benny have lost their way and Emmet needs help to find his friends in the Miniland.
  • “The LEGO Movie” Mystery Mosaic
    Guests work together to help build a mystery LEGO mosaic throughout the weekend.
  • Character Meet and Greet Session
    Meet Emmet, Wyldstyle and a new character to be discovered from the film during character meet and greet sessions.
  • LEGO® Movie Building Activity
    Create spaceship and escape from the Alien Invaders that are attacking Bricksburg. The master builder will win exclusive collectables from the movie.

“The launch of LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit! and LEGO® Movie Event Days are created for families to fully immerse themselves in the world of LEGO®, a truly unique experience that is only available at LEGOLAND®. In 2019, we are committed to introducing new attractions to keep the park fresh and exciting for everyone. Our guests can look forward to fun-filled activities and experiences that allow children to learn while having fun at the same time,” said Kurt Stocks, General Manager at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

“We’ve recently announced new annual pass packages for MyKad holders where Malaysians can enjoy unlimited access to LEGOLAND®’s Theme Park and Water Park, as well as free access to SEA LIFE Malaysia. With these valuable offers, LEGOLAND® is a great place for families to spend their weekend and school holidays”, Kurt added.

legoland®malaysia resort lego city 4d movie launch photo #3

As the Lunar New Year is just right around the corner, visitors can look forward to the beautiful Garden of Prosperity decoration in the park, enjoy unique activities such as the Festive Building Activity where visitors can build their own Panda and Mandarin oranges out of LEGO® Bricks. There will also be exciting shows such as Lion and Dragon Dance session to ring in the New Year.

LEGO® Movie Event Days is happening from 24 January – 31 March 2019, every day from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Enjoy early bird promotion with the new annual pass at RM239 for adults and RM190 for kids aged between 3 – 11 years old. With the new annual pass, pass holders will have unlimited access all year-round to LEGOLAND® Theme Park and Water Park, including free access to SEA LIFE Malaysia which is scheduled to open by first-half of 2019. The all-new annual pass is available for purchase at LEGOLAND®’s Official Website for a limited time only.

For the latest update on promotion and activities, stay connected with us via:

Starbucks introduced New Range of Teavana Tea Beverages

Following of the good responses of the TeavanaTM tea beverages, Starbucks has released yet another new range of TeavanaTM tea beverages. These new tea-inspired Starbucks coffee and tea beverages with Cold Foam which combine the velvety mouthfeel of Cold Foam and aromatic TeavanaTM tea beverages, as well as coffee beverages, will tantalise taste buds everywhere. Starting on January 22 onwards, these new beverages will replace the current Starbucks TeavanaTM  promotion lineup.

  • New! TeavanaTM  Chestnut Black Tea Latte – This year’s familiar comfort to help you unwind this season. Blending finely ground black tea with velvety steamed milk, delectable roasted chestnut sauce, and topped with a sprinkle of chestnut and strawberry bites; the perfect choice of beverage for the festive season.
  • New! TeavanaTM Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam Iced Shaken Black Tea – With a hint of honey and fruity notes of mango and passionfruit juice-infused Cold Foam, the refreshing Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam Shaken Iced Black tea is a match-made-in-heaven.
  • New! Matcha Cold Foam Iced Americano – A dream come true for coffee and tea lovers; Starbucks is reimagining the classic Iced Americano with the infusion of Matcha, in the format of meringue-like, earthy Match Cold Foam.


Starbucks Malaysia is also sharing the love with the ever-popular “Signature Heart” merchandise collection that is adorned with a pastel purple theme, hearts and arrows. From a lively tumbler charm, adorable water bottles to fun festive tumblers, these will be the most thoughtful gifts for that special someone in your life or to treat yourself. To add to the romantic collection is the new Cupid Arrow Starbucks Card and the Heart Shaped Starbucks card, which comes in a variety of colour and designs. Gifting these cards is sure a way into someone’s heart.

valentine collection

Additionally, Starbucks Malaysia has also introduced new and returning Starbucks Reserve Coffee Beans flown in from around the world. Experience love at first sip with the New Peru Amazonas Huambo, a coffee grown in the high elevated slopes of the Andes, from several hundred humble coffee farming families around Huambo. The dense rainforest soil and high altitude gives Huambo coffee beans a light body but high acidity and has bright flavours of Morello Cherry with a sweet toffee finish.

Not to forget, master the art of coffee brewing to you preference with:

  • Returning Favourite! Sundried Uganda Sipi Falls – This returning favourite comes from the African region of Uganda, known for its three major waterfalls. Grown in the lush gardens by the Sipi Falls, these Arabica beans have lemon-like acidity with chocolate and caramel accents. Experience the magical Uganda Sipi Falls through the flavours n a cup.
  • Returning Favourite! Tanzania Muriba – Ripe coffee cherries travel from soil to the Muriba washing station located n the remote regin of Tarmine, Tanzania. The high acidity and medium bofied coffee beans comes with aromatic florals with notes of bergamot tea, lemon and grapefruit. Try the outstanding quality of unexpectedly clean, fully washed Tanzania Muriba coffee beans.

25oz purple with arrowsThe new Chestnut Black Tea Latter and TeavanaTM  Cold Foam beverages which are priced at RM14 onwards and will be available at all stores starting from 22 January 2019. Furthermore, the Signature Heart merchandise is priced from RM48 onwards, while the Starbucks Cards all have minimum activation of RM30. Both these collections will be available from 1 February 2019 onwards, while the already launched Starbucks Reserve Coffee Blends are priced at RM65 onwards. Both merchandise and whole bean offerings will be available in stores while stocks last.

For more information, please visit the website at Starbucks Malaysia

Fresh Australia Summer Fruits by Village Grocer

Peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums are in the same family as the ROSE, and are a close relative to ALMONDS; all belonging to the Rosaceae family. Summer fruits may also be called “Stone Fruit” because of their pit (seed).

Malaysians are set for a delicious festive season ahead with Taste Australia kicking off it’s “Sweeter When Shared” Summer Fruits campaign which brings Australia’s freshest seasonal produce straight to our shelves.

The timing of the “Sweeter When Shared” campaign couldn’t be more ideal with the start of the New Year and Chinese New Year as well as Valentine’s Day just around the corner making it the perfect time to savour Australia’s succulent nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots with family and loved ones.

photo 3

Australian summer fruits make for a unique yet culturally significant gift for Chinese New Year with fresh fruits symbolising life and new beginnings. Meanwhile, what better way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day than with a basket of juicy fruits or a dessert made lovingly with these nutritious and delectable summer fruit treats.

Fruits, especially peaches are a popular gift during Chinese New Year as they symbolize the wish for a long and healthy life. With all four Australian summer fruits perfectly ripe and in season, the gift of Australian summer fruits will certainly leave a mark on family and friends as their round shape and colour are said to symbolize prosperity and bring the recipient good fortune throughout the year.

photo 2

For the healthy eaters out there, Australian summer fruits are a perfect match as a natural superfood that is low in calories and Glycemic Index helping restore energy, satisfy cravings in a healthy way, and keeping you fuller for longer. They also provide significant dietary fibre, potassium and antioxidants that encourage healthy digestion.

Attendees at the launch of the “Sweeter When Shared” Summer Fruits campaign were
treated to a special demo by Belinda Chee who showcased unique recipes incorporating
Australian summerfruits including a gift box of Summer Fruits, Summer Fruits Delight,
Pavlova with Summer Fruits that are perfect for the upcoming festivities of Chinese New

photo 9

“I love the crispness and sweet juiciness of summer stone fruits from Australia. These fruits are best enjoyed fresh, and if you have any ripened fruits just use them in a recipe or make lovely jams and compotes!”, said Belinda Chee.

Australia produces some of the best fruits in the world thanks to to its unique microclimates that intensify sweetness. Farmers also have generations of expertise, and apply strict biosecurity and food safety measures to guarantee the tastiest and safest fruit.

To see the Taste Australia campaign in action and try the flavoursome summerfruit varieties head down to participating supermarkets including Village Grocer.

ASICS Buka Butik Seluas 2,360 Kaki Persegi di Pavilion KL

Suka dan peminat pakaian sukan ASCIS?

Sekarang ASICS sudahpun berada di Pavilion KL.

photo 7(b)

Dirasmikan oleh Akira-san, Pengurus Strategi Korporat Serantau, ASICS Asia dan Boon Tib Soom Nik, Pengurus Negara, ASICS Malaysia, butik seluas 2,360 kaki persegi ini menawarkan pilihan produk yang lebih luas termasuk jenama gaya hidup dan fesyen jalanan (streetwear), ASICSTIGER yang menjadi permintaan di Malaysia.

photo 6

“Kami teruja atas sokongan dan kepercayaan pelanggan serta peminat jenama ASICS di Malaysia. Misi kami adalah untuk terus berinovasi dan memberikan terbaik melalui pengalaman pelatih yang bertaraf tinggi, teknologi dan pelanggannya. ASICS sentiasa menjadi pendahulu dalam menyediakan pakaian sukan prestasi terbaik bagi pelari dan atlet, melalui ASICSTIGER, kami ingin memenuhi permintaan pemburu ‘sneaker’ pula dalam pasaran.” Kata En. Boon Tib Soom Nik, Pengurus Negara, ASICS MALAYSIA.

photo 8

Semasa pelancaran, tetamu berpeluang merasai pengalaman konsep kedai yang mudah diteroka dengan ruangan komuniti yang selesa disamping memperkenalkan teknologi proprietari ASICS; ASICS Motion ID/Foot ID.

Teknologi ini membolehkan pelanggan menganalisis bentuk larian mereka dalam 3D dengan terperinci menggunakan laser dan kamera mikro. Secara tidak langsung, pelanggan dapat memiliki model kasut yang optimum seiring dengan prestasi mereka.

Antara kemuncak utama adalah:

  • pelancaran model ikonik GEL- NIMBUSTM yang ke-21,
  • pengenalan kepada teknologi kusyen terkini ASICS; FLYTEFOAMTM PROPEL dan FLYTEFOAMTM LYTE.

Gabungan antara sains manusia dan teknologi terkini memberikan pelari jarak jauh keselesaan tiada tandingan agar mereka mampu berlari lebih jauh.

Majlis dimeriahkan dengan sesi bergambar bersama Duta ASICS, Edan Syah dan Aishah Sinclair dan selebriti lain seperti Ali Satar. Atlet Paralimpik negara merangkap Duta ASICS terkini, Muhamad Ziyad Zolkefli yang memecah rekod dunia dalam acara lontar peluru lelaki F20 dengan dengan jarak jauh 17.29m pada Kejohanan Olahraga Para Dunia 2017 di London dan Mohamad Ridzuan Puzi yang dicalonkan Atlet Para Lelaki Terbaik 2018 turut hadir memeriahkan majlis.

Butik ASICS Pavilion KL terletak di:

Lot 5.19.00 & 5.20.00, Tingkat 5, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

#ASICSMYLaunch #ASICSMalaysia #IMoveME


GRAB Introduces New Regional Centre of Excellence

This Southeast Asia’s leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) mobile platform, launched its new Regional Centre of Excellence (RCoE) in its newly expanded 54,000 sq ft office space.


The Centre of Excellence will house Grab’s core business strategy and operational functions, including legal, customer experience, financial services and creative services. This is the second showing of Grab’s strong investment back into the country where it first started, with the first being the launch of its R&D Centre in Malaysia just last month, the 7th in Grab’s global R&D footprint, to nurture Malaysia’s deep tech talents.


The launch of its newly expanded office space was officiated by YB Datuk Ignatius Darell Leiking, Minister of International Trade and Industry.

By launching its Regional Centre of Excellence and R&D Centre in Malaysia, Grab will immediately create at least 400 new high-value jobs, bringing its total employees in Malaysia to 1,000.

The RCoE will spearhead development of an in-house pool of highly-skilled professionals who are experts in their respective domains. With Grab’s presence in 336 cities across 8 countries, they will be given the opportunity to take a regional lens in offering solutions and implementing projects.

The legal team will provide advice on regulatory, policy and legal issues that impact the entire region; the customer experience team will provide quality customer support for several countries; the creative and design team will develop creative assets for regional marketing campaigns and projects; and the financial services team will implement financial, procurement and risk management policies across all countries where Grab operate in the region.

The tech and engineering team in Malaysia’s R&D Centre will focus on building trust and safety solutions and capabilities that not only solve safety issues for citizens in Malaysia, but also across the whole of Southeast Asia. As Grab doubles down on its global investments in more advanced technology, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make every ride, every delivery order, every financial transaction that takes place on our platform safer and more secure than ever before, the Malaysian tech and engineering team will play a pivotal role in setting a high bar for safety standards in Southeast Asia, and achieving our ultimate goal of zero preventable incidents on our platform.

“Malaysia is proud that it is the birthplace of a technology unicorn like Grab. Grab represents innovation, tenacity, creativity, a keen sense for business, and hard work – values that the Government aims to cultivate among Malaysian tech companies. We are happy to see Grab contributing back to Malaysia and committing to nurturing local tech talents and facilitating knowledge transfer through its R&D centre. As an everyday super app for Malaysians, Grab not only serves local transportation needs through its ride-hailing offering, but also plays a pivotal role in empowering local businesses through its delivery and payments platforms.” said Datuk Darell Leiking, Minister of International Trade and Industry at the launch.

“This is exactly what Malaysia needs to move ahead in our digital economy goals – more Malaysian companies who have done well at the global stage to heed the Ministry’s clarion call for quality investment back home to develop the nation, by creating high-value jobs and nurturing the next generation of Malaysian entrepreneurs.”

He added,

“Indeed the Government will continue to chart Malaysia’s digital transformation towards achieving greater economic prosperity and societal well-being. In this context, the National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD) and the National e-Commerce Strategic Roadmap (NeSR) are the key blueprints to “attract, create and transform”. In particular, this entails attracting key enabling technologies to create the right digital ecosystem; transforming the manufacturing and services sectors into “agile sectors”, and enabling Malaysian entrepreneurs to become ‘e-commerce ready’. Therefore, the Government encourages continued collaboration between the public and private sectors, in realising the action plans set out in both blueprints, for our mutual benefits.”

“Our strong investments in anchoring our Regional Centre of Excellence and latest R&D Centre in Malaysia is our response to the Malaysian government’s call for public-private partnerships to help drive Malaysia’s Industry 4.0 blueprint and digital economy ambitions. We are committed to helping Malaysia unlock greater economic gains by creating high-value jobs, nurturing deep tech talents, and attracting more Malaysians overseas to return home. We have always remembered our roots, as Malaysia is where we founded Grab almost seven years ago, with the simple goal of solving the problem of transportation safety. Now that we have grown beyond ride-hailing to become the leading SEA’s everyday super app, it is natural for us to contribute back to the country where we first started,” said Sean Goh, Country Head for Grab Malaysia.

“These investments are above and beyond our continued mission to make transportation accessible and safer for all, while at the same time, creating better income-earning opportunities for our driver and delivery partners, and enabling local businesses to leverage our user base and distribution network to earn higher business revenue. There is a lot more we can do to improve the daily lives of fellow Malaysians, and we want to partner closely with the Malaysian government to develop win-win regulations and policies that allow innovation to thrive, and best serve the interests of the larger Malaysian population”, added Sean.

Grab is committed to contributing to Malaysia’s Industry 4.0 blueprint in the following areas:
1. Shared, Seamless and Smart mobility solution for all: We will make transportation more accessible for all Malaysians. With the widest range of transportation services already readily available on our platform, we will work closely with governments, public and private transportation providers to serve the first-mile-last-mile transportation needs of Malaysians.

2. Better livelihoods and income-earning opportunities for driver-partners: 86% of our driver-partners supplement their income part-time with Grab. These driver-partners earn 37% more supplementary income with Grab, on top of their day-to-day jobs. Our GrabTaxi driver-partners also earn 10% more daily income compared to the past when they can only rely on street-hails and regular taxi bookings. We will continue to better the livelihoods of our driver-partners and offer increased income-earning opportunities, greater financial support, better technology tools and skills training, and more community activities for them and their loved ones.

3. Digital shop fronts for GrabFood, GrabRewards and GrabPay merchant partners: We will empower micro-entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses to set up their digital presence on Grab app and leverage our user base and distribution network to earn higher business revenue.

4. Access to GrabPlatform to help like-minded start-ups and partners scale their business: Partners can either build their services into GrabPlatform or integrate Grab’s suite of technology and products into their own websites or apps, for example GrabPay for mobile payments, GrabExpress for logistics, or GrabProfiles for user authentication.

This will give partners direct access to Grab users and help scale their business faster.

Koleksi Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll dari GUARDIAN bakal jadi buruan

Aduhai Kawaii..comelnya..cute sangat-sangat..Geram betul tengok KOLEKSI DISNEY TSUM TSUM X CATHY DOLL sampai rasa nak beli semuanya!

mr. wongwiwat theekhakhirikul (right) and mr. pongwiwat theekahkhirikul from karmarts thailand posing with the cute limited edition disney tsum tsum x cathy doll collection

Guardian Malaysia meneruskan usaha menawan hati pelanggannya dengan menambah satu lagi jenama kecantikan terkemuka ke dalam portfolio tawaran eksklusifnya yang kian berkembang. iaitu Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll.

disney tsum tsum x cathy doll range now available exclusively at guardian

Koleksi istimewa produk solekan comel yang pertama kalinya ditawarkansempena tahun 2019 kini boleh didapati secara eksklusif di Guardian.

Berucap di majlis pelancaran koleksi tersebut hari ini, DY Cho, Pengarah Pemasaran, Kesihatan dan Kecantikan, Asia Tenggara, Guardian Health And Beauty Sdn Bhd berkata:

“Sebagai peneraju perniagaan runcit kesihatan dan kecantikan di Malaysia, Guardian mengutamakan kehendak pelanggan dan jenama mana yang sedang menjadi trend terhangat dalam pasaran kesihatan dan kecantikan global. Produk kosmetik Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll amat menepati citarasa semasa dengan kombinasi karakter Tsum Tsum berilhamkan Disney yang sangat comel sebagai bungkusan kepada produk kosmetik terkenal Cathy Doll.

Kedua-dua anak patung Disney Tsum Tsum dan produk penjagaan kecantikan Cathy Doll merupakan jenama popular dalam kategori tersendiri, masing-masing dengan pengaruh yang luar biasa. Sejak patung Disney Tsum Tsum diperkenalkan pada tahun 2013, berjuta-juta patung telah dijual dan ia telah menjadi item kegilaan pengumpul. Cathy Doll juga merupakan salah satu jenama penjagaan kecantikan yang berkembang pesat di Malaysia dan apabila kedua-dua jenama ini bergabung untuk menghasilkan koleksi produk kosmetik Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll, yakinlah bahawa ia bakal menjadi satu kolaborasi yang sangat luar biasa. Kami sangat yakin koleksi Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll akan menjadi rebutan dikalangan pengumpul dan pelanggan kami yang menghargai produk hebat pada nilai hebat,” 

Rangkaian kosmetik Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll boleh didapati secara eksklusif di Guardian termasuk:

  • Krim CC
  • bedak kompak dengan perlindungan SPF 40
  • Kawalan MInyak Blur Pact
  • pemerah pipi
  • pensil kening lembut
  • penggaris mata Crazy Black
  • maskara
  • palet pembayang mata
  • pemerah bibir dan pipi 2 dalam 1 rona Chiffon Tint
  • koktel glos gincu

Semua produk ini dibungkus dalam watak popular Disney Tsum Tsum seperti Mickey dan Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger dan Eeyore dari Winnie the Pooh; Elsa, Anna dan Olaf dari Frozen dan banyak lagi

Bersempena dengan pelancaran tersebut, Guardian menawarkan tawaran menakjubkan kepada pelanggan. Antaranya hadiah Beg Tali Cerut Edisi Terhad Tsum Tsum Mickey untuk 100 pelanggan pertama yang berbelanja lebih RM100 untuk produk Disney Tsum Tsum di Atrium Lower Ground Midvalley semasa tempoh tawaran berlangsung.

“Oleh kerana perayaan Tahun Baru Cina bakal tiba diikuti dengan sambutan Hari Valentine, hari untuk cinta, rangkaian produk Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll sangat sesuai dijadikan hadiah istimewa untuk yang tersayang.

Bermula 1 Februari sehingga 28 Februari, 5 unit beg bagasi vintaj edisi terhad Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll bakal ditawarkan berdasarkan cabutan bertuah. Untuk mengambil bahagian, pelanggan hanya perlu membeli produk Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll sebanyak RM150 dan ke atas, layari laman Facebook Guardian Malaysia untuk mengimbas kod QR atau klik pada pautan, muat naik resit pembelian, isi butiran peribadi dan jawab satu soalan mudah.”

Jadi saranan saya, berkunjunglah ke Guardian yang terdekat dengan anda dan mulakan koleksi produk Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll anda sekarang. Ia hanya boleh didapati sementara stok masih ada,” tambah Cho.


“Abundance of Prosperity” Transformed Suria KLCC into Mandarin Orange Garden

What a stunning garden Suria KLCC have for this coming CNY Celebration!


The entire mall has been transformed into a magnificent Mandarin orange garden with a theme “Abundance of Prosperity”. Besides Mandarin oranges, the red lanterns that hang around the garden signify fortune, wealth and abundance. The decoration depicts a garden in a traditional Chinese courtyard house.

Mandarin orange has a deep symbolic meaning as it sounds similar to the word “gold” in Chinese culture and it also represent good luck. Having Mandarin  oranges at home, office and shops during Chinese New Year is said to bring riches into your life and Suria KLCC would like to share these positive vibes with shoppers and visitors during this festive celebration.

“Traditionally, giving Mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year indicates a sense of good fortune and the colour of Mandarin oranges also symbolises “gold” making it significant to be presence at anywhere during the festive period. The Cantonese pronunciation of giving Mandarin oranges-Somg Kam” is the same as “giving gold”, therefore it signifies wishing prosperity upon the recipient. The Lunar New Year celebration is also about family and we appreciate the traditional values that come with it. It reminds us of our roots and family is an irreplaceable wealth. For this, Suria KLCC wants you to come home and celebrate a season full of love and warmth this CNY.” said Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Andrew Brian at the launched of Suria KLCC‘s CNY campaign.

The auspicious CNY launched delighted mall shoppers, tourists and guests who were greeted by the God of Prosperity to welcome prosperity, longevity and happiness for 2019. The ceremony was followed by a Chinese traditional dance and a lion dance by an award-winning Kwong Ngai acrobatic Lion Dance Group. This troupe is the Overall Champion of the 2017 National Dragon and Lion Dance Championship.

Visitors also can soak up the festive atmosphere and capture the moments at various photo spots the mall has set up including outdoor at the KLCC Esplanade. Shoppers are in for a surprise to see a grand new 40ft height Basket of Mandarin oranges replica known as “Basket of Good Fortune”, welcoming shoppers and visitors.

A basket of full Mandarin oranges is an auspicious representation of wealth in all aspects of life which is an important element in CNY celebration. The replica will be displayed until 22 February 2019.

Suria KLCC also offers an array of performances-traditional dance. Lion Dance, Dragon dance and 10 Festive Drums throughout the campaign period.

Meanwhile Alamanda and Mesra Mall in Kerteh Terengganu are also running their campaign to usher in CNY and have line-up activities for shoppers.


Suria KLCC is making shopping a more rewarding experience through partnership with Citibank this festive season. From now until 10 February, Citibank Visa card holder who spend a minimum of RM1,000 in a single receipt will receive an exclusive candy tray, a pack of “Ang Pow” packet and Suria KLCC parking tticket worth RM10.. The parking ticket is limited to first 30 Citibank customers per day.

For purchases of RM3,500 and above in a maximum of two receipts, shoppers will receive a Spring Garden restaurant dining voucher and a pack of “Ang Pow” packet. Purchase must be made on Friday,Saturday and Sunday only and its limited to first 40 shoppers per day.

Non-Citibank customer will receive similar rewards when they spend RM3,500 and above in a single receipt on Saturday and Sunday. This is limited to first 20 customers per day. Customers with minimum purchase of RM1,0000 is one receipt will receive candy tray and a pack of special “Ang Pow” packet.


Community driven initiatives have always been Suria KLCC’s priority and this festive season is no exception. Suria KLCC continues to collaborate with Hospis in Malaysia in a “Speak-up-There’s an Elephant in the Room” campaign, creating awareness and seeking public support towards palliative care” programme championed by Hospis Malaysia.

Shoppers are encouraged to support the cause by contributing RM15 to the campaign and in return, they will receive a token of appreciation from Suria KLCC. There are also souvenirs by Suria KLCC to commemorate the campaign. All proceeds raised from  the fund-raising initiatives will go to Hospis Malaysia. Shoppers who interested to do their part of charity can proceed to the Concierge at Level Concourse or call 03-2382 2828 for more information.

For more activities and info at Suria KLCC Group of Malls, visit:


Spiced Honey & Golden Bowl by Akzonobel

As the leading global colour authority, AkzoNobel is committed in making the world a more colourful place to live.

akzonobel image 6

To that extent, Dulux – AkzoNobel’s leading decorative paint brand – has been identifying a Colour of the Year (COTY) for the past 16 years to showcase the correlation between colours and one’s everyday life. This year, Dulux’s Colour of the Year is Spiced Honey.

Its warm amber tones, Spiced Honey (also knowns as Crème Brulee 00YY 26/220) is best described as versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Depending on the palettes the colour is complemented with, Spiced Honey can induce a sense of calmness, cosiness and burst of energy, and so will give one’s household a spruce of life this Chinese New Year.

The home is an integral element of the celebration as families reunite under one roof, and a fresh coat of paint will signify new beginnings and a fresh outlook for the new Lunar year ahead.

akzonobel image 2

Indra Laban, General Manager, Decorative Paints, Malaysia, said:

“Our theme for Dulux’s Colour of the Year in 2019 is ‘Letting the Light in,’ so we truly hope that we continue to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians, not only during this auspicious time, but for many generations to come. We are looking forward to what 2019 has in hold for us and are optimistic that Dulux, our leading decorative paints brand, will help brighten up many homes in Malaysia.”

While on the subject of auspicious matters, Master Kenny Hoo, founder of Good Feng Shui, explained that Feng Shui offers a variety of easy and practical tips to improve life. One such way is to use the right colours in a home – by painting a certain wall with a certain colour, good fortune can be amplified while harmful elements can be negated.

Feng Shui opens oneself to a unique way of looking inwards and at their surroundings. It can bring balance, comfort and harmony into an environment. This Chinese New Year, make use of Feng Shui and Spiced Honey to re-energise your homes and create a sense of balance and serenity,” said Master Kenny Hoo.

Spiced Honey can be complemented with four different colour palettes, each with its own name. ‘A Space To Think’ adds sophistication to a room; ‘A Space To Dream’ adds warmth and encourages rest and reflection; ‘A Space To Love’ can be used to make everyone feel at home; and ‘A Space To Act’ adds energy to boost productivity. The colours used in these palettes can be found at Dulux Website

Usher Good Qi into Your Home This 2019 with Dulux Golden Bowls

In Chinese culture, a golden rice bowl signifies good livelihood and success. This Chinese New Year season, expect to receive your very own Dulux Golden Bowl with every purchase of two cans of 5 Litre Dulux paints or one can of 18 Litre, courtesy of Dulux!* By incorporating Dulux Colour of the Year for 2019 Spiced Honey into the bowls, this makes it the perfect accompaniment in any home.

Dulux has over 2,000 colours available for you to discover how you can let the light in and transform your home.

For more information on the Colour of the Year 2019, visit :

A new member in Huawei Nova Series; Huawei Nova 4

Following its global launch in December, HUAWEI today launched the new HUAWEI Nova 4 to Malaysian consumers. Developed through a better understanding of consumer needs and current industry trends, the HUAWEI Nova 4 brings the innovative Punch FullView Display experience for the first time to Malaysian consumers, together with cutting-edge premium design and AI technology.

Running on Kirin 970 and 8GB RAM, the HUAWEI Nova 4 delivers the ultimate user experience on everything from productivity apps to high-octane action games. Shipped with EMUI 9.0, it allows users to access work and entertainment apps easily with a few simple taps and swipes.

“The HUAWEI Nova Series has always been about the pursuit of beauty and is designed to cater to the younger crowd who are fond of participating in trendy lifestyles.  Equipped with an improved photography experience and revolutionary AI technology, the HUAWEI Nova 4 embodies who our millennial consumes are,” said Luke Au, Product Marketing Director, HUAWEI Malaysia.


Echoing this sentiment, Hannah Delisha, HUAWEI Nova ambassador said, “As a part of the HUAWEI Nova family, it is very interesting to see how the Series has evolved over the years. With the HUAWEI Nova 4 and its AI-supported features such as Triple AI Camera, AI Smart Video Editing and AI Beautification, the smartphone continues to fit into my lifestyle with ease as I commute between photoshoots, drama sets and events. It has definitely become my new best friend.”

Level Up Your Photography Skills
The HUAWEI Nova 4 is equipped with the industry’s smallest 25MP under-display front camera, measuring 3.05mm in diameter, as well as a Triple AI Camera on the rear, featuring a high resolution 20MP primary camera, a 16MP ultra wide angle camera and a 2MP bokeh lens.

Following the HUAWEI P20 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 20 Series, the HUAWEI Nova 4 is HUAWEI’s first Nova product to feature a Triple AI Camera and ultra wide angle lens. This smartphone features a triple-camera module consisting of a 20MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera, complemented with a 16MP camera augmented with ultra wide angle lens. The primary lens captures images with a high-end sensor whose pixel size is 1.0µm with better performance to capture the light. It also supports hardware-level background bokeh effect to highlight the subject, benefitted by the 2MP lens.

Equipped with an ultra wide angle lens, the 16MP camera supports a 117-degree field of view. After adjusting for distortion, its performance is equivalent to a 103-degree 17mm wide angle lens, capturing 2.4 times more information compared to 78-degree wide angle lens. Together, the 20MP high resolution camera and 16MP ultra wide angle lens makes the HUAWEI Nova 4 the perfect device for capturing endless plains or sprawling metropolis that stretch towards the horizon.


The Future of Displays: Punch FullView Display
Since the unveiling of the very first HUAWEI Nova Series, HUAWEI has never stopped in its pursuit of beauty. The HUAWEI Nova 4 sports a new generation 6.4-inch Punch FullView display – the first ever to be sold in Malaysia. A culmination of years of experience in premium design, craftsmanship and high technology, the Punch FullView display takes bezel-less displays to new heights with a minimalist blind hole opening for the 25MP camera. This design allows HUAWEI to eliminate the notch and achieve a screen-to-TP ratio of 91.8 percent, which makes for a truly natural and stunning viewing experience.

The 25MP front camera under the Punch FullView display is the industry’s smallest camera, measuring at only 3.05mm – 20 percent smaller than the current industry standard. The opening on the display is a blind hole, meaning the screen is not completely punched through. From assembly (sub-0.1mm margin of error) to adhesive application, the precise manufacturing processes minimise the light leakage from the edges of the blind hole. Additionally, HUAWEI optimised the light transmittance performance of the blind hole so it is on par to a through hole.

Artificial Intelligence Bolsters Video Editing and Gaming Support
The new HUAWEI Nova 4 fully utilises the hardware processing power and AI computation capacity of Kirin 970’s NPU to deliver a powerful and smart video editing experience. After taking a video with the HUAWEI Nova 4, users can activate the automatic footage analysis with one tap. This innovative feature leverages the smart aesthetics scoring engine. Trained with 60,000 basic models as well as one million facial models generated through facial recognition, the feature can automatically process
and edit footage.

Apart from that, the HUAWEI  Nova 4 also supports a new generation of GPU Turbo. This technology greatly enhances the graphics processing efficiency of smartphones by optimising the clock speed and power consumption of the chipset, allowing the HUAWEI Nova 4 to deliver an accelerated, top framerate experience even when running premium mobile games.

Furthermore, the GPU Turbo will serve as the foundation augmenting the core features of HUAWEI devices. It not only allows EMUI and application-layer graphics to run smoother, and supports nascent technologies such as AR and VR – it also endows the HUAWEI Nova 4 with limitless potential.

Pricing and Availability
Made for the youth, the HUAWEI Nova 4 is equipped with 128GB ROM and over-a-day 3,750mAh battery life. It is available in two fashionable colorways in Malaysia:

  • Crush Blue evokes a sense of mystery with a tinge of romance
  • Black exudes understated class.

Made available in Malaysia starting on 14th February 2019, the HUAWEI Nova 4 is retailing at a price of RM1,899.00 and can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, display zones, authorised dealers and major telco companies.

Nova Academy
Also present at the launch event was Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of Primeworks Studios, who announced a collaboration between HUAWEI, Primeworks Studios, and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on the Nova Academy. “Malaysia has an abundance of hidden gems and talented people especially in the entertainment industry, however, we don’t always get to tap onto their full potential.

The Nova Academy is an initiative to provide the right platform for our talents to get the education and in-depth training they need through a mentorship programme. I look forward to this exciting collaboration,” he said.

For more information, please visit:

Siti Khadijah dan

“Lambang Cinta Abadi”

Siti Khadijah, peneraju telekung berinovasi di Malaysia, kini mengorak selangkah lagi apabila tahun 2019 merupakan ulangtahun ke-10 penubuhannya. Bersempena dengan itu, pelbagai program dan aktiviti bakal diperkenalkan oleh #TeamSK bagi menghargai para penggemar telekung Siti Khadijah, yang bergelar #FamilySK. Bagi tahun 2019, tema yang dipilih oleh #TeamSK ialah “Kesetiaan”, sejajar dengan  sokongan daripada #FamilySK sejak tahun 2019. merupakan laman sesawang mini pertama yang julung kali dilancarkan oleh #TeamSK, istimewa bersempena  ulangtahun Siti Khadijah. Ianya telah dilancarkan pada 4 Januari 2019. merangkumi segala aktiviti dan informasi berkaitan Siti Khadijah yag telah pun meluaskan empayar perniagaan sekama 10 tahun. Segala cerita dalam membangunkan produk Siti Khadijah dan penat lelah yang dilalui akan dipaparkan di kepada masyarakat.


Laman sesawang mini ini juga akan menerapkan cerita di sebalik penghasilan telekung Siti Khadijah secara teknikal yang juga tidak pernah dikongsikan kepada #FamilySK sebelum ini. Ia juga akan membawa kepada perkongsian tentang insan yang bekerja keras di sebalik penubuhan perniagaan Siti Khadijah. Bermula Januari 2019, selama empat (4) bulan, #TeamSK akan mengemaskini segala aktiviti/event Siti Khadijah di laman sesawang mini ini. Bertepatan dengan ulangtahun ke-10 Siti Khadijah, laman sesawang mini ini juga ingin mengupas tentang penglibatan Siti Khadijah yang telah menyumbang kepada ekonomi negara dan masyarakat melalui Program Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat yang dijalankan sepanjang sepuluh (10) tahun Siti Khadijah.

Selain itu, Siti Khadijah juga melancarkan logo baru sempena ulangtahun ke-10 Siti Khadijah. Logo baru itu simbolik dengan perjalanan Siti Khadijah dari awal penubuhan Siti Khadijah sehingga kini.

Ikuti coretan perjalan Siti Khadijah yang bermula dari tahun 2009 hingga kini, pelbagai program korporat sosial yang dijalankan dan menerusi laman sesawang mini ini dapatlah peminat Siti Khadijah mengenali pengasas Siti Khadijah, Puan Hajah Padzilah Enda Sulaiman dengan lebih dekat hanya di laman sesawang mini

1000 telekung Siti Khadijah diberikan secara PERCUMA sepanjang tahun 2019

Sempena sambutan ulngtahun ke-10 #TeamSK juga akan menghadiahkan 1000 helai telekung secara percuma sepanjang tahun 2019. Ini adalah sebagai tanda pengharaan kepada semua #FamilySK yang sentiasa menyokong Siti Khadijah sepanjang sepuluh (10) tahun ini. Terima kasih kepada #FamilySK.

Menariknya, dalam meraikan ulangtahun ke-10 Siti Khadijah ini, #TeamSK juga mencari kelainan dengan menerbitkan sebuah drama bersiri Siti Khadijah yang mengandungi lima belas (15) episod. Setelah berjaya menarik perhatian orang ramai dengan Iklan Raya 2018 yang sangat menyentuh hati, drama bersiri Siti Khadijah iniakan dipertontonkan sekali lagi kepada semua rakyat Malaysia melalui siaran Youtube Siti Khadijah TV. Jalan cerita drama ini di inspirasikan daripada kisah benar yang dilensakan daripada 3 sudut yang berbeza yang berlaku di Siti Khadijah bermula dari tahun 2009 sehingga kini.

Sehubungan itu, #TeamSK ingin menjemput #FamilySK yang bertuah untuk menjadi VVIP di Malam Sedekad Siti Khadijah (MSSK) sempena ulangtahun ke-10 Siti Khadijah di Hotel Marriot, Putrajaya pada 5 April 2019. Bagi anda yang ingin menjadi VVIP pada MSSK, anda hanya perlu menonton drama bersiri Siti Khadijah dan memenangi tiket VVIP tersebut. Selain itu, kepada anda yang memenangi tiket tersebut juga akan mendapat telekung Siti Khadijah secara percuma.

Berikut adalah langkah mudah untuk memenangi tiket VVIP MSSK:

  1. Tonton drama bersiri Siti Khadijah di
  2. Dapatkan KATA KUNCI di setiap episod drama tersebut
  3. Hantarkan KATA KUNCI tersebut di, contoh jawapan: EPISOD 1 SLSedekadDah

*tertakluk pada terma & syarat.


Pertunjukan Fesyen & Malam Penghargaan di Majlis Malam Sedekad Siti Khadijah

Pada Malam Sedekad Siti Khadijah, akan berlangsungnya sebuah pertunjukan fesyen istimewa. Pelbagai koleksi produk Siti Khadijah yang terbaru akan diperagakan. Selain itu, #Team SK juga akan memperkenalkan Rekaan Bentuk Muka Terbaru bagi telekung Siti Khadijah pada malam tersebut. Malam yang julung kalinya diadakan juga adalah salah satu tanda penghargaan kepada semua pihak seperti rakan media & blogger, pembekal, vendor, kakitangan Siti Khadijah dan yang paling penting, meraikan para pelanggan tetap Siti Khadijah yang begitu setia dengan setiap produk keluaran Siti Khadijah sejak tahun 2009. Majlis ini juga dijadikan sebagai platform untuk merapatkan lagi hubungan ukhuwah antara satu sama lain.

Jualan Mega Sedekad Siti Khadijah

Bersempena dengan ulangtahun ini juga, Jualan Mega Sedekad akan diadakan pada 6 April 2019 bertempat di Dewan Ballroom 2, Hotel Marriot Putrajaya. Jualan ini hanya berlangsung selama satu (1) hari sahaja bermula jam 10 pagi hingga 10 malam. Jualan ini juga bakal menjual pelbagai produk baru dari Siti Khadijah serta pelbagai diskaun menanti anda.

KITKAT unveils the New 4th Chocolate in the World, RUBY Chocolate!!

“Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Now, RUBY Chocolate! The pink chocolate that is all natural and organic”

KITKAT fans and chocolate lovers can now indulge in all-new treat with the arrival of KITKAT RUBY in Malaysia, which was unveiled as the brand’s newest chocolate variant at the KITKAT Chocolatory in Mid Valley.

Featuring the iconic four-finger wafer bar, KITKAT Ruby is sure to stand out with the distinctive pink hue of its premium Ruby chocolate. As the world’s first new chocolate variant to be created in eighty (80) years following dark, milk and white chocolate, the Ruby chocolate was developed completely without flavouring, colouring additives or genetic modification. KITKAT was the first to use the Ruby chocolate sensation worldwide, which was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut from specially-selected Ruby cocoa beans found in a major cocoa-growing regions including the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.


Mr. Sachin Goel* said “They are thrilled to be bringing KITKAT Ruby to Malaysian shores! This marks the first country in Southeast Asia where KITKAT is introducing this incredible new chocolate sensation. The process involved in making Ruby chocolate is one-of-a-kind, unlocking the colour and flavour that are already naturally present in the Ruby cocoa bean. KITKAT has always epitomised the perfect break and with the Ruby chocolate’s naturally derived intense fruity flavour and lusciously smooth texture, our consumers are sure to enjoy the KITKAT Ruby.”

The launch of KITKAT Ruby took place at the opening of the new KITKAT Chocolatory Store in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. First opened to the consumers in 2016, the KITKAT Chocolatory offers consumers the chance to create their own customised KITKAT from over 10,000 different combinations of hand-made chocolate and toppings to personalised packaging designs. The new KITKAT Chocolatory Store now also features and open kitchen concept, where consumers are able to witness the creation process of their customised KITKAT products, or try their hand at creating their own KITKAT.

kitkat chocolatory

Chef Andy Van den Broeck, Senior Technical Advisor, Product Development of Barry Callebaut in Asia Pacific, was present at the launch. With his deep expertise in the chocolate-making process, the creative Belgian chef captivated the crowd with a fascinating demonstration of Ruby chocolate pralines with saffron-infused white chocolate ganache filling, showing the step-by-step process of tempering, shell moulding, filling, closing and de-moulding.

To the rest of you who wants to experience and be creative in creating your own customised KITKAT chocolate, do visit:

  • KITKAT Chocolatory Store, Lot F048, Level 1, Mid Valley Megamall or,

You can go online at:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • 11Street

To find out more about KITKAT and the Chocolatory, please click KITKAT and the Chocolatory

*Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Officer for Confectionery Business Unit (ASEAN Markets), Nestle Malaysia.

“Smaller Than Paper” New ASUS Zenbook 2019 Launched!

  • First-ever ZenBook models to use a four-sided frameless Nano Edge display,
    with ultra slim bezels and up to 95% screen-to-body ratio for near-borderless
  • New design is the most compact ever, giving the ZenBook series the world’s
    smallest footprint in their class
  • Exclusive new Number Pad dual-function touchpad boosts productivity, and a 3D
    IR camera allows fast face login even in low-light environments 
  • Superb performance with latest 8th Gen Intel Core CPUs, up to NVIDIA GeForce
    GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics, 16GB RAM, PCIE ® SSDs and gigabit-class Wi-Fi

ASUS today debuted an all-new ZenBook series, with the launch of ZenBook 13 (UX333), ZenBook 14 (UX433) and ZenBook 15 (UX533). This fully redesigned series of premium thin and light laptops introduces the stunning new frameless Nano Edge display, which features ultra slim bezels on all four sides and an unrivaled up to 95% screen-to-body ratio 1 for a near-borderless viewing experience. The Nano Edge display also allows a much more compact design, with the result that each of the new ZenBook models has the smallest footprint in its class 2 .

The 13-inch and 14-inch models also optionally include the exclusive new Number Pad, an innovative productivity enhancement that provides a full-size LED-illuminated numeric keypad built into the touchpad. All models feature a special 3D IR camera that allows fast face login using Windows Hello, even in low-light environments.


The combination of performance and mobility is a defining feature of the ZenBook series, and the new models feature a full complement of high-performance components including the latest 8th Generation Intel ® Core ™ i7 quad-core CPU, up to NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics, 16GB RAM, ultrafast PCIE ® SSDs and gigabit-class Wi-Fi.

All models are torture-tested to military-grade (MIL-STD-810G) reliability standards, with demanding tests that include environmental extremes of altitude, temperature and humidity, in addition to extensive drop, shock and vibration testing.

Ultraportable, redefined
The new ZenBook series ushers in a fresh era of ultra-compact, ultralight laptops that boast the smallest footprints in their class, a feat made possible by the new frameless Nano Edge design. The stunning frameless Nano Edge displays now feature ultra slim bezels on all four sides, creating an unrivaled 92% screen-to-body ratio that maximizes the screen area in the minimum physical space.

Complementing the groundbreaking new design, the traditional ZenBook style and elegance is apparent at a glance: all models feature the iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish on the lid, and there’s a choice of prestigious Royal Blue or sophisticated Icicle Silver anodized finishes, both newly enhanced with a contrasting Rose Gold trim bar above the keyboard for an extra touch of luxury.


No-compromise productivity
For the ultimate on-the-go productivity, ZenBook 13 and 14 are equipped with the exclusive new ASUS Number Pad. Number Pad solves the age-old problem of the lack of a dedicated numeric keypad on compact laptops. Tapping the Number Pad icon at the top right corner of the touchpad reveals a full-size LED-illuminated numeric keypad, allowing rapid and intuitive data entry or calculations. ZenBook 15 features a traditional physical numeric keypad.

All models feature an advanced 3D infrared (IR) camera, with see-in-the-dark capabilities to ensure fast, reliable hands-free face login with Windows Hello — even in dimly-lit environments. Unlike some rivals with awkwardly placed cameras, on ZenBook the camera is located on the slim top bezel of the Nano Edge display — yet another thoughtful design detail.

Advanced voice-recognition capabilities on the new ZenBook series means users can be entertained, informed, and organized simply by speaking to Alexa or Cortana. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that helps users with tasks, entertainment, general information, and more. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question. Just ask to play music, read the news, control a smart home, tell a joke, and more — Alexa will respond instantly.

When working on the go, it’s vital to be able to connect with anything and everything. The new ZenBook series features the revolutionary USB Type-C ™ (USB-C ™ ) port for any-way-up connections and superfast USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gbps 3 ) data transfers, and there’s also a range of other USB ports, including USB Type-A (up to 5Gbps or 10Gbps) and/or USB 2.0 4 . All models also include an HDMI port and a microSD or SD card reader, so it’s easy to connect to all your current and future peripherals.

With any ZenBook, comfort is one of the top design priorities. The new ZenBook series goes the extra mile with the exclusive ErgoLift hinge, an engineering masterpiece designed to automatically tilt the keyboard to the most comfortable typing position. But that’s not all: the carefully calculated tilt improves cooling and audio performance, too.


Unbounded performance
The new ZenBook series is built to deliver unbounded on-the-go performance, featuring up to the latest 8th Generation Intel ® Core ™ i7 processor and a range of fast graphics options, including up to NVIDIA ® GeForce MX150 discrete graphics on ZenBook 13 and 14. ZenBook 15 is equipped with high-performance NVIDIA GeForce ® GTX 1050 Max-Q GPU.

All models are equipped with PCIe ® SSDs and up to 16GB of RAM, making ZenBook ideal for creating complex documents, mining data, retouching photos, editing videos, or simply taking a gaming break. The new ZenBook series lets users do more, and do it quicker.

Mobile professionals need to stay connected — at the fastest speed possible. All new ZenBook models feature gigabit-class Wi-Fi and ASUS Wi-Fi Master technology, for ultrafast downloads and smooth streaming with greater range and more stable network connections than ever before 5 . Additionally, the latest Bluetooth ® 5.0 lets users access all the benefits of the latest low-power peripherals and accessories.

Designed for non-stop, on-the-go lifestyles, the new ZenBook series gives users the freedom to work all day on a single battery charge — up to an impressive 14 hours for ZenBook 13, 13 hours for Zenbook 14 , and an incredible 17 hours for ZenBook 15.

Ultra-tough: Military-grade durability
The new ZenBook series meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard for reliability and durability, undergoing a punishing test regime that includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. The series has also passed ASUS internal laptop tests that far exceed the standards set by the industry. ZenBook is the ultratough ultraportable, the perfect choice for discerning on-the-go professionals.

Zenbook 13/14/15 Product Video

Mercedes-Benz Performance & Achievement 2018

  • Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) remains the No.1 luxury lifestyle brand, invigorating fans with innovative mobility solutions, exciting products and engaging experiences.
  • Over MYR 1 billion invested in Malaysia since 2003, Mercedes-Benz brand reaffirms commitment to the Malaysian market and customers to deliver the Best Products and Best Customer Experiences.
  • Delivering all-time high performance in history with 13,079 vehicles delivered to customers, capturing a market share of 2.4% and unmatched customer services with 148,800 vehicles serviced.
  • Seamless end-to-end experience elevated with Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia financing four out of every 10 vehicles, contributing to a total financing portfolio of MYR 2.7 billion.

2018 is the fifth consecutive record year for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM). The distinctive three-pointed star shined brightly in 2018 with an extraordinary performance of 13,079 vehicles sold, translating into a 9% overall growth. Capturing a 2.4 per cent market share*, the achievement cements Mercedes-Benz as the undisputed luxury lifestyle brand in Malaysia and the global arena.

MBM President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner said: “2018 was another successful year in the 15 year-long extraordinary journey for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and the Mercedes-Benz brand. Our efforts to invigorate the brand experience for our increasingly diverse fans have been fruitful and we are happy to retain our position as the number one luxury lifestyle brand. Our great combination of Best Products, Best Service and Best Customer Experience continues to drive the brand “success and we assure our customers and fans that this will continue to be our focus.”

photo 1

He added, “Offering a seamless customer experience to our valued customers is a core value that we uphold and we believe this is important to ensure sustainability of the business. The mantra has always been about “Putting the customer at the centre of our activities.”

Commenting on the 2018 performance, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MBM, Mark Raine said, “We are extremely proud of our history-making performance for 2018. We delivered 13,079 Mercedes-Benz Cars to customers, further cementing our position as the leading premium brand in Malaysia. Our fresh-faced product portfolio with the locally assembled Mercedes-AMG C 43 and GLC 43, and all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class has succeeded in keeping our fans excited about the brand. Furthermore, we gave the market a taste of the future with the EQ Concept this year. We intend to keep the momentum going with more exciting events and products in 2019.”

In 2018, MBM’s performance was spearheaded by the locally produced limousines, which recorded 7,910 units sold. Following closely were the Mercedes-Benz SUVs with 2,613 units sold, particularly by the locally produced Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 and GLC 250. The German marque expects continued positive demand for this segment. The Mercedes-Benz compact cars recorded a total of 1,875 units sold, while the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars, recorded a total of 662 units sold, a 77% growth for the three-pointed star’s brand shapers.

The 20 vehicle launches spread throughout 2018 sustained the healthy momentum of demand for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The key launches included the locally- assembled Mercedes-AMG C 43 and GLC 43, Mercedes-AMG E 53 Sedan and Mercedes-AMG E  53 Coupé, its New Dream Cars Collection, the New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Family, and the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class and new generation C-Class. Additionally, MBM showcased the brand’s innovative edge with the EQ Concept premiere in Kuala Lumpur – a first in Southeast Asia. The milestone has positioned Mercedes-Benz as a reinventer of the automotive industry with the EQ brand, pioneering the direction and setting the stage for future mobility.

Going hand-in-hand with its Best Products, MBM spearheaded engaging activities to match a diverse fan base aligned to its overall Best Customer Experience commitment. MBM engaged with fans through events like Urban Hunting x ULTRA Singapore 2018, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur, the Mercedes Trophy and introduction of the AMG Owners Club Malaysia (AOCM) which are aimed at elevating the AMG experience with exclusive access to all things AMG for owners. Complementing the seamless ownership experience, Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) recorded a steady growth in line with the three-pointed star’s progress. For the year, MBSM financed four out of every 10 Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold and has a solid servicing portfolio of MYR 2.7 billion**

MBSM’s commitment to innovative peace-of-mind financing and insurance solutions was further embodied with the introduction of new products like AgilityPlus and Lease2Go. MBM’s emphasis on upholding Best Customer Experience at every touchpoint translated into the highest Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) After-sales score in history. The achievement has demonstrated the brand’s excellence in managing the high volume of Mercedes-Benz vehicles by maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. The passion and expertise behind the Best Customer Experience brand promise was showcased once again in this year’s Mercedes-Benz SEA II Skills Competition. 2018 marked the competition’s 10th anniversary and first year opening its doors to the South East Asia II (SEAII) region. A total of 613 Customer Services Professionals and Advanced Modern Apprenticeship finalists competed for the title of best technician, service advisor and process specialist within the Mercedes-Benz network.

The celebrated technicians and customer services personnel make up the backbone of MBM’s 35 dedicated dealerships nationwide. In tandem with its growing fan base, MBM launched five new touchpoints last year including the NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus, Hap Seng Star Setia Alam Autohaus and Asbenz Stern Kuantan Autohaus among others. Trained with a view of keeping customers at the centre, every touch point is key in delivering the Best Products and Best Customer Service throughout the entire customer journey. To date, Mercedes-Benz has the largest premium dealer network in the country.

Recognising the dedication, passion and hard work of its dealer partners, MBM held the inaugural Dealer of the Year awards in March 2018. The award is poised to be an annual event aimed at rewarding dealerships for operational excellence and commitment to delivering the Best Customer Experience.

photo 2

Another exciting offering introduced in the network for 2018 was the Mercedes-Benz Certified pre-owned vehicle programme. The programme represents the highest quality in used cars from Mercedes-Benz worldwide, previously known as Proven Exclusivity. Mercedes-Benz as a brand has invested over MYR 1 billion in the Malaysian market since 2003 and MBM’s production plant in Pekan, Pahang demonstrates its long-term position and consistent commitment to the Malaysian economy. In FY2018, the production plant produced 9,854 vehicles, including the newest addition being the Mercedes-Benz S 450 L and the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC Facelift.

MBM’s long-term commitment is also demonstrated through the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy built to develop the skills of Malaysia’s youth and create meaningful job opportunities in the automotive industry. 2018 saw an additional 26 apprentices graduated bringing the total to 853 globally certified local apprentices who have passed through its doors since the establishment of the training programme. On its outlook for the year ahead, Dr Weidner said, “2019 will be another exciting year for Mercedes-Benz with refreshing innovations and new benchmarks to elevate the customer experience. We are excited to share these updates in due time.” Earlier today, Daimler AG announced that on a global level Mercedes-Benz sold approximately 2.3 million cars worldwide in 2018, increasing its unit sales by 0.9 per cent, making 2018 the most successful year in terms of sales in the company’s history. The new sales record in the car division of Daimler AG was driven in particular by the success of Mercedes-Benz in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific was identified as the region with the strongest growth in 2018, delivering 943,473 (+7.8%) Mercedes-Benz cars to customers in 2018. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia was one of the few markets in the Asia Pacific region to have delivered more passenger cars than ever before in a single year.

*As of YTD November 2018 **The numbers for 2018 are unaudited and subject to change.

Filem lakonan Superstar Rajinikanth kini di pawagam berdekatan anda!

“Rajinikanth, sebut sahaja nama beliau, terbayang-bayang aksi mengusap jambul yang telah menjadi ‘trademark’ bintang terkenal ini”

Pada 10 Januari 2019 yang lalu, filem lakonan pelakon lagenda terkenal filem tamil, Rajinikanth, telah pun ditayangkan buat pertama kalinya di Malaysia. Syarikat Malik Streams Sdn Bhd, adalah syarikat yang dipertanggung jawabkan untuk mendistribusi filem ini, bukan sahaja di Malaysia, malah diseluruh dunia.


Menurut ulasan dari pada peminat-peminat setia pelakon lagenda ini, filem ini adalah antara filem yang menarik yang dibintangi beliau. Ternyata superstar Rajinikanth masih berbisa apabila setiap lenggok tubuh dan ekspressi muka serta emosi yang ditonjolkan dalam setiap babak, masih mampu memukau peminat-peminat beliau. Bahkan, ramai yang memuji kehebatan beliau apabila beraksi didalam filem tersebut. Mereka juga mengatakan bahawa bintang kesayangan mereka ini beraksi seolah beliau di zaman muda walaupun ketika ini, beliau telah pun mencecah usia 69 tahun.


Tayangan khas filem Petta ini yang diadakan di GSC Mytown Cheras ini telah dihadiri oleh Pengarah Syarikat Malik Streams Sdn Bhd sendiri, iaitu Datuk Abdul Malik dan diserikan lagi dengan kehadiran selebriti-selebriti tanah air, seperti Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Norman Hakim, Syamel, Jasmin Hamid, Zizi Kirana serta ramai lagi. Turut menghadiri, penyanyi OST bagi filem ini di Malaysia iaitu Azwan & Muadz. OST yang dinyanyikan mereka adalah lagu berjudul Ullaala. Tidak lupa juga, tanyangan khas ini turut dihadiri para peminat setia bintang lagenda Rajinikanth dan juga para media.

Kepada peminat-peminat pelakon lagenda terkenal Rajinikanth, ini adalah waktu yang terbaik sekali untuk keluar dan tonton filem ini. Sebuah filem yang penuh dengan aksi lasak yang pelbagai serta memukau.

whatsapp image 2019-01-14 at 17.21.16

Celebrate Your Prosperous Reunion Dinner at Sunway Putra Hotel

Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur brings another exciting food promotion in conjunction to celebrate the Chinese New Year festive season. Amazing buffet serve at Coffee House are specially created by Executive Chef Rossham Rosli. There will be varieties of food prepared specially for the festival. More than ten (10) menus are prepared for Appetizer, Soup & Salad, Main Course & Dessert.


Here are some of the menus for the Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner.


  • Chicken BBQ on Platter
  • Seafood on Ice (Oysters, Green Mussels served with Lemon Wedges and Tabasco)
  • Mini Octopus Salad
  • Hot and Sour Szechuan with Crabmeat Soup
  • Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng
  • etc …

Main Course

  • Seafood BBQ (Tiger Prawns, Squid Head and Small Herring Fish with Green Chilli Dipping, Red Chilli Dipping, hai Sauce and Sriracha Sauce)
  • Assorted Maki Sushi (Cucumber, Tuna, Tamago)
  • Pan-Seared Chicken with Mushroom Ragout Sauce
  • Chinese Black Pepper Beef
  • Stir-Fried Hong Kong Nai Pak with Garlic
  • etc …


  • Green Tea Red Bean Chocolate Cake
  • Mango and Sago Creme Brulee
  • Red Dragon Fruits Layer Cake
  • Coconut Lemon Velvet
  • Ginger Chocolate Cheese Cake
  • etc …


Here are details for the Dinner Buffet at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur;

  • Venue: Coffee House, Level 9.
  • Date: 4th and 5th February 2019, 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Price: MYR 118 nett per adult, MYR 68 nett for children aged 7-12 years old. Children aged 6 years old and below eat for free.


Any inquiries and reservations, please contact:

  • +603 4040 9888
  • email:

Bring Home Your Love this Chinese New Year with Julie’s Love Letters

The Lunar New Year is the most important celebration for the Chinese community. After a year of hard work, it is the perfect time to unwind and reunite with their loved ones and enjoy a sumptuous meal together.

To usher in Chinese New Year, every household will be busy doing the Chinese New Year shopping. Julie’s Love Letters are not only a taste of beautiful memories for most Malaysians, but the most appropriate gift you can get for your relatives and friends. From Jan 11 to Feb 3, 2019, Julie’s will be doing its annual promotional roadshows to spread joy and love around Malaysia.

This year is the fifth year of Julie’s “What’s Your Love Letter” campaign. This event has received overwhelming responses over the years and this year Julie’s is continuing their tradition of encouraging people to share their love through words. Instead of leaving a note only to your loved ones, you may send your message together with your purchase receipts through mail or drop them in the Julie’s promotional booth boxes to participate in the “What’s Your Love Letter” campaign contest that begins from Jan 8 to Feb 3, 2019. Fifteen (15) winners of the campaign will walk away with RM1,000 worth of reunion dinner vouchers to treat you and your family to a sumptuous meal this Chinese New Year.


Julie’s Love Letters is a must-have item in almost every household, it is not only a taste of beautiful memories, but also a taste of love. Some believe that every little love letter is rolled up with fortune and luck, that will bring happiness and prosperity to all. Julie’s Love Letters also is a product of quality and it comes in two (2) flavours; Chocolate & Strawberry. The chocolate flavoured ones are rolled up with rich melty chocolate, where every bite is filled with the chocolaty goodness that makes you crave for more. The strawberry flavoured ones are filled with the aroma of sweets strawberries that you cannot resist, just like the heavenly feeling of first love.

This year, Julie’s Love Letters have a little surprise for you. Buy any tin of 700gm Julie’s Love Letters and you will bring home one of the three beautifully-designed “Fudai” pouches. Collect all three (3) today, and bring all the blessings home.


Julie’s Love Letters have been in a household brands for more than 30 years. They are made with hi-tech processes and emphasise on hygiene and nutrition. All ingredients used are natural without additives, free from trans-fat, compliant with the ISO and HACCP standards and manufactured under stringent quality control.


BATA welcomes New Year with New Range of Shoes

Celebrate More This New Year with Bata!

To celebrate this upcoming season of blooming fortune amidst heartwarming family reunions, Bata Malaysia is pleased to present its exquisite collection of festive footwear and accessories for the entire family.

Delicate Contemporary – Ladies’ Collection
This year, Bata’s Ladies’ Collection draws its inspiration from delicate femininity and traditional detailing and includes contemporary touches throughout its collection. For those keen on sporting an elusive oriental vibe this season, there is the array of matching floral motif slip-ons and handbags to pick from.

Those who wish to channel a casual but trendy vibe, can opt to take their pick from the extensive range of sneakers that will elevate even the most traditional styles for the New Year. There is also the variety of trendy Marie Claire and Prive handbags to choose from that are bound to complement your festive get-ups.
Subtle But Stylish – Men’s’ Collection
As for the men, Bata opted for a more subtle but timeless design across the range. Featuring neutral shades from tan, caramel and jet-black, these shoes are an easy match to almost all your festive wears – even for the most scarlet outfit.


Aside that, those looking to exhibit some edgy minimalism this Chinese New Year will be happy to don the perforated loafers with dense contrast stitching. Easy to slip on and boasting extreme comfort, this pair will be ideal for those geared up for festive visitations.
Festive Flavour for Little Ones
There are also a variety of options for the little ones this Chinese New Year at Bata. Featuring strong festive hues, your kids will be able to look and feel comfortably stylish this season!

The More The Better with Bata

In a bid to take the festive cheer a notch higher, Bata is giving away an alluring Marie Claire Charm Bracelet + RM28 voucher with a minimum spending of RM168 in a single receipt. There are four designs to choose from – collect them all! Meanwhile, those that spend RM98 will be entitled to a RM28 voucher. This promotion is valid till 6 February 2019, while stocks last.

Visit Bata stores today to discover a Chinese New Year flair that suits family festivities, friendly gatherings and even the elevated everyday OOTD look and be ready to usher in the New Year in style!

For more information about the Bata Collection, or to stay updated on news and promotions from Bata; 

  • follow Bata Malaysia on Facebook (Bata Home)
  • Instagram @batamalaysia

A Blossom Chinese New Year at Avenue K

Immerse yourself in the royal grandeur of a floral paradise as Avenue K transform its Atrium into a spectacular imperial palace blooming with wealth and prosperity to usher in the Chinese New Year from 7th January to 19th February 2019.


pic 1In line with the theme, ‘Imperial Blossoms‘, the mall’s Atrium resembles a blossoming floral market place set in the magnificence of an imperial palace. The booths at the floral market place are crowned by stunningly elegant peonies while majestic bright red lanterns festooned with peony flowers cascade from the ceiling, creating a waterfall of illuminating lights. Step into a world of palatial splendour as you climb the regal steps, leading to a Chinese imperial palace. Discover a traditional study room covered in oriental paintings and decorated with Chinese artefacts and ornamental works of art to represent the glorious period of the emperor’s reign.

pic 4

Kick-start the Chinese New Year celebration to shop for festive essentials at the market place. From mouth-watering cookies to trendy apparel, fashion accessories, and tableware; add a touch of festivity to your New Year celebrations with galore of goodies.

pic 7

Delight your senses with a host of interesting cultural activities and artistic performances lined up to entertain both young and old. Treat your little ones to a series of fun Chinese New Year -themed workshops such as Chinese Rattle Drum Making and Water Art Painting, and indulge in family-friendly events including Classical Folk Dance and Fusion Instrumental Musical. Don’t miss out our signature ceremony where mandarin oranges are rolled out to welcome wealth and money is released from the mouth of Lion Dance performers to usher in good fortune, happiness and longevity on 12 February.

Shopping has never been this fruitful as Avenue K reward you with prospers rewards. Start the auspicious year by redeeming a set of exclusive Avenue K Ang Pow packets for FREE with every purchase of RM288 (RM200 for AK Neighbours or HSBC Debit/ Credit Card holders) and above in a maximum of two (2) combined receipts.

Try your lucky streak this Chinese New Year with our Prosperity Wheel of Fortune with amazing prizes worth over RM60,000 in total to be won. When you spend a minimum of RM488 and above (RM388 for AK Neighbours or HSBC Debit/ Credit Card holders) in a maximum of two (2) combined receipts. You will stand a chance to walk away with a 4D/ 3N staycation at Club Med’s Cherating, Bali, Phuket, Kani Maldives resorts for two (2), or a Dinner in the Sky and many more.

On top of that, Avenue K is having a Facebook Contest called “Spot the Missing Zodiac” contest! As a reward, five (5) winners will walk away with Avenue K Cash Voucher worth RM100 each. Visit Avenue K‘s Facebook page to find out how you can be one of the five (5) lucky winners.

That’s not all!

Be the first lucky 1,000 riders to enjoy RM10 off of two (2) Grab rides when you travel to and from Avenue K. Just type in the code to grab your discount.

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of the mall, for this festivity, Avenue K have invited 20 old folks from the ‘Rumah Orang Tua Ampang’ for a day of shopping and performance treat featuring our very own Malaysian Teresa Teng, who brought back fond memories for the old folks who were taken back in time with a rendition of classic Chinese songs. The old folks who were also treated with an Ang Pow giveaway by the Deputy General Manager of Avenue K, Ms. Phang Sze Sze and a delicious dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on the same period as Chinese New Year this year, the mall is concurrently running a Valentine’s Day giveaway when you spend RM120 in a single receipt on 14th February for the first 50 shoppers to redeem two (2) beautifully decorated cupcakes from Bisou Cupcakes.

With an abundance of Chinese New Year activities, cultural experience and prizes to be won, Avenue K will be your choice mall to revel in the festive celebration. Avenue K wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year!

BOOST Makes Shopping at Watsons More Fun

It is also rewarding as customers that shopping at Watsons will earn 8X Watsons loyalty points on top of Boost’s signature Shake cashback reward


Homegrown e-wallet, Boost, announced that users can enjoy a cashless shopping experience at Watsons, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, in more than 450 outlets across Malaysia.


This long-awaited collaboration is aimed at contributing towards Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming a cashless society while offering convenience at its best.

“Boost has seen over five times (5X) growth in users since a year ago. The adoption rate is very encouraging and today we have over 3.5 million users in Malaysia who have chosen to go cashless with our e-wallet. At the same time, we also continue to partner other strong brands like Watsons to bring more convenience and a richer customer experience for users who are increasingly embracing a digital lifestyle. Today, we have over 60,000 online and offline merchant touchpoints nationwide where customers can use their Boost e-wallets.” said Mohd Khairil Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Boost.

“Watsons is extremely excited to be partnering up with Boost to provide our customers with the ease of walking into any of our Watsons outlets without having to worry about having physical cash when paying,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

She added,

“Being the largest health care and beauty care chain store in Asia, we constantly aim to lead a step ahead in digital innovation and technology in order to enhance customer experience at Watsons both in-store and online.”


Alongside officiating this partnership, Boost and Watsons also jointly announced huge loyalty point rewards for customers during the upcoming Chinese New Year period. From 15 January until 4 March, customers who shop with Boost at Watsons stores will earn extra 8x Watsons points.

Boost is a lifestyle application that offers its users various services, from buying prepaid top ups and digital vouchers that can also be gifted, to free cash transfers and also a unique split-bills feature that allows users to “Go Dutch”.

In addition, Boost users get to pay their utility bills and street parking within Kuala Lumpur and that’s not all – users are also able to get rewards with instant cashback via Boost’s signature “Shake” reward feature.

Boost has also successfully established a strong presence in Malaysia at the locals’ favourite hot spots such as pasar malams, food trucks, major F&B outlets, cinemas and even online shopping platforms.

Faris Zikri Yusof Driving Home A Brand New Car at KRR OMG Fiesta Giveaway

2019 got off to a thrilling start for 19 Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) guests who were invited to the OMG Fiesta giveaway for a final showdown.

krr - omg fiesta finale - image a

The event saw Lee Siew Fei, General Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn. Bhd., Andy How, Director of Operations and Restaurant Development of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn. Bhd., Ellina Roslan, Senior Manager of Marketing PROTON Edar Sdn. Bhd. and Sahzali Tokiman, Senior Executive of Marketing PROTON Edar Sdn. Bhd. witnessing Faris Zikri Yusof winning the challenge and driving home in a brand-new Proton Persona 1.6 Premium CVT.

krr - omg fiesta finale - image b

Before crowning the grand prize winner, finalists had to go through a series of thrilling final challenges that left them on the edge of their seats! The remaining 18 finalists also each walked home with a preloaded KRR Card credit worth RM200.

Lee Siew Fei, General Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn. Bhd. commented,

“Having established our presence in Malaysia more than 20 years ago, KRR has received numerous awards and accolades, all thanks to the continuous support of our guests. We see the opportunity to reward our guests through the OMG Fiesta campaign in conjunction with the biggest celebration of Malaysians and are extremely excited to announce the winners today.

At KRR, we always believe that food made with love brings people together; and partnering with PROTON is a meaningful way for KRR to make that possible whereby people come together. With that, we would like to appreciate PROTON for their support in sponsoring the Proton Persona. PROTON shows strong effort into quality and service improvements to ensure the reliability of Proton products in providing the best ownership experience to customers.”

“It was truly an honour for Proton to be a part of this campaign that aims to celebrate all things Malaysian. We hope the winner will go on an adventure with their new Proton and we look forward to continue working together well, and towards strong alliance that will benefit both parties and our customers”, said Cheng Seng Fook, Director of Marketing of PROTON.

In conjunction with the New Year, KRR is also having their healthy annual tradition, ROASTERS Eating Day campaign which will run from 9 to 11 January 2019 at all KRR restaurants nationwide! The campaign is KRR’s initiative to encourage the general public to start the year right by adopting an active lifestyle and also have wholesome meals.

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly :



Let’s begin 2019  with ageless skin and radiant!

olay x watsons_1

Watsons Malaysia starts New Year with launching its first most exclusive skincare:  Olay’s premium Magnemask collection and ‘light-as-air’ Whips Moisturizer.

olay x watsons_7

“We are delighted to partner with an established brand such as Olay, which has globalised the beauty market known for its science in producing skin care that works. We hope our customers will be excited to try the new infusion of Olay Magnemask collection and also feel the instant absorption of Olay Whips if they are looking to preserve their youth and beauty,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

Media, social media influencers and beauty bloggers had the opportunity to test the latest skin care range during the event. Themed “Science and Beauty”, the event was elegantly designed with product experiential session, customised experience with make-over station and enriched visual photo wall.

Present at the event were Rishab Mukherjee, Olay Commercial Director, Nabila Binte Zahur, Olay Consumer Marketing and David Khoo, Olay Principal Scientist, alongside Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia and Thoren Tan, Trading Director of Watsons Malaysia.

With normal pricing of RM139.00 for Olay Magnemask collection and RM109.00 for Olay Whips, Watsons members can now enjoy less than 10% discounts in all Watsons stores nationwide. Promotion is until 20 February 2019.

To find out more about Olay latest skin care range:

visit or visit any Watsons store nationwide.

HONOR 10 LITE, The First Ever Dewdrop Design

Yes, it is officially in Malaysia NOW!

HONOR’s latest device that comes with the brand’s first ever dewdrop design and a 24MP AI-front camera.


Priced accessibly at RM749, those interested can purchase the new HONOR 10 Lite in Sky Blue and Midnight Black colors exclusively on HONOR Malaysia’s official Lazada store and starting 10AM on the 9th of January.


Fans can also look forward to the 3+64GB higher spec models which comes in Shiny Red and Sapphire Blue. Priced at RM799, these two models will be made available in Malaysia at a later date.


Additionally, HONOR’s latest Band 4 series was also introduced at the launch event. The HONOR Band 4 is priced at RM149, while the HONOR Band 4 Running costs RM79 – both of which will be on sale on the same day and time on Those who are keen to purchase are urged to act quickly as the HONOR Band 4 series come in limited quantities.

Zhao Zhiwei, Head of HONOR Malaysia, said,

“To welcome a brand new year, we are proud to introduce a new stylish model to Malaysian shores. We want to usher in the year on a positive note and we hope that this is a good indication of more to come from us to our Malaysian fans this year.”

HONOR’s ‘Lite’ series is in its own trendsetting league. Equipped with one of the most stylish and unique gradient-colored back designs ever produced, this fashionable series is a product of the latest trend and state-of-the-art smartphone technology, a truly perfect device made for Malaysians.”

Keeping you #24HrInStyle

Following our devotion towards selfie photography in the HONOR 9 Lite and HONOR 10, the HONOR 10 Lite pushes the boundaries of taking selfies even further.

  • HONOR 10 Lite’s AI technology levels up the selfie game with eight real-time scenario recognition. The AI-powered algorithm identifies different scene types instantly, allowing the camera to enhance your facial features and the background by modifying the exposure time. Supported by 3D facial recognition and AI beauty functions, the device can customize beauty effects based on your age, gender and skin tone, only exposing the best and most beautiful version of you in every shot.
  • Like its predecessors, its 4-in-1 light fusion technology allows the HONOR 10 Lite to capture more light in low-lit conditions. The 3D portrait lighting offers five different lighting effects, making every shot a cover shot.
  • The HONOR 10 Lite comes with a chipset that might sound familiar to everyone – the Kirin 710, which is a 64-bit octa-core mid-range performance mobile chipset. Its rear design is made from eight layers of shimmering material for a dazzling visual effect. The vibrant gradient color choices include the newly introduced Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Shiny Red and classic Midnight Black inspired by the light and color of the sky at different times of the day
  • Furthermore, the HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with the latest GPU Turbo 2.0 update and EMUI 9.0 operating system to further boost its graphic-processing capabilities within a 2340 x 1080p FHD display screen. These features allow the HONOR 10 Lite to perform better and enhances productivity, while being powered by a 3400mAh battery for long-lasting device usage.

HONOR’s First Dewdrop

Influenced by the latest trend, the HONOR 10 Lite is the first HONOR device to spot a dewdrop design which allows for a larger screen-to-body ratio at 90% and a 19.5:9 bezel-less display.

Personalize Every Running Experience

Also launched along with the HONOR 10 Lite are the HONOR Band 4 and HONOR Band 4 Running.

The HONOR Band 4 is your trusted health companion which comes with a multisport function. It also recognize swim strokes, record swimming speed, distance, calories, and more! Featuring a full touch screen display made entirely of 2.5 D glass, the HONOR Band 4 watch face is sturdy and resistant to scratches. Explore a variety of workout types available to cater to your fitness needs such as outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, swimming and many others!

The HONOR Band 4 Running on the other hand, is designed to be versatile so you can switch between two different wearing modes instantly – use the wrist mode for a trendy look, or turn your running shoes into a smart workout companion; attach the band body to your shoe buckle to switch to Foot mode. Make running personal with the HONOR Band 4 running, built with the new six-axis sensor and an upgraded running posture monitoring algorithm which raises the accuracy of running distance measured to over 95%.

The HONOR Band 4 comes in Black while the Band 4 Running comes in Red and Green, with both sold exclusively on

Grab it while it’s Hot

The HONOR 10 Lite will start selling exclusively on HONOR Malaysia’s official flagship store on Lazada and

To further increase the excitement, HONOR is offering the HONOR 10 Lite at a crazy price of RM 699 for all purchases made on 9 January 2019 via HONOR Malaysia’s official flagship store on Lazada and

But wait, there’s more! Orders made only via HONOR Malaysia’s official flagship store on Lazada will be entitled to express delivery* and consumers who purchase the device before 1pm on 9 January will receive the device on the same day. Orders between 1.00pm – 11.59pm however, will receive packages the following day.

*Limited to the first 500 deliveries in Klang Valley only.

Don’t miss out! Stay tuned to HONOR Malaysia’s official flagship store on Lazada via or drop by for more exciting updates and deals that are coming with the HONOR 10 Lite.
Watch out for the massive line-up of HONOR 10 Lite’s first sales deals, tips & tricks to taking attractive selfies and more, courtesy of HONOR Malaysia, to give you the most holistic perfect 10 selfie experience.

For more information on the launch of the HONOR 10 Lite, HONOR Band 4 and Band 4 Running, or HONOR Malaysia, please visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at, or drop by their official Facebook page at for more exciting updates.


Superstar Lagenda Rajinikanth Bakal Kembali Dengan “Petta”

Nantikan 10hb ini!!


Kini tiba masanya melihat lakonan semula yang gempak oleh pelakon lagenda filem Tamil, Superstar Rajinikanth. Beliau akan kembali dengan filem terbaru “Petta” pada 10 Januari ini. Malik Streams Corporation merupakan syarikat distribusi filem bukan sahaja di Malaysia malah di seluruh dunia!


Syarikat Malik Streams Corpration Sdn Bhd, sebuah syarikat hartanah, produksi perfileman, perniagaan impot dan ekspot, pengurup wang dan banyak lagi, di bawah kepimpinan Ybhg Dato’ Abdul Malik Dasthigeer.

Selain itu, ia juga adalah syarikat produksi perfileman Hindi dan Tamil yang terbesar di Malaysia dan telah berjaya membawa masuk beberapa filem Hindi dan Tamil ke Malaysia.

Antaranya Dilwale, Thangamagan, Lingaa, Kanithan, Goal, Kabali, Singam 3 dan banyak lagi.yang berjaya menjadi ‘blockbuster film’. Daripada filem-filem yang dibawa, Kabali lakonan lagenda Rajinikanth berjaya mencecah kutipan paling tinggi iaitu 13 juta.

Superstar Rajinikanth telah berlakon dalam 160 filem dan filem “Petta” adalah filemnya yang ke 161. Filem “Petta” akan ditayangkan pada 10 Januari 2019 di seluruh dunia sempena sambutan perayaan Ponggal. Filem aksi berbahasa Tamil ini ditulis dan diarahkan oleh Kalanithi Maran (Sun Pictures) dan dibintangi pelakon seperti Vijay Sethupathi, Simran, Trisha, M. Sasikumar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bobby Simha, J. Mahendran dan Guru Somasundaram manakala lagu-lagu di dalam filem dikarang leh Anirudh Ravichander.

Dalam sejarah negara, Malik Streams menjadi syarikat Malaysia pertama yang memiliki hak distribusi antarabangsa di mana tayangan filem lebih di 22 negara antarabangsa yang mempunyai peminat Rajinikanth yang tinggi.

Selaku syarikat distribusi yang sah, Malik Streams Corporation bercadang dan merancang pelbagai promosi dan publisiti. Antaranya acara dan majlis promosi akan datang sempena dengan filem “Petta” adalah acara Guiness Book of Record Attempt Largest Movie Poster on a Scaffholding di Kuala Lumpur.

Dalam majlis perasmian filem itu yang diadakan di sebuah hotel di Kuala Lumpur, Malik Streams Corporation turut melancarkan lagu (cover song) bertajuk “Ulalala”. Menariknya cover song ini dinyanyikan oleh dua artis Melayu, Azwan dan Mu’adz. Sebelum ini mereka berdua pernah juga menyanyikan lagu tempatan Tamil bertajuk “Azhagu” yang mendapat sambutan menggalakkan daripada orang ramai.

“Ulalala” ditulis oleh Yuwaji yang juga Pengurus Projek untuk filem ini, Pelatih Penyanyi dan Penulis Skrip terkenal di Malaysia manakala Saran Z bertindak sebagai Direktor dan Sound Engineer.

Antara promosi dan publisiti yang diusahakan oleh Malik Streams Corporation adalah:

  • mengambil bahagian sebagai penaja pelumba, Darshan Rhaj dalam “Malaysian DRIFT Challenge 2018” di Speedway Plus Circuit Subang Jaya pada 29hb 7 30hb Disember 2018 serta melakukan “Car Wrapping” poster filem “Petta” atas kereta lumba
  • kenderaan seperti lori treler, kontena, kereta sport Lamborghini, Mustang, Audi R8, BW 5 Series, SUV, MPV yang dihiasi dengan poster filem “Petta” digunakan sebagai road shows untuk “Moving Advertisement”
  • Promosi filem “Petta” tertera di 10 LED Screen sekitar KL dan Johor
  • promosi dan publisiti iklan poster filem di bas RapidKL sebanyak 25 buah bas sekitar KL dan Pulau Pinang
  • iklanan melalui label edisi khas botol air minuman
  • promosi filem menerusi media sosial menerusi selebriti tempatan
  • “Petta New Year & Pongal Celebration”, tayangan istimewa filem pada 12 Januari 2019 bersama semua bintang pelaon filem “Petta” anjuran malik Streams Corporation

Selain itu mereka yang ingin mengambil bahagian dalam promosi “Petta” boleh mengikuti laman FB Malik Streams Production & Distributuion untuk memenangi hadiah seperti:

  • T-shirt Petta
  • Gold coin
  • Tiket wayang Premier
  • Meet & Greet bersama Rajinikanth
  • Meet & Greet bersama Dato Siti Nurhaliza dan menangi tiket VVIP bagi “Siti Nurhaliza ON TOUR”
  • Kalendar Petta
  • Poster Petta

Bengkel Bento MILO UHT Kongsi Cara Penyediaan Bekal Berkhasiat

Jadi mak-mak di luar sana dapat sediakan bekal makanan anak-anak yang berkhasiat dan menambah tenaga sepanjang hari di sekolah apatah lagi sesi persekolahan pun baru saja bermula. Puas hati bila tengok anak-anak kekal cergas sepanjang hari!

milo® pack in the energy for champions bento box worksop 05

Bengkel ‘Pack in the Energy for Champions: Bento Box Workshop’ yang memasuki tahun KETIGA penganjuran ini memberi tunjuk ajar  kepada ibu bapa tentang cara-cara menyediakan bekal makanan yang seimbang dan bertenaga untuk anak-anak mereka yang belajar di peringkat sekolah rendah.

milo® pack in the energy for champions bento box worksop 11

Bengkel ini merupakan sebahagian daripada program aktivasi MILO® UHT yang berlangsung selama TIGA hari di 1Utama, Bandar Utama sempena tahun persekolahan baharu.

“Matlamat kami adalah untuk membantu ibu bapa memastikan anak-anak mereka mendapat khasiat penting bukan sahaja dari segi perkembangan mental dan fizikal malahan keperluan tenaga mereka. Penyediaan bekal makanan yang seimbang di rumah akan membantu anak- anak membuat pilihan makanan yang lebih sihat semasa berada di luar, di samping memupuk tabiat pemakanan lebih sihat,” kata Angeline Lim, Pengurus Pemasaran Pengguna – MILO®, Unit Perniagaan Nestlé Ready-to-Drink, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

Pada bengkel tersebut, MILO® juga mengambil peluang untuk berkongsi satu fakta yang kurang diketahui oleh ibu bapa – iaitu kanak-kanak setiap hari memerlukan lebih banyak tenaga daripada yang disangkakan yang turut memberikan kesan terhadap pengambilan pemakanan mereka.

Sebagai contoh, ramai ibu bapa tidak sedar bahawa seorang kanak- kanak sekolah rendah menggunakan sehingga 1,500kcal tenaga dalam sehari – bersamaan dengan tenaga yang diperlukan untuk menghabiskan larian separuh maraton atau berenang 50 pusingan di kolam renang!

“Kehidupan harian kanak-kanak adalah lebih mencabar daripada yang disangkakan. Kajian menunjukkan badan manusia kehilangan kira-kira 80 peratus tenaga simpanan semasa tidur1. Ini menunjukkan betapa pentingnya ibu bapa membantu anak-anak memulakan hari mereka dengan cara yang betul untuk kekal cergas di sekolah. Selaku peneraju pemakanan sihat, kami berkongsi dengan ibu bapa tentang kepentingan penyediaan bekal makanan yang seimbang di rumah bagi membantu menggantikan semula tenaga dan khasiat anak-anak mereka, supaya mereka mampu mengatasi cabaran hari persekolahan,” tambah beliau.

Bengkel ini menampilkan Georgen Thye, pakar pemakanan serta pengasas Georgen Cooking yang menjelaskan keperluan nutrien seseorang kanak-kanak yang sedang membesar.

Beliau juga berkongsi petua penyediaan bekal makanan di rumah berpandukan Pinggan Sihat Malaysia atau “Suku-Suku-Separuh” yang membahagikan suku hidangan pertama kepada protein, suku kedua karbohidrat dan separuh lagi sayur-sayuran serta buah-buahan. Beliau menegaskan mudarat mengabaikan sarapan yang dapat menyebabkan kanak-kanak mengalami kehausan tenaga.

“Sebagai hidangan pertama dalam sehari, kepentingan sarapan memang tidak dapat dipertikaikan. Satu pertiga kanak-kanak didapati mempunyai tahap aktiviti fizikal yang rendah apabila mereka tidak mengambil sarapan. Untuk membantu kanak-kanak mengekalkan tumpuan dalam kelas serta aktiviti kokurikulum, ibu bapa haruslah menyediakan sarapan yang sihat lagi seimbang. Bekal makanan yang disediakan di rumah, lebih-lebih lagi yang sarat dengan bahan-bahan berkhasiat seperti bijirin penuh, sayur-sayuran, buah-buahan, daging tidak berlemak, kekacang, kacang dan biji-bijian dapat membantu memenuhi jurang tenaga tersebut.”

Beliau disertai Lee Samantha, artis makanan yang terkenal dengan hasil ciptaannya yang luar biasa, berwarna-warni dan unik dalam sesi demonstrasi bersama beberapa resipi bekal makanan yang mudah dan cepat untuk dibawa ke sekolah.

Dengan hanya berbekalkan alatan seharian, bahan-bahan yang segar lagi sihat serta daya imaginasi yang tinggi, Lee berkongsi beberapa tip menarik mengenai hiasan makanan yang mudah dengan pelbagai bentuk potongan untuk menceriakan bekal bento supaya kanak- kanak teruja untuk menikmati makanan mereka.

“Penyediaan bekal makanan merupakan satu cara menyeronokkan dan bermakna bagi merapatkan hubungan ibu bapa dengan anak-anak, di samping mendidik mereka mengenai makanan dan khasiat. Selain itu, fikiran ibu bapa juga lebih tenang apabila mengetahui anak- anak mereka membawa bekal makanan seimbang yang disediakan di rumah bagi membantu meningkatkan prestasi mereka di sekolah. Sebagai seorang ibu, rekaan makanan saya menitikberatkan aspek khasiat, keseimbangan dan keseronokan supaya dua anak perempuan saya dapat menikmati makanan mereka. Malahan, itu juga cara yang berkesan untuk mengelakkan pembaziran kerana saya akan menggunakan sebanyak bahagian yang mungkin bahan dalam hiasan saya,”

MILO® UHT mudah untuk dipadankan dengan bekal makanan yang sihat dan seimbang bagi membantu ibu bapa memastikan anak-anak mereka mendapat tenaga yang mencukupi untuk memenuhi keperluan seharian mereka.

MILO® UHT mengandungi ACTIV-GO®, iaitu kombinasi unik PROTOMALT™, pelbagai mineral serta vitamin yang penting untuk membantu membebaskan tenaga secara efisien daripada makanan. Minuman berkhasiat ini juga mengandungi kalsium dan Vitamin D untuk membantu mengekalkan kekuatan tulang dan gigi. Kanak-kanak yang mengambil minuman malt mempunyai pengambilan mikronutrien yang lebih tinggi, dan lebih cenderung memenuhi Saranan Pengambilan Nutrien (RNI) untuk kalsium, fosforus dan vitamin B3.

MILO® UHT didatangkan dalam pek sekali hidang 125ml dan 200ml serta pek pelbagai hidang 1L yang boleh didapati di kedai-kedai serbaneka, pasar raya mini, pasar raya biasa dan pasar raya hiper.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, layari:

Bekalkan MILO® UHT dalam beg sekolah anak-anak anda supaya mereka dapat memenuhi keperluan tenaga harian mereka!

Projek CAREton 2019 Tetra Pak dan Nestle Bakal Kitar Semula 35 Juta Pek Minuman

Projek Tetra Pak® dan Nestlé MILO® UHT ini memberi banyak manfaat kepada komuniti setempat.

the careton project 2019 (3)

Selain merancang untuk mengitar semula 35 juta pek minuman, mereka juga memperkenalkan benefisiari yang baharu iaitu Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya.


the careton project 2019 (2)

Projek CAREton merancang untuk mengumpul dan mengitar semula pek minuman yang akan diproses bagi menghasilkan papan panel serta genting atap poli Aluminium (polyAl).

Projek CAREton mula beroperasi pada tahun 2012 bersama EPIC Homes, sebuah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan yang membantu memudahkan pembangunan perumahan berasaskan komuniti setempat dengan masyarakat Orang Asli di Malaysia sebagai benefisiarinya.

Sejak itu, ia berjaya membekalkan genting atap dan papan panel untuk membina lebih daripada 150 buah rumah dan infrastruktur untuk komuniti setempat.

Pada tahun ini, bersama MBPJ sebagai benefisiari terbaharu, Projek CAREton bermatlamat untuk memperluaskan manfaat projek ini kepada komuniti tempatan di kawasan Petaling Jaya.

Pek minuman yang terkumpul akan dikitar semula dan dihasilkan menjadi 1,000 papan panel polyAl yang akan dibekalkan kepada MBPJ. Papan panel tersebut akan digunakan sebagai sebahagian daripada struktur luar dan dalam Eco Recycling Plaza, serta kawasan rekreasi dan taman-taman komuniti yang terletak di Petaling Jaya.

Datuk Bandar Petaling Jaya, Dato’ Mohd Azizi bin Mohd Zain yang telah merasmikan pelancaran tersebut menyatakan,

“Kami berbesar hati dan bersyukur menjadi sebahagian daripada Projek CAREton kerana bantuan tersebut akan memberikan nafas baharu kepada kemudahan yang sedia ada dan menambah baik kesejahteraan warga komuniti di Petaling Jaya. Semua pihak memainkan peranan yang amat penting demi kebaikan alam sekitar, kami berharap kerjasama ini akan lebih meningkatkan kesedaran dan didikan mengenai usaha pengitaran semula.”

Ruang untuk meningkatkan kesedaran dan usaha sama berkaitan pengitaran semula
Terrynz Tan, Pengarah Alam Sekitar Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapura & Filipina berkata bahawa, trend pengitaran semula sedang mencatat peningkatan, kita masih ada ruang untuk menarik perhatian dan mendidik lebih banyak individu mengenai usaha pengitaran semula terhadap pek minuman.

“Kami telah mengusahakan inisiatif ini sejak tahun 2012, dan kebanyakan pencapaian yang digarap adalah berdasarkan usaha yang ditaburkan oleh rakan-rakan kongsi kami serta orang awam. Kami ingin menggalakkan warga Malaysia untuk terus memainkan peranan mereka dengan mengitar semula pek-pek minuman sambil mendidik orang lain tentang proses pengitaran semula yang amat mudah untuk dilakukan. Anda hanya perlu melakukan 3F (‘flip’, ‘flap’ dan ‘flat’) – pertama sekali, masukkan straw ke dalam pek minuman; kedua, buka semua lapikan untuk meleperkan pek tersebut; akhir sekali, bungkuskannya dan letakkan ia di mana-mana lokasi pengumpulan yang disediakan oleh rakan kongsi kami,” 

Ng Su Yen, Pegawai Eksekutif Perniagaan untuk Unit Perniagaan Nestlé Ready-to-Drink, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad berkata,

“Nestlé mengambil berat tentang penanganan sisa pembungkusan dan kami komited untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada solusi tersebut. Oleh itu, kami sentiasa mencari solusi pengitaran semula yang efektif seperti Projek CAREton. Sepanjang tujuh tahun yang lalu, Projek CAREton berjaya mengumpul 60 juta pek minuman untuk dikitar semula – jumlah yang cukup untuk membina lebih daripada 150 buah rumah dan projek komuniti yang telah memberi kesan positif terhadap ramai individu. Ia sejajar dengan impian global kami menjelang tahun 2025 untuk menjadikan 100% daripada bahan pembungkusan kami berupaya digunakan semula atau dikitar semula. Ramai warga Malaysia yang menikmati pek minuman MILO® kami saban hari, dan kami berharap untuk memupuk tabiat pengitaran semula yang lebih baik dalam kalangan orang dewasa serta yang muda.”

Pengguna boleh meletakkan pek minuman mereka yang telah digunakan di mana-mana pusat koleksi CAREton – terdapat sekitar 500 pusat koleksi di seluruh Malaysia.

Pihak-pihak yang berminat boleh mencari lokasi yang terdekat menerusi laman web Recycle Easy oleh Tetra Pak di:

Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk menjadi rakan kongsi CAREton untuk tujuan koleksi, maklumat yang berkenaan juga boleh didapati di laman web tersebut.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Projek CAREton 2019, sila layari:

GUARDIAN Ushers 2019 with”READY SET GLOW’ Healthy Beauty Campaign

It is my new resolution to practicing healthy lifestyle on 2019. Now with Guardian Healthy Beauty initiative ‘READY SET GLOW’, I hope I can lead healthier life internally and beautiful externally..Fighting!!

Joanna Soh, Asia's No 1 Fitness Youtuber and Wong Vai Chi, Head of Marketing and Promotions, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd at the launch of Ready, Set, Glow Campaign

“This month long ‘READY SET GLOW’ campaign is another campaign reinforcing Guardian’s leading reputation as a specialist in Healthy Beauty where we help our customers keep healthy internally and be beautiful externally with our product offerings,” said Mr DY Cho, Marketing Director, Health and Beauty, South East Asia, Guardian Health & Beauty.

“For this Ready, Set, Glow Campaign, we are collaborating with Asia’s No. 1 Fitness YouTuber, Joanna Soh to develop a series of exercise videos to guide and inspire Malaysians to achieve their health and beauty goals in 2019,” Cho added.

Joanna demonstrating simple workout steps that Malaysians can incorporate into their daily routines (2)

Together with Joanna, Guardian is encouraging Malaysians to Join The Glow Squad and be a part of this nationwide movement to view and put these exercise tutorials to use in their everyday lives. The videos are THREE short exercise videos that Malaysians can incorporate into their daily routines to have a more active lifestyle to achieve a healthier GLOW in 2019

At the end of these videos, there are special product promotions that viewers can screenshot an e-voucher to redeem the special offer.

These include:

  • RM5 off a 2.5kg tin of Good Morning V-Grains
  • RM5 off purchase of 2 units of Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Bird’s Nest
  • Kita Beauties at a special price of RM28.80 for 10s range of 6g.

Once you are part of the Guardian Glow Squad, Guardian will have weekly checklists on the Guardian FB and IG pages to keep you motivated on your progress.

Additionally, Guardian is offering amazing deals at amazing prices and great promotions on the widest variety of products catered to make healthy beauties of their customers.

Major promotions that will be coming up include:

1. An array of Chinese New Year Gift sets from Brand’s Essence, Royal Bird’s Nest, Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest and more, which are ideal this festive season to be given to family and friends.
2. During our Beauty Fairs, we have deals up to 50% off for our Cosmetics & Fragrance products
3. During our Facial Cleanser Fairs, a FREE Face Mask is offered with purchase of any Facial Cleanser worth RM25 and above.
4. During our Personal Care Fairs, a FREE Phyliss Pop Up Toaster is offered with any purchase of RM128 & above from our Personal Care products range.

So READY SET GLOW with Guardian this new year season. No matter where you are and what you need, Guardian has a store that can provide you with all the essentials you need to be a healthy beauty with a glow.

The Saujana Hotel KL Celebrates Christmas with’the Spirit of Giving’

Over 140 people attended the in “Celebrate the Spirit of Giving this Christmas” high tea at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur held in support of The Selangor Cheshire Home today.


Established in 1963, the home provides permanently disabled residents of all races and religious background, without any means of income or resources, opportunities to learn new skills that would assist them in leading an independent life.


Over the years, The Selangor Cheshire Home have been working hand-in-hand with The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur in providing tremendous support in training their residents in the Economic Empowerment Programme (EEP).


The high tea, held at the Charcoal Restaurant, was graced by the presence of the President of the Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor, Datin Paduka (Dato’) Khatijah Sulaiman and the Honorary Secretary, Major Habibah Baharom (R), AMP. They were joined by former and current residents of the home, invited guests and dignitaries, the senior management team from The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur and members of the media.

Ticking off the first agenda of the Christmas high tea celebration was the beautiful serenade of traditional Christmas carols with a twist. The inclusion of the upbeat jazzy tune, presented by the Jazzy Carolers from Putera Aman Assembly Church, brought the joyful spirit of the season of giving to the event.

Guests at the high tea were treated to a scrumptious selection of local and international cuisine prepared by the dedicated team of chefs from the hotel. Delicacies included a selection of savory finger sandwiches, sweet pastries, and traditional Malay kuih with apple crème brulee, raspberry pistachio cake and crepes suzette with apples cube, banana sliced and strawberry.

Exciting activities were organized such as entertaining Christmas games and an astounding fusion dance performance by the talented sisters, Anagha Laxmi Ramesh and Baghya Laxmi Ramesh.

The afternoon continued with a delightful string of performances by the former EEP students. As all good things that must come to an end, the high tea concluded with a special performance by the residents of the Selangor Cheshire Home and a thank-you speech from Mr. Ramesh Kumaraguru, the Director of Human Resource at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. It was indeed, a wonderful afternoon of sharing and giving in true homage to the spirit of Christmas.

About The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Continue reading “The Saujana Hotel KL Celebrates Christmas with’the Spirit of Giving’”

Sambill Park Umum Anjur Pertandingan Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors 2.0

Edisi kedua ini telah dirasmikan oleh Pengarah Bahagian Sukan, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, En. Zainal bin Abas mewakili Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan, YB Teo Nie Ching.

Photo 1 (3)

Pertandingan yang diilhamkan oleh siri animasi yang terkenal seperti yang dapat ditonton di saluran Disney XD Asia dan NEXFLIX.

Photo 2 (2)

Pertandingan Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors 2.0 ini merangkumi siri halangan sejauh 300 meter direka khas untuk kanak-kanak berumur 7 hingga 12 tahun, yang akan dibina di Vanity Atrium di Sunway Velocity Mall.

Dengan matlamat utama untuk mendidik anak muda tentang kemahiran mental dan fizikal, para peserta dapat melatih kebolehan dan membangunkan keyakinan diri mereka.

Siri Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors 2.0 akan dijalankan di 5 buah sekolah di Lembah Klang untuk pusingan kelayakan, diikuti dengan pusingan separuh akhir dan peringkat akhir yang akan diadakan di Sunway Velocity Mall.

Pengarah Urusan Sambill Park (M) Sdn Bhd dan Penganjur Utama Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors 2.0, Encik Daniel Wong berkata,

“Pengikut setia Pertandingan Chuck Chicken perlu menyelesaikan beberapa cabaran mental sebelum melepasi ujian fizikal. Persaingan Chuck Chicken seperti yang dapat ditonton di saluran Disney XD Asia dan NETFLIX dapat menggalakkan kanak-kanak sama ada dari sekolah awam atau swasta untuk berfikir secara kritis dan mengembangkan kemahiran mental mereka dalam masa yang singkat. Kami amat berbangga kerana Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia, YB Teo Nie Ching telah memilih untuk menyokong dan merasmikan pertandingan ini. Kami yakin bahawa lebih ramai kanak-kanak akan dapat dididik melalui pengalaman istimewa ini berbanding edisi pertama.”

Edisi Kedua Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors juga mempunyai perancangan untuk membawa cabaran ke semua sekolah di Lembah Klang dan mencari Juara Kebangsaan seterusnya menembusi pasaran Asia Tenggara. Dalam tempoh dua tahun akan datang, sekurang-kurangnya 5 negara akan terlibat dalam siri pertandingan ini dan para peserta akan dibawa ke Malaysia untuk bersaing di Pusingan Akhir selaras dengan strategi untuk mempromosikan kempen Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2020.

Siri animasi Chuck Chicken telah memberi impak yang luar biasa dalam industri dengan menjana jumlah penonton lebih daripada 11 juta, dicalonkan sebagai Animasi 2D Terbaik di Anugerah Televisyen Asia ke-21 dengan liputan lebih dari 20,000 di media sosial, 180,000 pelanggan setia Youtube, 50 juta tinjauan keseluruhan di Youtube dan ditonton lebih 2 bilion kali di platfom digital China sahaja. Edisi ke-2 pertandigan ini pada 2019 telah menarik beberapa rakan kongsi utama termasuk Animasia Studio, Tenby International School Principle, Seri Bintang Utara Principle dan Sunway Velocity Mall. Ia juga disokong oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

Dengan rekod penyertaan lebih daripada 600 peserta kanak-kanak untuk siri sebelumnya, Chuck Chicken Junior Warrior 2.0 telah diumumkan secara rasmi dengan kehadiran rakan-rakan kongsi termasuk Encik Danny Lee, Pengurus Sunway Velocity Mall, En. Hazizul Hakim dari Singapore’s Brilliant Sports Solutions dan Encik Raye Lee, Pengarah Animasia Studio.

Tiket kini boleh didapati di

MBO Launched Avant-Garde Cinema in Atria Shopping

These new outlet with special halls promises comfortable, exciting and memorable cinematic experience for the community of Petaling Jaya.

Photo 4

It also feature THREE unique viewing concepts, MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen and MBO Samsung Onyx Hall, the last which is being introduced for the first time in Petaling Jaya.

“With the launch of MBO Atria, we want the local community as well as new visitors to have a different perspective when going to the cinemas. Audiences are guaranteed to be delighted with a cinematic experience of high-end technology, they may even forget they are sitting in a theatre,” said Chun Wai.

MBO’s Innovative Offerings for in Atria Mall

Photo 2

  • MBO Kecil
    -The new line-up at MBO Atria Shopping Gallery will include two MBO Kecil halls, a concept hall that serves as a dedicated space catering to parents and their children from all ages and sizes. With elements like Kecil Sofabed, bean bags, a playground inside the cinema as well as the regular seats for adults, MBO is pioneering the effort to change the way that families interact at the movies.

    Unlike traditional cinemas, MBO Kecil will allow kids to run free and play to their heart’s content while enjoying their best-loved films. On top of this, the KECIL hall will also provide parents an opportunity to organise birthday parties for their children, making it an unforgettable experience with their loved ones at MBO Cinemas.

    Photo 1

  • MBO Big Screen
    -As a special treat for the movie lovers in Damansara Jaya, MBO is introducing an innovative cinematic experience for audiences with the Big Screen hall. Equipped with state- of-the-art technology courtesy of a partnership with BARCO, the flagship laser projector, which is also the first of its kind in Malaysia, brings advanced image quality to the big screen with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance. This avant-garde cinema hall is also enhanced with the Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology which transports audiences into the story with moving audio that fills the cinema and flows all around them – even overhead – to deliver the premier sound of entertainment. Dolby Atmos has become the preferred choice for next generation sound in the cinema and has been embraced by major studios, directors, and exhibitors around the world. Currently over 1,000 movie features are released or announced in Dolby Atmos.

    Photo 3

  • MBO Samsung Onyx Hall
    -MBO Cinemas’ first LED screen in the country is set to captivate audiences in Damansara Jaya through its impressive 4k resolution that supports High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) content, accurate colour presentation as well as distortion-free with true-to- life audio. The screen’s ultra-sharp 4k (4,096 x 2,160) resolutions pixel screen produces clear and crisp details, giving movie fanatics a cinematic experience like no other. To compliment the imposing screen, the hall’s sound technology is sculpted by Harman’s JBL Surround Sound System that allows audiences in each and every row to experience a clear and balanced sound
  • Coca Cola Freestyle
    -On top of the customary popcorn and soda that completes the movie experience, MBO Cinemas is also introducing Coca Cola’s new revolutionary drink concept with over 46,000 outlets worldwide. Movie goers can choose a variety of flavours with over 50 drink combination choices via an interactive touchscreen dispenser. This unique service will also be customised to provide flavours accustomed to Malaysian’s local taste bud, namely Lychee, Mango and some from the A&W variants.

MBO Cinemas will also introduce its first self-service kiosk in Atria Shopping Gallery, enabling movie-goers an alterative option to purchase tickets and potentially reduce the queue time. This self-service kiosk allows ALLSTAR members to use their loyalty cards to continue collecting points as well as point redemption.

“In this day and time, we believe movie goers deserve the best when coming to the cinema. On that note, we have taken extra attention to equip our cinema halls with only the best of what sound and projection has to offer for maximum viewing pleasure. We have also introduced new offerings outside the hall to make our customers cinematic journey at MBO Atria a pleasant one,” added Chun Wai.

MBO Cinemas in Atria Shopping Gallery offers 4 standard screens on top of the 4 special screens, bringing the total to 8 screens and seats a combined total of 1229 movie goers comfortably as well as Cafecito – a unique coffeehouse themed concession stand serving fancy beverages and light snacks.

lovers. For more information about MBO Cinemas, please visit:

SHOPEE Prescribe ‘Laughter Medicine’ Online

This online medicine is available by Comedian Harith Iskander who joins the Shopee Celebrity Squad via The Joke Factory (TJF).

Photo 2

With so much going on in our lives: chasing for weekly targets, attending endless meetings and cleaning the house after a long day at work, some of us may have forgotten how to take a break, let alone laugh. Research and studies have also shown that there is a correlation between ‘laughter’ and ‘health’, the former having positive effects on the latter.

To encourage Malaysians to let down their hair more and have a good laugh, Harith will be joining the Shopee Celebrity Squad and opening The Joke Factory (TJF) official store on the platform. He joins the likes of Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, Dato’ Seri Dr. Hajah Vida, Scha Alyahya & Awal Ashaari, Ummi Nazeera, Shuib Sepahtu and Siti Sarah who also have their official stores on Shopee.

At the TJF official store, Shopee users will be spoilt for choice with the selection of daily shows they want to watch before purchasing the show tickets, fuss-free. The store will soon sell merchandise as well as food packages to offer Malaysians the ultimate comedy experience.

The Joke Factory in Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, was introduced by Harith and his wife Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander in August 2018. Lauded to be Malaysia’s Premiere Comedy Venue, it offers Malaysian-styled entertainment of international quality as well as food and beverage so the audience will have the best of both worlds. Apart from English, it also hosts comedy in Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Cantonese and Mandarin.

It is also at that venue where the launch of TJF by Harith Iskander official store on Shopee was held, witnessed by invited guests and the media. They also got a treat from the man himself, breaking into fits of laughter as he performed his jokes and antics on stage.

Harith has grown from a comedian into a world-recognised humour pundit, placing Malaysia on the international comedy map twice. He not only won Laugh Factory’s “Funniest Person In The World” 2016 competition but is also the first Southeast Asian comedian to have his own original comedy special “I Told You So” on Netflix.

“It has always been my mission to spread laughter in more ways than one to Malaysians. My wife and I are constantly seeking exciting ways to keep the local entertainment scene fresh and relevant. We are every bit excited to join the Shopee Celebrity Squad that has a line-up of amazing celebrities who are also selling their products on Shopee. Going on Shopee also allows us to reach out to its 16 million users, further bridging us and Malaysians as we continue to work towards spreading joy, laughter and humour in their lives. We look forward to having a fun-filled and long-term collaboration as we grow together in offering Malaysians the best there is,” comedian and TJF co-founder Harith Iskander enthused.

The Shopee Celebrity Squad was launched in May 2018 to allow fans and Shopee users to officially purchase curated products from their favourite celebrities with convenience. To date, there are more than 20 celebrities on board with more joining the family in months to come.

With the aim of growing their brand’s exposure, the Shopee Celebrity Squad will utilise an array of marketing channels including the in-app portal, social media and more. Aside from providing a digital platform for the celebrities to feature their brands, Shopee also partners with the celebrities on various offline activities that brings fans and celebrities closer. This include meet and greet sessions, roadshows and events.

“Through these various initiatives, Shopee has helped boost sales from participating stores by up to 10 times. As a testament, SIMPLYSITI by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin saw an uplift in orders, an increase of over 112% during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day as compared to a normal day. During the global Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, the Shopee Celebrity Squad stores received an average 7 times uplift in traffic compared to a normal day. With Harith’s The Joke Factory making its debut on the platform, Shopee is able to add another dimension of products to its users. Our users will be thrilled to know that they can receive updates on the latest laughs as well as attractive promotions The Joke Factory will be offering through the platform,” said Rachel Tan, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia.

The show tickets on The Joke Factory official store on Shopee will be available 20 December 2018 onwards for upcoming shows in 2019 as the shows this year have already ended.

To grab special deals in conjunction with the launch, Shopee users will stand to enjoy a 30% off, capped at RM20, on show tickets from 20 December to 27 December 2018.

Just enter the promo code HARITH20 before making the payment; limited to one code per user.

For information, visit

About The Joke Factory

The Joke Factory is set to become the premier stand-up comedy venue in Asia featuring local as well as international comedians. Apart from serving as a vibrant hive for live comedy activities in the Klang Valley, the Joke Factory aims to stand as a communal hub for Comedy & Arts Education as well as a youth movement centre to promote social responsibility programmes in the effort to create a philanthropic purpose behind its establishment. It also aims to support developmental and awareness programmes surrounding social issues concerning special needs kids, the underprivileged as well as prevailing health issues affecting communities today.
About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

For Shopee media enquiries:

Write to or call
Sharon Roberts at +6018 917 2764 / Shaun Patrick at +6016 616 0797.

SUNSILK #Siscuba Kolaborasi SUNSILK Hijab & Media Prima

Drama pendek LIMA siri ini menampilkan tiga kawan baik yang berusaha merealisasikan impian mereka sewaktu zaman sekolah menengah.

Photo 028

Mawar, Nora dan Yasmin, meskipun sudah mempunyai kerjaya masing-masing, namun berkerjasama untuk merealisasikan impian zaman sekolah mereka dalam menghasilkan tudung jenama mereka sendiri dalam Drama Sunsilk #Siscuba, kolaborasi antara Sunsilk Hijab Recharge dengan Rangkaian TV Media Prima.

Namun, bolehkah impian untuk memiliki empayar perniagaan sendiri sejak dari zaman sekolah masih dicapai walaupun terdapat perselisihan faham antara sahabat-sahabat yang dulunya rapat?


Drama Sunsilk #Siscuba, yang dibawa khas oleh Sunsilk Hijab Recharge di TV3, mengisahkan perjalanan tiga sahabat yang berusaha untuk mencapai impian mereka, sepadan dengan matlamat utama rangkaian syampu Sunsilk untuk memupuk gadis muda mengejar impian dengan penuh keyakinan.

Mawar, seorang yang kreatif dan mempunyai bakat ciptaan reka tudung yang cantik, terkenang memori zaman persekolahannya dengan dua sahabat baiknya, Nora dan Yasmin apabila terlihat jenama syampu kegemarannya, Sunsilk memuat naik satu kempen dengan #siscuba di laman sosial Instagram. Impian untuk memulakan perniagaan dengan menjual tudung rekaan sendirinya dihidupkan kembali dan Mawar mendapat inspirasi untuk memperbaiki hubungan sahabat-sahabatnya supaya mereka bertiga boleh bercuba untuk merealisasikan impian mereka sejak zaman sekolah lagi.

Nabila Razali yang memainkan watak Mawar dalam drama Sunsilk #Siscuba kata,

“Saya amat teruja kerana diberi peluang bekerjasama dengan Sunsilk Hijab Recharge. Mesej persahabatan dan semangat memupuk gadis muda untuk mencapai impian dengan penuh keyakinan yang terkandung dalam kempen Sunsilk #Siscuba ini memang mengharukan dan saya berharap ia akan memberi motivasi kepada para penonton dan pengguna Sunsilk Hijab Recharge untuk berusaha dalam mengejar impian mereka tanpa berputus asa.”

“Kami memahami bahawa rambut merupakan mahkota seorang wanita dan rambut yang sihat dan cantik, walaupun memakai hijab, memainkan peranan yang penting dalam tahap keyakinan diri seseorang. Objektif utama kempen Sunsilk #Siscuba ini adalah untuk memperkasa gadis muda untuk mengejar impian mereka dengan penuh keyakinan sama ada bertudung atau tidak, dengan mementingkan penjagaan kesihatan rambut untuk memiliki rambut segar dan sihat, dan kami tetap komited dalam matlamat ini,” kata Natalie Goh, Pengurus Kategori Rambut, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Goh juga berkata,

“Kami sedar bahawa masalah rambut dan kulit kepala akan mempengaruhi tahap keyakinan diri seseorang individu, tidak kira sama ada mereka memakai hijab atau tidak. Jarangkali terdapat syampu atau perapi rambut yang berkesesuaian dengan gaya hidup pemakai hijab. Oleh itu, kami telah mengeluarkan siri Sunsilk Hijab Recharge bagi mengatasi masalah rambut dan kulit kepala disebabkan cuaca negara yang panas dan lembap seperti masalah kulit kepala berminyak, berkelumumur, rambut mudah gugur dan berbau kepam yang biasanya dialami oleh para pemakai hijab.”

Siri Sunsilk Hijab Recharge ini menggunakan keistimewaan bahan-bahan semula jadi seperti buah tin, ginseng dan sitrus dan mengeluarkan tiga varian:

  • Segar Berhijab
  • Anti Rambut Gugur
  • Anti Kelumumur.

Formula baharu, iaitu Anti Rambut Leper, yang diperkenalkan tahun ini, menggunakan pati strawberi dan daun pudina untuk memberi kesegaran kepada pemakai hijab sehingga 48 jam selepas pembasuhan. Rambut tidak dibebankan kerana kelantangan rambut ditahan sepanjang hari walaupun selepas memakai hijab.

Pertandingan pantun dengan Sunsilk #Siscuba dan HotFM

Di samping penerbitan drama, kempen Sunsilk #Siscuba ini dilengkapi dengan pertandingan pantun dua kerat dianjurkan oleh saluran radio HotFM. Pertandingan ini melihat lebih daripada 1,600 buah pantun dimuatkan naik, dan populariti #Siscuba semakin menaik berikutan siaran drama Sunsik #Siscuba juga.

Daripada 1,600 lebih penyertaan pantun yang diterima, 10 telah dipilih sebagai pemenang. Pada 20 Disember 2018, para pemenang pertandingan ini diberi peluang untuk menonton tayangan eksklusif episod terakhir drama Sunsilk #Siscuba sebelum ia disiarkan di TV3. Di samping itu, mereka juga dapat mengambil bahagian dalam sesi beramah mesra bersama barisan pelakon drama ini dan berinteraksi dengan pelakon kegemaran mereka.

Episod terakhir drama Sunsilk #Siscuba

Bolehkah tiga sahabat ini menyelesaikan perselisihan faham sesama sendiri supaya impian zaman sekolah mereka untuk menghasilkan tudung jenama dan memiliki empayar perniagaan sendiri dapat direalisasikan?

Adakah anda inginkan tudung rekaan Mawar yang hangat dipuji rakan-rakannya di dalam siri Sunsilk #Siscuba? Dapatlah tudung Sunsilk #Siscuba ini dengan setiap pembelian 2 produk dalam siri Sunsilk Hijab Recharge dalam talian di Lazada selepas 26 Disember 2018 dengan melayari:

Saksikan episod terakhir drama terbitan Lumatic Films yang diarahkan oleh Nik Amir Mustapha ini pada 25 Disember, 9.50pm di TV3 atau mengikuti episod-episod drama ini di laman sosial Youtube @TV3Malaysia.

Janganlah lupa menggunakan #SisCuba dengan #OOTD semasa memakai tudung tersebut di laman sosial.

Kempen ‘Menunggang dan Bergerak’ Nature’s Heart Galak Pemakanan dan Minuman Sihat


 Selari dengan namanya, Nature’s Heart, makak tidak hairanlah produk ini menawarkan pilihan jenis makanan dan minuman kesihatan berkualiti tinggi kepada orang ramai disamping kekal aktif melalui pergerakan ‘menunggang dan bergerak. 

Dengan pengambilan makanan dan  minuman kesihatan yang betul, maka ia membekalkan tenaga untuk menjalani kehidupan seharian lebih-lebih lagi semasa menjalani aktiviti kesihatan.


Guardian Malaysia dengan itu mengadakan program bersama Nature’s Heart baru-baru ini di mana jemputan yang hadir diperkenalkan kepada cabaran ‘spinning’ iaitu kelas menunggang basikal dalam bangunan. Aktiviti ini memerukan penggunaan banyak tenaga dalam masa yang smaa, diiringi dengan pencahayaan dan sistem suara berteknologi tinggi.

Aktiviti ini diadakan susulan kepada sudah tiba masanya rakyat Malaysia menjalani kehidupan yang lebih sihat memandangkan kajian yang dilakukan oleh The National Health and Morbidity pada tahun 2015 menunjukkan sebanyak 47.7% rakyat dewasa mempunyai kolesterol tinggi. Manakala kajian dari World Health Organisation 1998 pula mendapati 17.7% rakyat dewasa dikategorikan sebagai ‘Obese’ dan 1 daripada tiga orang mempunyai berat badan berlebihan.

Dalam kajian yang sama juga mendapati 94% rakyat Malaysia tidak mengambil buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran segar dalam pemakanan mereka sedangkan sudah diketahui umum bahawa fiber adalah keperluan terpenting dalam diet pemakanan yang sihat.

Dalam program kesihatan itu, Joanna Soh, No 1 Asia Fitness Youtuber telah berkongsi cara-cara menghasilkan ‘Edible Terrarium’ mengguna produk Nature’s Heart.

“Aktiviti Spinning boleh membakar antara 400 hingga 600 kalori dalam sejam. Untuk melakukan aktiviti lasak seperti ini, tubuh badan memerlukan makanan yang baik. Edible Terrarium yang saya kongsikan ini bukan sahaja cantik di mata tetapi sedap apabila dimakan. Saya mengguna Nature’s Heart Chia Seed, Dried Cranberries, Roasted Mixed Nuts dan Oat Biscuits with Raisins sebagai kandungan Edible Terrarium kerana kesemuanya ini memberi kebaikan nutrisi yang diperlukan oleh badan. Bukan itu sahaja, ia juga ideal dimakan selepas menjalani aktiviti yang lasak”

Menurut Tan Eu Jin, Pengurus Produk Healthcare Own Brand, Guardian Health and Beauty,

“Jenama Nature’s Heart ini sememangnya popular sebagai jenama snek yang baik untuk kesihatan terutamanya Chia Seed dan Milled Flax Seed. Nature’s Heart memastikan makanan snek ini penuh dengan kebaikan kesihatan dan sedap di makan pada bila-bila masa memandangkan persepsi masyarakat apabila diberitahu ia adalah makanan kesihatan, maka makanan tersebut kurang rasa dan kurang enak. Maka Nature’s Heart bekerja keras untuk mengubah persepsi ini dengan mengadakan banyak aktiviti kepada orang ramai dan memberi sampel makanan bagi meastikan bahawa rangkaian produk Nature’s Heart boleh diambil bagi mereka yang menjalani kehidupan sihat”

Produk Nature’s Heart sememangnya terkenal kerana menawarkan pelbagai kebaikan kesihatan di mana suber-sumbernya diperolehi dari pelbagai negara termasuk Australia, India, Turkey dan Amerika Syarikat.

Rangkaian Nature’s Heart yang ditawarkan meliputi:

  • Multi Grains, Fruits & Vegetables drink mix
  • Milled Flax Seeds
  • Chia Seeds
  • Roasted Cashew Nuts (Salted)
  • Roasted Mixed Nuts
  • Roasted Almonds (Salted)
  • Roasted Macadamia Nuts (Salted)
  • Dried Apricots
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Oat Biscuits with Raisin

Kesemua produk di atas boleh didapati di semua outlet Guardian Malaysia dan juga e-stor

Touch ‘N Go EWallet Tawar Diskaun Hebat

Tawaran hebat dan eksklusif ini hanya boleh didapati apabila membuat transaksi mengguna eWallet di pusat beli-belah Mid Valley dan The Gardens.

Picture 1

80% pengusaha kedai di kedua-dua pusat membeli-belah ini akan memperkenalkan kaedah pembayaran QR didayakan oleh Touch ‘n Go eWallet pada tahun 2019

Jadi ayuh mulakan musim cuti ini dengan pelbagai promosi menarik yang dibawakan secara eksklusif oleh Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Pelbagai tawaran eksklusif boleh didapati dari 17 hingga 31 Disember 2018 apabila pengunjung membeli-belah tanpa tunai di pengusaha-pengusaha berikut:


● Hanya RM2.50 untuk minuman Tealive di cawangan seluruh negara.
● Diskaun RM5 dengan setiap pembelian minima RM80 di Popular Bookstore di seluruh negara.
● RM5 untuk setiap scoop di Haagen Dazs.
● RM1 untuk secawan Air Mata Kucing di Mou Tak Ding; percuma 2,000 cawan hanya pada 14 Disember 2018, stok terhad.
● Diskaun RM5 di Gindaco Takoyaki
● Hanya RM5 untuk pembelian satu bekas kecil dengan satu topping di Llao Llao.
● Diskaun RM15 untuk semua hidangan utama di Define Food dalam resit yang sama
● Kadar tetap RM5 untuk perjalanan ke Mid Valley Megamall & The Gardens Mall dari mana-mana lokasi dengan menggunakan perkhidmatan EzCab
● RM6.60 untuk setiap pembelian minuman All Berry Bang, Mango Magic dan Strawberry Squeeze di Boost Juice
*Tertakluk Terma & Syarat.

TNG Digital juga meletakkan sasaran bahawa lebih 80 peratus pengusaha-pengusaha di Mid Valley Megamall dan The Gardens Mall akan menggunakan kaedah pembayaran QR oleh Touch ‘n Go eWallet pada tahun 2019, agar lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia boleh menikmati cara pembayaran yang lebih pantas dan mudah dengan hanya beberapa klik di telefon pintar.

Pada majlis pelancaran, Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO kepada TNG Digital Sdn Bhd berkata,

“Orang ramai kini boleh menikmati kemudahan tanpa tunai di destinasi pusat beli-belah nombor satu Malaysia dan turut menerima ganjaran hebat daripada jenama-jenama terbaik melalui Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Kami sangat teruja kerana pihak pengurusan Mid Valley Megamall dan The Gardens Mall turut sama ingin menjayakannya bersama kami. Hasrat kami adalah untuk menambah baik lagi usaha supaya lebih banyak kedai akan menggunakan kaedah pembayaran melalui Touch ‘n Go eWallet di masa akan datang.

Bagi memacu ke arah komuniti tanpa tunai, TNG Digital menawarkan pin tambah nilai Touch ‘n Go eWallet berjumlah RM4 juta secara keseluruhan bermula dari 17 hingga 31 Disember 2018. Tiada sebarang pembelian minima yang diperlukan. Orang ramai juga boleh dapatkan pin tambah nilai Touch ‘n Go eWallet berjumlah RM10 daripada kios di Tingkat 3, Mid Valley Megamall (berhampiran Tealive) dan Tingkat 2, The Gardens Mall (berhampiran Starbucks). Orang ramai boleh terus menggunakan pin tambah nilai tersebut selepas menambah nilainya ke aplikasi Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Namun begitu, pin tambah nilai ini hanya boleh digunakan oleh pengguna eWallet pada kali pertama sahaja.

Pembayaran tanpa tunai ialah pemacu sistem pembayaran masa hadapan. Kami berada di sini untuk memperkenalkan kepada orang ramai tentang perkhidmatan pembayaran yang dipercayai, lancar dan mudah yang akan memenuhi semua keperluan gaya hidup mereka,” tambah Syahrunizam.

Nikmati manfaat pembayaran tanpa tunai di pengusaha-pengusaha ini iaitu 4Fingers, Bath & Body Works, Boost Juice, Caring Pharmacy, Charles & Keith, Chillis, DOME Café, GNC, Haagen Dazs, Love & Co, Mou Tak Ding, MPH Bookstores, Pedro, Poh Kong, Popular Bookstore, Sacoor Brothers, Tealive, Tumi, Jaya Grocer serta banyak lagi.

Sebagai eWallet paling pantas berkembang di Malaysia dengan 1.8 million pengguna berdaftar, TNG Digital juga mensasarkan untuk menambah senarai pengusaha mereka. Syarikat ini juga kini bekerja rapat dengan rakan niaga seperti Mid Valley Megamall dan The Gardens Mall untuk mencapai sasaran 40,000 pengusaha di beberapa bulan akan datang.

Untuk maklumat dan perkembangan terbaharu serta terma dan syarat untuk setiap promosi, layari:

Wajah Licin Tanpa Cela Dengan Masker ANJERI

Hasilnya terbukti pada kulit golongan selebriti Asia yang rata-rata licin tanpa cela meskipun berdepan dengan jadual kerja yang padat hingga terpaksa berjaga sehingga lewat malam dan kurang tidur.


DAN, rahsia mereka terbongkar apabila ramai yang mengguna Masker Anjeri dari Thailand ini. Satu rahsia kecantikan yang membuatkan kulit wajah golongan selebriti seluruh Asia kelihatan berseri, halus dan lembut.



Dicipta oleh pengasasnya, Thanadon Yingsiriworakun dari Rayanskin International Co. Ltd., jenama masker untuk penjagaan kecantikan berpangkalan di Thailand ini, menjadi ikutan dalam kalangan selebriti di Thailand dan Asia Tenggara, termasuk China, di mana ia meraih tempat utama di hati penggunanya.

Siri Masker Anjeri yang bakal memasuki pasaran Malaysia termasuk:

  • Anjeri Gold Facial Mask
  • Anjeri Silver Facial Mask
  • Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask
  •  Anjeri Silver Sleeping Mask

Anjeri Gold Facial Mask dan Anjeri Silver Facial Mask dihasilkan 100% daripada sutera semulajadi, dengan komposisi dan strukturnya menyamai kulit manusia. Ini membuatkan ia lebih hebat berbanding masker konvensional daripada kertas dan fabrik gentian (woven), memandangkan sutera kurang menimbulkan iritasi, alahan dan kegatalan pada kulit. Dengan ketebalan hanya 0.1 milimeter, kepingan masker Anjeri melekap pada kulit dengan sempurna dan lembut selain selesa pada kulit.

Anjeri Gold Facial Mask direka untuk menjadikan kulit yang matang kelihatan muda dengan kandungan sumber anti-penuaan dan pencerah daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi seperti ekstrak Centella Asiatica, ekstrak akar Polygonum Cuspidatum, ekstrak akar Scutellaria Baicalensis, ekstrak daun Camellia Sinensis, ekstrak akar Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), ekstrak daun Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), ekstrak bunga Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) dan ekstrak bunga Rose Rugosa. Penggunaan masker ini akan membuatkan kulit lebih lembab, cerah, dan berseri dengan penurunan kedalaman kedut dan pigmentasi selepas hanya 15 minit pemakaiannya yang mengikut masa disarankan.

Mungkin bahan paling menarik dalam masker ini adalah emas 24k, yang diakui mampu memperlahankan penurunan kolagen yang pada masa sama meningkatkan keanjalan dan pengaliran darah pada kulit, sekali gus mengekang tanda- tanda penuaan.

Anjeri Silver Facial Mask pula diperkaya dengan bahan pelembap dan pencerah yang hebat dengan kandungan seperti ekstrak Centella Asiatica, ekstrak akar Polygonum Cuspidatum, ekstrak akar Scutellaria Baicalensis, ekstrak daun Camellia Sinensis, ekstrak akar Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), ekstrak daun Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), ekstrak bunga Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria), ekstrak bunga Rosa Rugosa, Pentapeptide-1, Hexapeptide-1, Oligopeptide-1, Ascorbic Acid, ekstrak daun Aloe Barbadensis dan Betaine.

Anjeri Silver Facial Mask mengembalikan semula kelembapan yang hilang bagi menghasilkan kulit yang cerah, licin seperti kulit bayi. Penggunanya bakal menyaksikan saiz pori-pori yang mengecil, kedalaman kedut berkurangan, tiada lagi kulit kemerahan atau merengsa, sebaliknya semakin licin, cerah dan berseri.

Anjeri Gold dan Silver Facial Mask boleh didapati dalam kotak 10 helai keping masker pada harga runcit RM89.00 dan RM86.00.

Anjeri Sleeping Mask diperbaharui dengan gel unik di samping pembungkusan berbentuk kapsul untuk sekali guna. Direka untuk dipakai sebelum tidur, masker ini memberikan penyerapan yang mendalam dan menyeluruh bagi mendapatkan kulit yang berseri, nyaman dan sihat pada sebelah pagi. Siri masker untuk dibawa tidur berasaskan gel ini terdiri daripada Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask dan Anjeri Silver Sleeping Mask yang boleh didapati dalam kotak 16 kapsul pada harga RM89.00 dan RM86.00.

Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask direka untuk rawatan wajah bagi meremajakan, mencerah dan anti-penuaan. Pengguna akan bangun tidur dengan kulit wajah yang lebih cerah selain tanda-tanda kedut, pigmentasi dan cela yang semakin pudar.

Seperti juga Anjeri Gold Facial Mask, masker Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask ini juga mengandungi emas 24k yang diyakini mampu memperlahankan penurunan kolagen yang pada masa sama meningkatkan keanjalan dan pengaliran darah pada kulit untuk menghalang tanda-tanda penuaan.

Anjeri Silver Sleeping Mask mengandungi ekstrak buah Cornus Officinalis untuk kulit yang licin. Ia mengandungi bahan-bahan anti-oksidan dan anti-bakteria, selain membantu membuatkan kulit tampak lembut, lembab dan berseri.

Semua produk Anjeri mengandungi kod QR unik yang membolehkan pengguna mengimbas dan memastikan produk yang mereka beli asli dari kilang.

“Kami mempunyai matlamat untuk menjadi pendahulu dalam produk masker di Asia Tenggara. Sejumlah besar selebriti yang menjadi pengguna kami adalah bukti testimoni kepada kualiti produk kami. Dengan Anjeri, kulit seakan-akan anda membuat rawatan muka setiap hari dengan hasil yang tiada bandingan. Anda hanya perlu mencuba sekali untuk mempercayai apa yang diperkatakan tentang produk ini dan melihat sendiri mengapa ia menjadi kegemaran para selebriti,” kata Michelle Yin, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Black Belt Idea (M) Sdn. Bhd., pengedar masker Anjeri di Malaysia.

“Sudah tentu satu penghormatan apabila dipilih menjadi ‘wajah’ masker Anjeri di Malaysia. Masker ini sangat mudah bagi saya mengekalkan kulit yang cantik walaupun berdepan dengan gaya hidup sangat sibuk. Saya memperoleh seri wajah yang seumpama selepas rawatan muka tanpa berbelanja lebih atau perlu melangkah keluar dari rumah,” kata Venice Min, Duta Anjeri Malaysia.

Rangkaian lengkap Masker Anjeri kini boleh didapati di:

Untuk menjadi ejen untuk jenama ini, sila emel kepada atau hubungi 03-27708466

SHOPEE Wraps Up 12.12 With Over 12 million orders

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, wraps up a record-breaking year with its highly successful Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale.


On 12 December, Shopee saw over 12 million orders across the region, surpassing all past records including the recent Shopee 11.11 Big Sale.

Supported by more than 450,000 brands and merchants, Shopee recorded 48 million visits as users shopped 60 million deals across all categories. Shopee’s in-app games were also highly popular like the Shopee Shake which was played 46 million times throughout the campaign.

In Malaysia, Health and Beauty, Home and Living, and Baby and Toys were the top three most popular categories. Leading brands, including Watsons, Nestle, Pet Pet, Realme and Petronas emerged as favourites amongst users.

Additionally, all tickets for Shopee’s Regional Brand Ambassador, BLACKPINK’s 2019 World Tour that went on sale were sold out in less than an hour, with 100 tickets snapped up within the first 30 seconds.

Malaysians grew up with Milo so it came as no surprise when the Nestle Milo Energy Cube became the top favourite, with raving reviews about its unique bite-size goodness. Additionally, people are getting more health conscious as they continue to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The Russell Taylors Air Fryer was a sought-after product to add to their kitchen essentials as a healthy alternative to fry food while another crowd-pleaser was the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for wearers to track their fitness progress by recording their daily activities such as walking, sleep, heart rate and calories burnt. The old adage “an Apple a day keeps the doctor away” does ring true when iPhones became another attraction during the Shopee 12.12. Birthday Sale.

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director, Shopee, said,

Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale marks another significant milestone as we celebrate a year of exponential growth. This follows the success of Shopee 11.11 Big Sale in November and Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day in September. We are pleased to see the never ending support from our Shopee users, and to record around 16 million downloads in Malaysia is a huge achievement as we continue to be a leader in the e-commerce industry. A big thank you to our loyal users, sellers and partners for their continued support. It has been an exciting and fulfilling quarter for us as we surpass past records and set new benchmarks to reach next year. We look forward to having everyone join us in attaining even greater heights in 2019.”

Since launching in 2015, Shopee has seen tremendous growth across its seven markets, achieving over 195 million downloads across Southeast Asia and Taiwan .

Shopee Malaysia’s key milestones in 2018

2018 has proven to be an exciting year for Shopee Malaysia. Key highlights include:

● Scaled-up partnerships with leading brands
-Shopee boasts an extensive product variety featuring leading international and local brands including NYX, MR DIY, honor, Tefal, Tesco, LEGO, Fossil and more. This year, Shopee secured several exclusive mobile launches which were very well-received, including the honor 9 Lite which saw 500 units sold out within five minutes and Realme 2 Pro which is now the fastest growing smartphone brand on the platform. Shopee is the title sponsor of Piala FA Malaysia 2018 where more than 20,000 e-tickets were purchased on Shopee. Shopee also teamed up with Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) to provide a host of opportunities to KLFW alumni such as kick-starting their official stores on the platform and curating fashion campaigns both online and offline.

● Strengthened partnerships with leading logistics providers
-In line with Shopee’s dedication to providing the best online shopping experience, Shopee expanded its logistics network through its partnerships with leading logistics providers DHL eCommerce and AirAsia’s logistics arm RedBox to ensure smooth and efficient deliveries to all users.

● Forged deeper engagement with users through innovative ways
-The Shopee Celebrity Squad was launched in May to provide Shopee users with convenient access to products from adored local stars, including Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, Nora Danish, Ummi Nazeera, Tomok, Shuib Sepahtu and Siti Sarah. To date, Shopee has over 20 local celebrities in the squad, and aims to onboard even more celebrities in the coming year.

To round off Shopee’s birthday celebrations, users can shop one final round of birthday treats at Shopee 12.12 Thank You Sale happening from 13 to 14 December.

Shop the Shopee 12.12 Thank You Sale at

Pet Lovers Centre Keeps Stomach Full for A Charitable Cause

Back after a successful run last year, the 3rd Annual Pet Food Drive organised by Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia will commence from 1st to 16th December 2018.

Pet Lovers Centre - 3rd Annual Pet Food Drive2

All Pet Lovers Centres and The Pet Safaris across the nation will be taking part in the latest pet food drive campaign, allowing Malaysians to help our furry friends stay fed and healthy this holiday.

Based on the theme of ‘Stomachs Full, Dreams Come True!’, this pet food drive aims to lower the day-to-day food costs and fill the bowls of shelter dogs and cats, which in turn helps alleviate the financial burdens faced by animal welfare groups.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage our customers to support animals in need, the Pet Food Drive allows us to reach out to animal welfare groups nationwide. Since 2016, we have collected a total of 2642.71kg of food worth RM56,334 and we hope the positive trend continues this year,” says Bryan Boo, Operations Director of Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia.

To contribute, customers simply pay for their choice of pet food at any Pet Lovers Centre store at a special discounted price. The purchased products will then be delivered to the beneficiaries at the end of the campaign. All pet food raised will be updated on the Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia’s official website,

Which animal welfare group will the Pet Food Drive benefit?

The food collected from this year’s campaign will be allocated equally to four beneficiaries: Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS), PAWS Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Save A Stray Malaysia (SASM) and Second Chance Animal Society (SCAS).

The PAWS animal shelter takes in surrendered animals at its shelter and prepare them for adoption and now looks after over 500 dogs and cats. Pet Lovers Centre has been a long-term partner of PAWS as the pet retail chain does their best to help the animal shelter manage the welfare of strays. Besides the Pet Food Drive, Pet Lovers Centre also collects donation as well as providing an adoption space for PAWS through their Adopt 1st program.

“Once again, our partner Pet Lovers Centre is collecting food donation for our shelter animals. As it is the Christmas season, it’s the perfect time for sharing and it is a blessing to be able to give. We at PAWS, would like to thank everyone for their generosity and wishing them a blessed Christmas.” says Edward Lim, Manager of PAWS.

On the other hand, NANAS, a free-roaming no-kill sanctuary is currently home to over 1,000 rescued animals whereas SASM, a Pulau Ketam-based initiative, works to sterilise and rehome local strays. SCAS is also a no-kill shelter that aims to rehome rescued dogs. The centre currently cares for dogs that were victims of abuse, injury and abandonment.

“The daily wish for our 500 rescue animals is to be able to end the day with a happy and full tummy. Therefore, we would like to thank Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia‘s Pet Food Drive for helping us make their dreams come true,” says Kim, Advisor cum Treasurer of SCAS.

Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia currently has 29 retail stores operating across Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang. It is the leading pet retailer in the country, striving to provide the best solutions for pet owners and enable them to give the best care for their pets. Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia is also an advocate for stray animals and the Adopt 1st Centre at SS2 Central.


FIREFLY Airlines Proudly Launched ‘Jom Jalan!’ Online Travel Portal

Firefly Airlines proudly launched its Jom Jalan with Firefly Holiday, an enhanced version of its online travel portal together with GoQuo at The Saujana Hotel.


Marking as Malaysia’s first full-fledged travel portal 8 years ago, the Firefly Holiday team has grown and worked greatly to meet each and every customer’s expectations for an experience of a smooth journey with greater sense of satisfaction.

Firefly Holiday is ideal for global and regional travelers as it offers convenience from the time of booking to the point of arrival at the preferred destination. Customers are given full flexibility to customize and select their preferred flight timings, hotels and complement their holiday with optional transfers and tours. It has literally a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) capability to suit everybody’s holiday needs. Firefly Holiday has proven to be convenient and reliable, offering value-for-money packages since its inception in 2010.

As an airline’s best friend, GoQuo believes in empowering real time ancillary revenue by working with over 20 and trusted by over 40 ancillary product suppliers, GoQuo has revolutionized the traveling industry! Our platform aggregates a large range of travel services including hotel bookings, car rentals, activities and tours, insurance, airport transfers and many more.


“GoQuo also has its own independent framework comprising of several hundred APIs and offer a wide range of global suppliers to our customers which best meet their needs and preferences,” said Ron Ramanan, Founder of GoQuo.

“As we work hand in hand with GoQuo to upgrade every experience, be ready to be spoilt for choice for hotels, deals and activities in Malaysia and worldwide. Car rental services too can be booked via the website to have a hassle-free trip,” said Firefly chief executive officer Ignatius Ong.

“Through Firefly Holiday, we are ready to offer our passengers with different holiday experiences through variety of choices, great conveniences and affordable packages. These will be carried by the Jom Jalan campaign initiatives covering the undiscovered places and heritage exploration. Firefly is working on collaborations with potential tourism and corporate partners to highlight on segments of initiatives such as medical tourism, be-like locals’ packages, eco-tourism, attractions, food, adventures and shopping,” added Ong.

A special mention and thanks to Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Akyra Beach Club Phuket, Pinang Medical Supply Sdn.Bhd and Crocs for being the sponsors for various items during the launch.

Gingerbread Baking Session with White Lodge International Prechool

The children had a fun day learning on how to knead dough, cutting out cookies and decorating the gingerbreadman cookies and finally, cannot resist the temptation to taste the cookies..

White Lodge Image 1

What a great experience for these young small kids to enhance their skill and creativity.

White Lodge Image 9

White Lodge Image 7

Thank you to White Lodge International Preschool (White Lodge), these kids have some memorable memories.

White Lodge was borne in Singapore in 1999, with three students and two teachers and armed with the ambition to provide better early childhood education and support to parents and children alike.

Since then, it has enrolled over 10,000 students from more than 30 nationalities to successfully grow into becoming one of the very first preschools in Singapore to recognise the value of creative education to preschool-aged children.

Jayne Nadarajoo, Founding Director of White Lodge Education Group Services, said that she was inspired to establish White Lodge after realising that childhood education tends to focus on academic excellence, with little emphasis on long-term intellectual and emotional growth.

Bringing Creative Education to Malaysia
After two decades since inception, White Lodge has seven schools in Singapore and two in Malaysia.

Newly-opened White Lodge Bangsar South and Mont Kiara offer a range of learning facilities for children aged 18 months to six-and-a-half years old. The White Lodge syllabus invites children to explore and learn creatively but at their own pace. Providing flexible two-, three- or five-day programmes, the preschool and childcare provide options for parents to suit their needs.

White Lodge offers a variety of programmes for children aged 18 months to six and a half years in an environment where it includes an orientation towards mastery and students are fundamentally motivated to demonstrate mastery rather than just good grades.

“Early childhood education is undoubtedly one of the most crucial phases children go through as they are taught the many life skills on how to approach the world. Other than learning academic lessons, children at White Lodge are fundamentally equipped with wider skillsets such as awareness, respect, and social interaction – all of which are crucial elements to thrive in a rapidly changing world,” Jayne said.

To help children fulfil their true potential, White Lodge also adopts a uniquely-designed educational programme to foster their growth and development into unique individuals. This is enhanced by a child-centred learning environment that facilitates active learning, involvement and discovery through a hands-on approach that equip them with the confidence, skills and abilities to succeed in school and beyond.

Specially-Adapted Programmes and Theories for Child Development

White Lodge incorporates the creative approach from the United Kingdom National Curriculum and the theories of High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner into the curriculum to ensure personalised learning. This is so that children are empowered to be independent and responsible for their own learning.

Continue reading “Gingerbread Baking Session with White Lodge International Prechool”

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Features 4.5 Million Books

You can get 75% – 95% discounts across all genres up for grabs until 17 December 2018!

BBWKL18 - 01

BBWKL18 - 02

The nation’s favourite annual Book Sale is back with more books from all genres, in three languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese from best-sellers, young adult novels, romance, sci-fi, crime, thriller, business books, architecture books, art and design books, cookbooks and more. Parents will also find augmented reality (AR) books available.

BBWKL18 - 04

In an aim to give back to the society, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is partnering with Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the Red Readerhood Programme where public is encouraged to donate books to underprivileged children.

Astro Kasih Knowledge Zone Celebrities are bringing in celebrities like Lisa Surihani, Dina Nadzir, Daniel Lawak Solo, Lin Ariffin, Calista Leah, Emily Quak, Joe Chan and JieYing Tha who will make their appearances as storytellers as well as coordinating quizzes at the Sale to show their support towards the initiative.

Follow #BBWKL2018 for daily updates on:
INSTAGRAM: @bigbadwolfbooks

Customers of the Book Sale can also join the Selfie & Win or Book Haul contest to win yourself RM50 vouchers or the Grand Prize of a 10-book Harry Potter companion book set.

Contest Period:6-16 December 2018
6 – 16 December 2018

‘Make a PAWSitive Difference’ Helps in Changing Pets’s Health and Well Being

The campaign empowers pet owners with the knowledge and innovations to make a positive difference in their pets’ lives.

Photo 2 (1)

Launched at Sunway Nexis, this campaign featured a panel discussion with industry experts; fun games and activities as well as special appearances by key influencers such as Bujibu Chempel, Johan and his cats and The Als Malaysia Cat.

Together with PURINA, these experts and influencers were on hand to showcase the new PURINA innovations and provide advice on cats’ health and interactions.

Photo 1 (2)

“For 85 years and counting, PURINA has been guided by the belief that pets and people are better together. This has inspired us to continuously drive pet nutrition forward and today, we are proud to unveil three new innovations namely PURINA ONE, Fancy Feast, and Felix as part of our PAWsitve Difference campaign. These innovations are made with one thing in mind, your pets’ nutrition, hence it contains all the right and best quality ingredients your pets need to keep them healthy,” said Lam Pui Yuee, Business Executive Officer, PURINA Petcare, Nestlé PURINA Malaysia.

With PURINA ONE, cat owners are able to see a difference in their cats within three weeks. From the first week, owners can see their cats being more energetic and have healthier digestion in the second week. By the third week, their cats would have a shinier coat. It contains high-quality ingredients of which more than 30% is made out of protein where meat is the first ingredient.

Understanding that cats love to have a variety of flavourful food and textures, Fancy Feast Dry Gourmet Food is now available in a larger pack size for added convenience. Together with its Wet Food range, Fancy Feast Dry Gourmet Food completes the total culinary food experience that cats love. This is indeed true as Fancy Feast is endorsed by Malaysia’s own celebrity cat Bujibu Chempel.

The new Felix single serve wet food, is made with a Japanese recipe that contains meaty grilled chunks in succulent golden jelly with irresistible smell. It is available in six different varieties ranging from Adult Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, Mackerel and Sardine, and Kitten Tuna.

Furthermore, all of PURINA’s cat range products is certified with ‘SUCI BERSIH’ which certifies that the product’s ingredients comply with the Shariah Law. The logo that appears on the packaging is awarded by the Islamic Food Research Centre (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which is a member of the World Halal Council.

To help pet owners understand their pets’ nutrition health better, PURINA invited Dr Hasliza Abu Hassim who is a senior lecturer attached to the Department of Veterinary Preclinical Sciences, University Putra Malaysia, to share her knowledge on pet nutrition. During her panel discussion session Dr Hasliza explained the type of foods cat can and should consume. She also stressed on the importance of understanding the nutritional needs of cats and the benefits of feeding cat formulated food over human food (table scraps).

“As we often find ourselves bombarded with information both online and offline these days, it is almost impossible for us to know what is the right information that we should follow. Hence, we are pleased to have Dr Hasliza and Johan here with us to share their advice and experience with pet owners and help them understand their pets’ needs better to make a PAWSitive difference in their pets,” said Pui Yuee.

PAWS Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was present at the event to drive public awareness around animal adoption, educating the public on the challenges of running an animal shelter, and how each person can do their part. This was done via activities at their booth and through a sharing session by the PAWS shelter manager, Edward Lim.

To commemorate this, PURINA will be providing pet food to PAWS for over 100 pets over 100 days, with hopes of nourishing these pets with the right amount of nutrition and keep them healthy.

PURINA also donated 12% of total sales of products from 1st to 12th December 2018 on its Shopee page to PAWS. This is part of PURINA’s commitment for ‘Make a PAWSitive difference’ campaign.

‘Merry Gifting Christmas’ Comes Alive at Avenue K

Really amazed by the views of red gift boxes of every shape and size which are beautifully wrapped with dazzling gold ribbon and piled up, one on top of another to create a towering Christmas tree. What a sight!


With clouds of floating Christmas gifts illuminate the Atrium’s sky in a breathtaking display of sparkle and splendour, Avenue K invites you to step through a magnificent Christmas experience and be magically transported into a wonderland of presents!


And decked in tinsel and glitter is a life size advent calendar inspired photo booth area as the highlight at the mall’s Atrium.

This festive season, let’s thrill your family and friends with unique  and personalised presents purchased from Avenue K. be inspired by gift ideas from Avenue K‘s exclusive Christmas Marketplace , offering an array of merchandise ranging from chic apparel to stunning accessories, festive decorations and lovingly crafted gifts that will ensure that there is something for everyone in Santa’s list.

Avenue K has Christmas entirely wrapped with an impressive line-up of events starting from 23 November until 2 January 2019 including captivating performances, workshops, gift redemptions and exciting giveaways and many Christmas-themed workshops to delight the little ones.

Let our Christmas carollers serenade you with sweet melodies while Santa takes you for an enjoyable walkabout. Bring the whole family for a day of holiday fun and be entertained by the Winter Sax Ensemble Show and Jazzy Christmas Band.

Get rewarded when you do your shopping at Avenue K and stand a chance to win super cool gadgets, a 7-day Mercedes-Benz-A-Class test drive experience and Avenue K cash vouchers worth over RM10,000 in total.

To participate:

  1. Spend RM500 (RM450 for AK Neighbours Card members) in a maximum of TWO combined receipts on the same day, at any store in Avenue K
  2. Guess the number of gift boxes

The winner with the most accurate guess will win the top prize which is:

  • a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and
  • a 7-day Mercedes-Benz-A-Class test drive experience

Shoppers will also be rewarded with an exclusive Avenue K Christmas Gift Box with every R350 spend (RM300 for AK Neighbour Card Members) in a single receipt on the same day at any store in Avenue K.

So don’t miss a chance to be the FIRST 25 shoppers daily to enjoy this exclusive privilege.

Snap and spread the holiday joy at Avenue K!

All shutter-happy customers will be delighted to be in the running to win RM150 MUJI cash voucher when they join Avenue K Christmas social media contest.

This is how you can win the cash voucher:

  1. Just head over to the Christmas photo booth located at the Ground Floor Atrium
  2. Snap a picture
  3. Make sure to like and follow Avenue K’s social platform
  4. Share your picture on IG with the hashtag #AKXMAS18
  5. Flash the post at the Information Counter, Ground Floor
  6. Redeem an instant gift

Avenue K will also reward the top FIVE participants with the highest LIKES on the IG post with a MUJI cash voucher worth RM150 each.

Revel in the joy of gifting by redeeming complimentary gift-wrapping services with every RM100 spend in a single receipt at any store in Avenue K.

Gift shopping just got easier with the convenience of Grab rides. Be one of the early birds to enjoy RM10 off TWO Grab rides (valid for the first 1,000 rides) to travel to and from Avenue K. Just type in the code AKXMAS to redeem discount. This promotion is valid from 23rd November to 2nd January 2019.

To highlight the joy of giving with a purpose, Avenue K is collaborating with Charwiki to spread holiday cheers to 15 underprivileged kids from the House of Joy as part of its CSR initiative.

During the launch of Avenue K‘s Christmas campaign, the kids enjoyed a fun day of dinner at Nene Chicken and a shopping spree.

Village Grocer also donated a cart full of grocery goodies to the children’s home. A list of Christmas wishes from these underprivileged kids will be published on Charwiki’s website which shoppers will have the chance to make these kids’s dreams come true by donating a gift to them via

Head onto Avenue K now for a magical holiday experience filled with gifting wonders and with a delightful shopping and dining experience unlike any other.

IPC Shopping Centre Bring Swedish-Inspired Wintery Wonder This Christmas

IPC Shopping Centre Brings ‘The Swede-est Christmas’ for a Double Celebration in conjunction with IPC’s 15th Year Anniversary

IPC The Swede-est Christmas - 3

Inspired by the old town of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden, IPC’s ‘The Swede-est Christmas’ features a snowy wonderland filled with unique Swedish flair of celebration, shopping delights, festive activities and exclusive deals from now until 1st January 2019.

The Swede-est Christmas at IPC Shopping Centre

IPC The Swede-est Christmas - 1

Celebrating IPC’s Swedish roots, shoppers and visitors will be taken on a journey through the snowy pathway at the concourse of the shopping centre. With festive Scandinavian houses, lighted reindeers, Tomte figurines, a 19-feet Christmas tree, together with a life-size Yule Goat, visitors will be spoilt for choice for Insta-worthy photo moments.

Visitors can also enjoy the different types of activities during the weekends throughout this festive period. The activities are crafted to suit the different interests and needs of each family member. There will be Christmas ornament and decoration workshops, special Tomte and Swedish maiden meet and greets, Swedish Polska dance performances, as well as fun arts and crafts workshops for kids.

15th Years in the Community

From the humble beginnings when Mutiara Damansara was still an up-and-coming hot spot, the neighbourhood shopping centre has diversified into more than just a shopping destination for the community. It has evolved into an inspirational space for all walks of life to meet, shop, dine, learn and create positive memories together.

Throughout the years, IPC managed to strengthen its partnership and has currently achieved more than 95% occupancy rate, while maintaining 46% of their long-term tenants such as Harvey Norman, Popular Bookstore, Padini, Brands Outlet, Spotlight and Ace Hardware. Since the redevelopment in 2017, more than 145 new and existing tenants have come aboard to further enhance the family-friendly environment.

Furthermore, IPC has accelerated its priority for comfort, security, and convenience for the many. Maximising cross-visitation and accessibility, the community-friendly shopping centre recently introduced a new access point to the Mutiara Damansara MRT Station from IPC, as well as link bridges linking IPC and IKEA to The Curve respectively.

“When we had the redevelopment last year, we knew the shopping experience we give to our visitors had to be more than just the physical space. It should be about a variety of factors, and one of it is the convenience in how they are able to access us from the nearest public transportation station and our other neighbours. We are very grateful in the strong partnerships and mutual understanding we have with our tenants, neighbours, as well as shoppers.

Hence, this Christmas serves as a beautiful reminder for us to reflect, and continue to strive to do so much more for the community,” said Karyn Lim, Centre Manager of IPC Shopping Centre.

With the concept of ‘So Much More’, IPC’s sustainability efforts continue to be an integral part of their business. Through everyday efforts, they have included simply ways to give back to the planet, such as using energy saving bulbs and placing waste-specific recycle bins around the shopping centre.

In addition, IPC was the first shopping centre in the Klang Valley to introduce its humble buy-back system through the launch of the Recycling & Buy-Back Centre in 2009. With its new upgrade from the redevelopment, the Recycling & Buy-Back Centre remains as a convenient drop-off point for visitors to get rid of their recyclable waste.

Karyn explained,

“When we adopted the concept ‘so much more’, it held so much meaning to the brand, to our team, and even our partners. There is always so much more we can do – for our shoppers, our community, our tenants, and even our planet. We believe in being so much more than just a shopping centre, because today’s shoppers are looking beyond just shopping – they want an experience. As we head into the next 15 years, we will continue our commitment to our shoppers, visitors, tenants, and partners, to grow alongside with the community, and build a meaningful future.”

With so much more than just festive décor, shoppers will also be rewarded with double delights every time they spend at IPC Shopping Centre from now until 1st January 2019:

  • For one day only, 15 lucky shoppers stand a chance to win RM25,000 worth of prizes during IPC 15th Anniversary Giant Mission Box Giveaway
  • A Giant Mission Box will be set up at the concourse of Level G on 15th December 2018, at 3:00pm
  • Shopper to choose one mission to complete and claim their prize upon completion
  • Redeem one (1) 2019 IPC table calendar and wrapping paper | With a minimum spend of RM100 in a single receipt
  • Redeem one (1) set of stainless steel straw, IPC notebook, table calendar and wrapping paper | With a minimum spend of RM500 in a maximum combination of 2 receipts

IPC’s First Kids Club

During this festive season, IPC Shopping Centre, a family-friendly centre, is also proud to introduce the IPC Små Club – a kids club specially for the little ones. Appropriately named ‘små’ which means ‘small’ in Swedish, the club allows parents with kids age below 12 years old to enjoy more promotions and discounts when they shop at IPC. With one year free membership, parents will get first dibs to any IPC kids’ workshops and activities, as well as receive birthday gifts during their child’s birthday month.

Besides that, one of the many benefits of becoming an IPC Små Club kid is the encouragement kids will get when they recycle at IPC Recycling & Buy Back Centre. For every 1kg worth of recyclable items, our little friends will gain one special Små Club sticker.

For more information about IPC Shopping Centre’s ‘The Swede-est Christmas’, its list of festive activities, or the IPC Små Club, visit

COLAB Dry Shampoo is available at GUARDIAN Malaysia

Tried this product. My hair not only smells good but it also smoother and I feel fresh. Love this product!


COLAB, an award-winning dry shampoo in United Kingdom that was created by a team of beauty experts including International Blogger Ruth Crilly has just landed in Malaysia and available exclusively at GUARDIAN Malaysia and Sogo.

This amazing product helps to soak up excess grease and dirt without wetting the hair. You can even style the hair with the dry shampoo by giving hair some volume and texture. It helps to freshen up in between breaks on a busy day and suitable for people who are always on the go.

Just spray some COLAB’s brilliant quick fix formula into hair roots for great oil absorption without having worry about the white residue for effortlessly refreshed hair in an instant!

COLAB is 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly. It comes in 200ml fun and trendy designed spray can and in 10 fabulous variants that are suitable for all hair types including bleached and colour treated hair.

Among the variants are:

  • Original: “Too cool for school” vibe and an effortlessly cool, bergamot with rose scent
  • Tropical:Carnival vibes and a sunset sweet, pineapple and papaya scent
  • Fruity: A cheeky vibe and a deliciously juicy, apple and melon scent
  • Fresh: Laidback mermaid vibes and a beach chic, lemon and neroli scent
  • Paradise: Feel-good flamingo vibes and a totally tropical coconut scent
  • Extreme Volume:Plumping powder for instant comeded body and oommpphh!
  • Active:Super charged with active ingredients to help protect and condition hair
  • Candy:Instant wow-factor with a playful vibe and a sugar sweet scent
  • Unicorn: Enchanting and mystical with the scent of rainbows and pure fantasy
  • Good Vibes: Gives hair an instant wow-factor with its laidback vibe and a fruitalicious scent

These dry shampoos are retailed at very affordable prices ranging from RM32.92 to RM37.64

For more info, please:

  1. visit
  2. follow FB:Colab Dry Shampoo
  3. IG: colabhairmy

11street Perkenal Fon Telinga Tanpa Wayar Dengan Kecerdasan Buatan

Hasil usahama dengan SOUL Electronics juga menjadikan Fon Telinga Tanpa Wayar RUN FREE PRO BIO pertama seumpamanya di dunia yang dilengkapi dengan BiomechEngine bersama suara masa sebenar. 


Tanpa perlu mengeluarkan belanja yang banyak untuk mendapatkan jurulatih, anda boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan Jurulatih Larian A.I, SOUL Run Free Pro Bio yang akan membimbing anda di sepanjang larian.


Menerusi teknologi analisis GAIT, RUN FREE PRO BIO bersama aplikasi SOUL Fit pula , ia menyediakan analisis terperinci keadaan larian dan risiko kecederaan untuk meningkatkan prestasi larian anda.

Memandangkan kebelakangan ini, jelas dilihat gaya hidup rakyat Malaysia semakin aktif dan sihat. Larian juga kian menjadi bentuk senaman pilihan ekoran kemudahan yang disediakan di sekeliling kita. Sebagai aktiviti senaman, larian boleh dilakukan di mana-mana lokasi, pada bila-bila masa dan juga merupakan aktiviti yang menjimatkan kos.

Walaupun demikian, seperti semua jenis aktiviti mahupun senaman, postur badan yang tidak betul mampu memberi kesan negatif terhadap latihan dan mungkin menyebabkan berlakunya kecederaan.

Menyediakan penyelesaian terhadap isu tersebut,  11street (, menjalin kerjasama dengan SOUL Electronics, sebuah peneraju global dalam peranti audio pengguna yang direka khusus untuk gaya hidup aktif dan cergas,  memperkenalkan fon telinga tanpa wayar kecerdasan buatan (A.I) pertama di dunia, RUN FREE PRO BIO. Alat RUN FREE PRO BIO dilengkapi dengan fungsi jurulatih suara bagi memberikan nasihat masa sebenar ketika larian anda.

Merupakan inovasi terbaharu dalam teknologi sukan, fon telinga RUN FREE PRO BIO dikuasakan oleh Beflex BiomechEngine® telah direka khas untuk menjadi jurulatih peribadi khas untuk anda bagi memantau prestasi anda demi meningkatkan keberkesanan larian serta mengurangkan risiko kecederaan.

Serba-lengkap bersama aplikasi SOUL FIT, RUN FREE PRO BIO menghimpun data Analisis GAIT dengan mengukur data dan membandingkanya dengan pelbagai parameter lain seperti sudut memiring dan simetri kepala, ayunan menegak, panjang, lebar serta rentak langkah, hentakan dan sebagainya.

Aplikasi SOUL FIT kemudian menganalisis corak larian anda dan menyediakan grafik terperinci dan maklum balas masa sebenar untuk memperbaiki prestasi larian anda dan mengurangkan risiko kecederaan. Melalui maklumat ini, anda dapat mengkaji semula prestasi dan memperbetulkan bentuk larian selepas setiap sesi latihan.

Terry Ho, Pengurus Perniagaan Serantau SOUL Electronics Limited berkata,

“Kami mereka kesemua produk kami untuk memenuhi permintaan atlet serta golongan yang menggemari aktiviti kecergasan harian. Kami terus berada di kedudukan pendahulu trend terkini dan sentiasa seiring dengan keperluan dan kehendak spesifik pengguna. RUN FREE PRO BIO terbaharu ini merupakan fon telinga A.I pertama yang dibangunkan menerusi usaha bersama Beflex untuk menyediakan penyelesaian latihan peribadi yang mudah dipakai. SOUL mahu menyediakan generasi baharu teknologi sukan di pasaran, beralih daripada fungsi jejak ke latihan. Malah, usaha tersebut disasarkan ke semua produk A.I kami yang akan datang.

Sebahagian daripada matlamat jalinan kerjasama dengan 11street adalah untuk mendekati rakyat Malaysia yang menjalani gaya hidup lebih sihat secara proaktif dan memenuhi keperluan komuniti tersebut”

Jenny Tay, Ketua Pegawai Pemasaran 11street berkata,

“Kami amat gembira melihat lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia melabur dalam penjagaan kesihatan mereka, berdasarkan jualan 11.11 kami baru-baru ini yang telah melonjakkan kedudukan kategori produk ‘Kesihatan & Kecantikan’ ke tiga kategori utama pembelian pelanggan. Sehubungan itu, usaha kerjasama dengan SOUL Electronics ini adalah pada masa yang tepat dan merupakan langkah strategik pihak kami untuk memenuhi keperluan pelanggan dengan memperluaskan penyenaraian produk dalam kategori ini.

Kami amat teruja menjadi yang pertama di rantau Asia Tenggara untuk menyediakan RUN FREE PRO BIO, fon telinga kecerdasan pintar pertama dunia, kepada para pelanggan 11street pada jualan 12.12 yang akan datang dan kami menjangkakan langkah penambahan produk di dalam platform kami akan terus menggalakkan gaya hidup sihat dalam kalangan pelanggan.”

Fon telinga RUN FREE PRO BIO memaparkan kualiti bunyi terbaik dengan penyahkod stereo apt- X bagi keterhubungan lancar dalam sebarang persekitaran dengan keupayaan fungsi sehingga 11 jam menerusi pengecasan penuh. Fungsi kalis cuacanya juga menyediakan perlindungan daripada peluh dan air, sementara kancing telinga boleh ditukar ganti ergonomik memastikan fon telinga itu sentiasa terletak sempurna dan selesa pada pelbagai saiz telinga.

Tambahan kepada itu, fon telinga berkenaan juga dilengkapi dengan lampu LED keselamatan dan kabel memantul bagi penglihatan yang lebih jelas dan penjagaan keselamatan semasa larian malam.

SOUL terus memperluaskan siri sukan dan gaya hidup mereka, memberi fokus terhadap pembangunan produk Tanpa Wayar Sebenar dan A.I untuk menawarkan penyelesaian audio terbaik industri yang menawarkan kualiti bunyi dan keselesaan terbaik, di samping rekaan bergaya.

Menerusi usaha kerjasama ini, para pelanggan boleh membuat tempahan awal fon telinga RUN FREE PRO BIO secara eksklusif di:

 11street pada harga RM699, dari 4 hingga 12 Disember 2018.

Pelanggan yang membeli fon telinga itu layak menikmati manfaat pertukaran 1-bagi-1 dalam tempoh setahun, tertakluk pada terma dan syarat, serta jaminan lanjutan yang disediakan dengan mengimbas kod QR yang tersedia pada kotak produk.

Didatangkan dengan pilihan warna Power Grey dan Passion Red dengan kepala telinga pelbagai saiz, fon telinga berkenaan sesuai dipakai oleh semua jenis pengguna dan pada sebarang persekitaran larian, menjadikan RUN FREE PRO BIO penyelesaian latihan peribadi mudah dipakai terbaik sepanjang pengembaraan kecergasan anda.

Mulai 4 hingga 31 Disember 2018, SOUL Electronics juga akan menyediakan potongan 20% di kedai mayanya di 11street, tidak termasuk RUN FREE PRO BIO.

Individu yang membuat pembelian fon telinga RUN FREE PRO BIO akan menerima kupon kredit bernilai RM200 setelah membuat pengesahan pembelian. Pelanggan juga boleh mendapatkan produk-produk SOUL terpilih daripada aplikasi Boost pada kadar diskaun 20% dari 4 hingga 31 Disember 2018, sementara stok masih ada.

Di samping itu, 11street juga turut menawarkan pelbagai tawaran dan promosi yang luar biasa untuk pelanggan sempena jualan 12.12 yang akan datang. Bermula pada 5 hingga 10 Disember, para pelanggan akan mempunyai akses kepada Muat Turun Kupon Jenama Khas 12.12 bagi 12 produk utama daripada 12 jenama popular merentasi pelbagai kategori serta Tawaran Jenama sehingga 90%.

Pembeli juga boleh nantikan Promosi Permainan Krismas di 11street, di mana pengguna boleh mendaftar masuk setiap hari untuk mendapatkan kupon. Bukan itu sahaja! 11street juga turut menawarkan Tawaran Kilat dari 11 hingga 14 Disember, serta Tawaran ebaucar dari 18 hingga 20 Disember.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari:

Mengenai SOUL Electronics
SOUL merupakan peneraju dalam sektor elektronik pengguna dan pengilangan global dengan kekayaan sejarah dalam menghasilkan teknologi dan konsep inovatif termasuk produk audio berkualiti tinggi, penyingkiran bunyi dan tanpa wayar. Jurutera bunyi terkemuka dan artis memenangi anugerah Grammy, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, telah menghasilkan fon telinga SOUL yang pertama bersama-sama. Pasukan kami sentiasa mencabar diri dalam menghasilkan produk audio terbaik pada harga mampu milik. Kami mewakili visi dalam rekaan berpaksikan ciri-ciri inovatif terbaik dengan teknologi akustik terkini, selain penampilan bergaya yang juga boleh ditemui pada produk-produk silam dan masa depan SOUL.

Untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut, sila layari:

Bagi pertanyaan media berkenaan SOUL, sila hubungi:
Sam Tee
Pengarah SK Gadget Sdn Bhd (Pengedar Sah SOUL di Malaysia)

Mengenai 11street (
11street merupakan pasaran dalam talian yang boleh dipercayai dan mudah yang menawarkan pelbagai pilihan produk pada harga yang kompetitif. Ia bermatlamat untuk merevolusikan pengalaman membeli-belah dalam talian dengan menjadikannya lebih khusus dan menarik. 11street mempunyai pilihan meluas kategori produk yang terdiri daripada Fesyen, Elektronik, Barangan Keperluan, Kesihatan & Kecantikan, Kanak-kanak & Bayi, Riadah & Sukan, Kediaman & Gaya Hidup serta Buku & Perkhidmatan, termasuk tawaran menarik seperti e-baucar. 11street juga adalah sebuah pasaran yang optimum, yang mana ekosistem pembarangan, pendidikan dan program latihannya mampu memberi sokongan kepada penjual terlibat tanpa mengira saiz perniagaan mereka. Ditubuhkan di Korea sejak tahun 2008, 11street kini merupakan salah satu daripada penyedia pasaran e-dagangan terkemuka dunia dengan 400,000 penjual yang menyediakan khidmat kepada lebih 30 juta pelanggan di seluruh dunia. 11street di Malaysia dioperasi oleh Celcom Planet Sdn. Bhd. – usaha sama diantara Axiata Digital Services Sdn. Bhd., SK Planet Ltd, dan PUC Ventures Sdn. Bhd. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari

Hubungan media 11street:
Pelf Yeen Chen
+6012 463 8411

Untuk pertanyaan media, sila hubungi:
Joanna Ambrose Arcis Communications
+6012 980 3154

Nurul Atiqah
Arcis Communications
+60 19-234 1115

Jom “Live and Lepak” with Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is a common for travellers. But have you heard about Airbnb Experiences?

Beside staying in the Airbnb, customer can experience all the local activities from designing and creating your own batik prints, to testing your courage as you abseil down a waterfall in Janda Baik, Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, is encouraging local Malaysians to “Live and Lepak” with over 120 Airbnb Experiences.

Fortunately, we are among the lucky ones to try first hand of this Airbnb Experiences. It happens at Nouri Glass Villa in Hulu Langat, Selangor.


Do you know?

Malaysia is a popular global destination with a growth of 99% year-over-year in guest arrivals, making it the fastest growing market in Southeast Asia. Domestic travel is on the rise as well, attesting that there is much to be discovered whether you are an international traveller or a local. With the rising trend of a new experience-based travel economy, we find locals wanting to further engage in their local communities, especially over long weekends and school holidays.

Live, vs. visit, where what you do becomes the Destination in Itself

A new trend is arising. Even when travelling within Malaysia, locals are looking for a new way to rediscover their own backyard. From adventurous solo travellers, to mums thinking of ways to engage the family, Airbnb Experiences make travel magical again. Experiences immerse travellers in local communities around the world by offering curated, one-of-a-kind activities that are handcrafted and led by local experts.


Lepak, where you can now get rewarded for relaxing

“Don’t lepak! Go study!” is a phrase we are all familiar with, where parents are constantly advocating for us to make “better” use of our time.

Now, Airbnb Experiences creates new economic opportunities by allowing people to unlock their hobbies and make money from them.

Airbnb Live & Lepak Image 3 - Zapin Workshop

Fuad, Airbnb Experience Host of Magical Kampung Baru, says

“I get to help travellers explore authentically and immerse themselves into a local area and culture. A place has lots of stories to be told, and you will only find out when you know a local. For example, I enjoy sharing how the street names of Kampung Baru is actually named after locals who contributed to the wellbeing of the kampung folks.”

He charges RM96 for each session.

Beyond human connection, this new way of travel is powered by people. Airbnb’s “Live and Lepak” campaign aims to encourage locals to relax and find meaning in their passions, while enlivening the already-vibrant Malaysian creative community.

“We are excited to support a new wave of entrepreneurs in the local community and as the travel industry continues to grow, Airbnb promotes tourism that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable. Malaysians are creative and passionate entrepreneurs, and Airbnb Experiences are a great way to unleash economic opportunity for people to monetise their passions and talents. Our greatest assets are time and potential and Experiences is a way to unlock that.” – says Parin Mehta, Director of Airbnb Experiences, Asia Pacific

Here are some Airbnb Experiences aimed to inspire locals as they decide what to do over the weekend, or consider being an Airbnb Experience Host themselves. Airbnb Experiences are also categorised based on passion points.

  • Food & Drinks
  • For Foodies By Foodie
  • Sundowner Walk: Speakeasy + Chinatown
  • Learn to Make Healthy Malaysian Dishes
  • Arts & Design-Globally, 28% of over 15,000 Experiences now offered on Airbnb are rooted in the arts. Arts & Design are a way for to get under the skin of a local culture and meet passionate individuals, proud of their heritage and finding innovative ways to keep local traditions alive
  • Discover the Beauty of Malaysia Batik
  • Introduction to Gemmology
  • Making Tea Ceremony in a Hidden Vintage House
  • Nature & Outdoors-You don’t need to be an athlete to do this. There are various Experiences available dependent on the amount of time you have over the weekend, or the level of fitness, but they have one thing in common that they can promise you, VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS!
  • Waterfall Hiking Day Trip + Batu Caves
  • Waterfall Abseiling in Janda Baik
  • Magical Kampung Bahru Tour
  • Social Impact-Locals are also using the platform as a way to give back to the community by hosting Social Impact Experiences. Airbnb Social Impact Experiences provide a local host with the chance to share more about a cause they are passionate about. Airbnb waives all fees, and 100% of the funds collected from guests goes to the charitable organisation chosen by the local host
  • Traditional Malay Dance Workshop
  • Discover the Deaf Community of Malaysia
  • Discover art galleries in Kuala Lumpur

About Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong through healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 5+ million unique places to stay in more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries.

With Experiences, Airbnb offers unprecedented access to local communities and interests through 15,000 unique, handcrafted activities run by hosts across 1,000+ markets around the world. Airbnb’s people-to-people platform benefits all its stakeholders, including hosts, guests, employees and the communities in which it operates.

Segar, Menawan dan Berkeyakinan Dengan SYAHIRAH Vitalis Mystique

Segar dan berangin seperti berada di tepi pantai. Itulah yang dirasa apabila memakai haruman terbaharu SYAHIRAH Vitalis Mystique Eau De Cologne.


Haruman memukau, melonjakkan rasa ceria dan menggamit ingatan indah adalah intipati yang ada pada haruman Vitalis Mystique ini.



Cetusan inspirasi kehangatan kota penuh ceria, berani dan luar biasa Honolulu di Hawaii, ia membawa ada mengembara jauh seolah-olah sedang beada di kepulauan yang mempunyai panorama yang indah dan cantik, sesekali dibuai angin laut yang lembut dan segar.


Haruman Vitalis Mystique ini dirumus istimewa untuk wanita muslimah yang moden, ranggi, bijak lagi mempersona serta berkeyakinan tinggi dalam apa jua aktiviti yang dilakukan namun tetap menyerlah anggun dan berketrampilan.

Seunik namanya, Vitalis Mystique pasti menjadi teman baik kaum hawa yang ingin menyerlahkan personaliti dan persona yang ada menerusi semburan komposisi aroma yang semerbak secara tak langsung menambah daya penarik pada orang di sekeliling.

TIGA komposisi utama haruman Vitalis Mystique adalah:

  • kemanisan buah rasberi
  • keharuman bunga peony
  • kehangatan aroma musky

Ketiga-tiga elemen meyuntik tenaga yang berlainan sebaik sahaja ia disemburkan pada badan.

Menariknya, ia adalah satu resolusi bagi mereka yang kurang berkeyakinan tatkala bersama dengan yang tersayang.

Hadir dalam bingkisan biru gelap mewah ala kristal menampilkan sesuatu yang misteri di dalamnya.

Selain Vitalis Mystique, rangkaian haruman Syahirah Vitalis didatangkan dalam ENAM lagi jenis haruman. Semuanya mempunyai harumannya yang tersendiri bersama aroma yang berlainan agar dapat digunakan oleh kaum wanita yang mempunyai aura misteri dan kecantikan masing-masing.

  1. Haute Couture: dicipta daripada kombinasi ros, buah beri dan vanilla mencetuskan aroma manis dan lembut. Sesuai untuk wanita moden yang romantik dan ingin tampil menyerlah sepanjang masa
  2. Femme Chic: Letusan aroma yang menyerlahkan sisi feminin dan sensual. Rumusan buah beri dan bungaan sesnsual menerbitkan rasa manis dan segar, untuk kekal wangi sepanjang hari
  3. Celebrite: Alami keghairahan campuran aroma utama daripada Floriental Fruity seperti Jasmin dan kayu cendana, ia memberikan sensasi aroma menyegarkan sesuai untuk wanita ceria, berani dan positif
  4. Magnifique: Dibaluti dengan gabungan haruman sitrus seperti buah mandarin dan tangerine, bunga lili dan vanila, ia membangkitkan aroma yang lembut dan halus, sesuai untuk anda yang feminin dan manis
  5. Empress: Adunan beberapa haruman mewah menggambarkan pesona menawan di dalam diri untuk terus bersemangat melalui hari dengan positid
  6. Dazzling: Serlahkan kegembiraan dengan mencipta memori manis menerusi semburan haruman gabungan nota oren, ros, lily, vanilla dance darwood agar haruman melekat mesrsa untuk tempoh yang lama

Anda boleh miliki haruman Syahirah Vitalis Mystique EDC Edisi Terhad bermula bulan ini sehingga Disember 2018. Ia boleh didapati pada harga runcit RM19.90 di semua rangkaian farmasi terkemuka, pasar raya dan pasar raya besar terpilih.

Maklumat lanjut, layari


Celebrate Magical Whimsical Christmas at Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC has transformed into a spectacular whimsical Christmas wonderland with breath-taking poinsettia floral town decorated with ribbons of colourful lights and snow Christmas tree, festooned with garlands and crystal inspired ornaments.


“Christmas is one of the most anticipated seasons for Suria KLCC when we bring the magic that comes with the celebration. This year our magical Christmas town is guarded by the colourful Nutcracker army will make the young smile and bring back the memories of Christmas celebration during your childhood days. It ignites happiness and excitement of this festivity.” said Suria KLCC Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Andrew Brien.

Also present were Director of Package Development Division, Ministry of Tourism, Tuan Syed Yahya Syed Othman and Head of Shopping Mall Secretariat of Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Puan Norliza Md Zain.

At the KLCC Esplanade stands Malaysia’s tallest Christmas tree, guarded bt two giant Nutcracker Guards welcoming shoppers and visitors to the Suria KLCC. It will be displayed until 2 January 2019.

Besides Suria KLCC, Alamada and Mesra Mall are also running their Christmas campaign to ring in the festivity and holiday mood with various activities at their respective mall.

For this festival, Suria KLCC has partnered with Citibank to spread the cheer of giving with exclusive rewards upon purchases.

The first 30 Citibank Visa cardholder who spend minimum of RM1,0000 in a single receipt daily will receive a mystery gift and Suria KLCC parking ticket worth RM10. For purchase of RM3,500 and above in a maximum two receipts, shoppers will receive a special L’Occitane gift set. Purchases must be made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday only and the reward is limited to 60 shoppers on Friday and 40 per day on weekends.

Non-Citibank customer will also receive a mystery gift when they spend RM1,000 and above in a single receipt. Suria KLCC is also giving out L’Occitane gift set to the first 30 customers who spend RM3,500 and above in a single receipt on weekends.

To make shopping even more rewarding at Suria KLCC, five lucky winners will be picked to win a piece of jewelry from De Beers when they spend RM3,500 and above on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

The contest is open to both Citibank Visa card holder and non-Citibank customers. There is also Secret Santa who will be giving out mystery gift to lucky shoppers. So, shop at Suria KLCC and get all these exciting rewards. Campaign ends at 25 December 2018.

A variety of activities and performances will be held throughout the celebration period. Shoppers can enjoy a lively array of performances including ballet, a marching bad and Christmas carolling. Children will have a chance to meet Santa at a greet and meet session.

Check out for the greet and meet sessions schedule and other performances.

BATA Introduces Its First Ever Bata Kids Store in Asia

CONGRATULATIONS Bata Malaysia for the new opening store!!




This new Bata Kids store carries the finest collection of children’s footwear and accessories from brands such as:

  • BubbleGummers
  • Disney’s Marvel
  • Hello Kitty
  • Barbie
  • My Little Pony
  • Skechers Kids
  • Nike
  • Puma.


In terms of the age range, Bata Kids caters for infants all the way up to 15-year-old children. Aside footwear, the store also carries a few selections of stationary sets as well as school bags.

The flagship store has been carefully constructed to be fun and colourful in order to be appealing to the kids. This extends to the store’s design as well as the visual merchandising.

Making kids the focal point of the business, the Bata Kids store has a designated area where children can unleash their creativity through colouring along with a variety of toys to keep them entertained.


Bata Malaysia’s Country Manager Mr Ajay Ramachandran reiterated,

“Bata Kids brings the best of all Bata’s children offerings under one roof. We are proud to bring this first-of-its-kind store to the country. We believe this concept store will be well-received by the public as it stands as a far more convenient option for parents. Despite the digital shift in the retail industry, traditional retail is still a lucrative venture in Malaysia and children consist of a vital part of retail sales.” 



The official launch event, which took place in the Bata Kids store, was graced by special guests, company directors as well select media parties. Bata Kids is located at First Floor, Lot F1-58, Sunway Pyramid.

For more information about the Bata Collection, or to stay updated on news and promotions from Bata, follow:

  • Bata Malaysia on Facebook (Bata Home)
  • Instagram @batamalaysia

Piza Daging Carik Tarikan Baharu Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza memperkenalkan tambahan terbaharu kepada menunya dengan rangkaian piza ‘Pulled-Meat’.

Photo 2

Diilhamkan oleh cita rasa barat yang menjadi kegemaran rakyat Malaysia apabila menjamu selera dan merayakan detik-detik istimewa, piza ‘daging carik’ menawarkan cara paling menarik untuk menikmati kelazatan sajian makanan barat.

Photo 1 (1)

Majlis pelancaran Piza ‘Pulled-Meat’ terbaharu Domino’s telah ditaja dan dianjurkan oleh Evolve Concept Mall yang terletak di Ara Damansara.

Selaras dengan usaha untuk menghidangkan hanya yang terbaik kepada pelanggan, daging lembu terbaik dan berkualiti tinggi dari Australia dengan ciri-ciri yang menepati piawaian Domino’s telah dipilih sebagai fokus utama piza baharu ini.

Piza ‘Pulled-Beef’ baharu menggunakan daging dada lembut diselaputi sos Chipotle yang lazat, digandingkan dengan lada benggala dan cili merah untuk memberikan rasa manis dan pedas yang pasti menambat selera anda. Rahsia kelembutan daging ialah prosedur memasak selama lima jam.

Penyediaan bahan bermula dengan proses memerap daging untuk meresapkan perasa ke dalam pori-pori daging, diikuti oleh proses ‘menggaul’ untuk ‘mengurut’ daging selama 15 minit. Daging kemudian dipanggang secara perlahan-lahan dalam ketuhar sekurang-kurangnya untuk lima jam sehingga daging berderai, sedia untuk disiat-siat atau ‘dicarik’.

Rangkaian produk terbaharu ini juga membawakan Piza ‘Pulled-Chicken’ baharu dibuat daripada daging dada ayam disiat-siat, digandingkan dengan sos Chipotle, tomato ceri dan gegelang nanas berkaramel untuk memberikan kombinasi rasa manis dan perisa yang seimbang.

Disesuaikan dengan cita rasa barat, Golden Chicken Tenders baharu melengkapkan rangkaian piza. Isi ayam yang lembut terlebih dahulu diperap, disalut tepung dan kemudian dibakar dalam ketuhar (tidak pernah digoreng) hingga sempurna supaya setiap gigitan terasa rangup di luar tetapi lembut di dalam. Ia dihidangkan dengan Zesty Coleslaw baharu dibuat daripada campuran kubis ungu dan putih, lobak merah manis dengan kuah limau masam, ditaburi biji bijan hitam pedas.

Dalam ucapan di majlis pelancaran produk terbaharu Domino’s, Shamsul Amree, Timbalan Presiden, Operasi, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia dan Singapura, berkata,

“Dalam usaha menunaikan tuntutan pengguna kami yang sentiasa berubah, kami berusaha untuk melakukan segala-galanya untuk memberikan tawaran terbaik dalam industri. Misi kami adalah untuk mencipta nilai menerusi segala titik hubungan pelanggan. Kami melakukan segala-segalanya dengan sedaya upaya kami, dari segi menawarkan pelbagai produk dalam menu kami mahupun menyediakan hiasan dalaman yang kontemporari dan menambah baik perkhidmatan kami. Kami tetap fokus pada empat tunggak jenama kami, iaitu kehebatan produk, kehebatan perkhidmatan, kehebatan nilai dan kehebatan kemudahan. Ini termaktub dalam janji jenama kami. Oleh itu, Domino’s sentiasa berusaha untuk menambah baik pengalaman pelanggan menerusi setiap tunggak jenama di pelbagai titik hubungan pelanggan.”

“Sungguhpun kami beroperasi dalam industri Restoran Perkhidmatan Segera (QSR), ia tidak menghalang kami daripada menyediakan produk bermutu tinggi yang biasanya dihidangkan di restoran berkualiti tinggi. Kami bersungguh-sungguh dalam segala yang kami lakukan. Kerana itu, kami telah berusaha dan menghabiskan banyak masa untuk menjadikan ini satu realiti. Menu kami kini menawarkan lebih banyak pilihan daripada sebelumnya tetapi tetap mengambil kira kemampuan pelanggan. Kami bukan sahaja menawarkan lebih banyak pilihan tetapi juga menawarkan produk bermutu tinggi yang diperbuat daripada bahan bermutu tinggi untuk dinikmati oleh pelanggan bersama mereka yang tersayang. Kami sentiasa mendampingi dan mendengar kemahuan pelanggan dan kami faham bahawa mereka mahukan bahan yang berkualiti. Pelancaran ini benar-benar mencerminkan janji baharu jenama kami ‘It’s All About You’ – untuk sentiasa menunjukkan kepada pelanggan bahawa kami menghargai mereka,” tambahnya.

Linda Hassan, Naib Presiden Kanan, Pemasaran, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia dan Singapura, berkata,

“Pelancaran pada hari ini menjadikan Domino’s Pizza sebagai QSR pertama di Malaysia yang menawarkan sajian daging carik dalam menu. Menawarkan produk baharu dalam menu nampak mudah, tetapi produk ini diilhamkan secara khusus dengan teliti untuk memastikan ia memberi pengalaman 5 bintang kepada pelanggan. Daging diperap dan dimasak perlahan-lahan selama berjam-jam untuk memastikan daging lembut, menyelerakan dan lazat untuk disajikan di atas piza. Kami berbangga menawarkan piza bermutu paling tinggi dengan penyediaan terperinci untuk meningkatkan pengalaman pelanggan kami.”

“Tiada yang dapat menyatukan keluarga dan kawan-kawan untuk menyambut perayaan selain daripada sajian makanan lazat di atas meja. Dengan Domino’s Pizza, setiap saat menjanjikan keceriaan dan keseronokan. Menjelang musim perayaan hujung tahun, kami dengan sukacitanya menawarkan bukan sahaja pilihan yang lazat tetapi lebih penting lagi, produk istimewa bermutu tinggi yang diperbuat daripada bahan dan ramuan berkualiti untuk dinikmati oleh pelanggan bersama keluarga tersayang. Pelanggan kami ialah sumber inspirasi kami. Kami sedar bahawa daging tarik yang empuk, lembut dan berair bukan murah dan tidak mudah didapati di pasaran. Oleh itu, sepanjang enam bulan proses pembangunan produk ini, kami berusaha gigih untuk memastikan kelazatan rasa dan juga ketepatan teksturnya supaya kami dapat menghidangkan piza paling lazat kepada pelanggan, kerana kami melakukan segala-galanya untuk mereka. Produk terbaharu ini benar-benar memperlihatkan komitmen kami dan janji baharu jenama It’s All About You,” jelasnya.

Untuk memperlihatkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada pelanggan yang sentiasa diutamakan, video baharu jenama ‘Its All About You’ telah juga dipertontonkan di majlis pelancaran produk.

Untuk mendapatkan lebih nilai, pelanggan boleh memilih Wild West Buddy Combo dengan mana-mana piza Pulled-Meat baharu pada harga hanya RM41.90 dan Wild West Super Combo pada harga hanya RM61.90. Di samping itu, pelanggan boleh menambah RM12.75 atau secara ala-carte RM13.70 untuk menikmati Golden Chicken Tenders baharu. Pelanggan boleh memilih tambahan RM6.50 untuk Zesty Coleslaw saiz Besar atau RM2.90 untuk Zesty Coleslaw saiz kecil yang juga boleh didapati dalam menu ala-carte, masing-masing pada harga hanya RM 7.90 dan RM3.90.

Piza Pulled-Meat dan Golden Chicken serba baharu boleh didapati di restoran Domino’s Pizza di Malaysia Barat mulai 5 November 2018.

Pelanggan boleh mengunjungi restoran Domino’s, membuat pesanan dalam talian di, atau menghubungi 1300-888-333 untuk membuat pesanan.

KODOMO LION Promotes ‘Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile’ Campaign

The main purpose of this campaign are to encourage better childhood oral health. 


As a No.1 Kids Toothpaste brand in Malaysia, Kodomo Lion believes in cultivating good dental habits in children from young to achieve healthy teeth for a happy smile.


Kodomo that means ‘children’ in Japanese, it fits the brand’s mission in providing oral care solutions developed exclusively for children from 6 months to 12 years of age. It includes two toothbrush ranges that cater for different stages of oral development, and FOUR variants of children’s toothpaste.

The need for an oral care campaign specifically targeting children and their parents is pressing as tooth decay scientifically known as dental caries affects the physical and mental development of children, yet research studies done among Malaysian children estimates that between 7 out of 10 children in Malaysia have this oral health problem .

This is why the brand is launching the Kodomo Lion Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile campaign that engages parents and children to make tooth-brushing a fun and healthy family bonding activity, where parents model good brushing behaviours to children to set them on the path to lifelong good oral health.

“As the number one children’s toothpaste brand in Malaysia, Kodomo Lion feels a duty to promote better oral health for children. The recommendations that we are making are based on years of research and development by LION Japan, the No.1 Oral Care company in Japan oral care products that are suited for every stage of a child’s development for better long-term oral health.

Our campaign is simple, as kids need Healthy Teeth for Happy Smile. It is easy to achieve – equip them with the right toothpaste, toothbrush, technique and the ideal role model, their parents to learn from. With just a bit of effort, and some precious daily bonding time every child can have Healthy Teeth, Happy Smile for life. It is important to look after children milk teeth as it will pave the way for good healthy adult teeth,” said Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior Brand Manager, Oral Care Division, Ms Loo Mei Fong.

Kids and parents were encouraged to try the activities as a team before joining an interactive session with noted dental surgeon, Dr Lim Zi Wei who shared on the challenges of pre-schooler oral care, and the role of parents in forming good oral care habits.

“A child’s dental health is just as important as his or her overall well-being. Once your child starts to have first teeth, it is time to pick up a tube of children fluoridated toothpaste and start brushing. Brushing a baby or toddler’s teeth should be a task for parents, at least until your child is able to brush on his or her own around age 5 or older.

“The time spent together between parents and children while brushing teeth is precious for bonding. It also helps to keep cavities at bay and instil a lifetime of healthy dental habits. As your child grows, plan on routine dental check-ups based on your dentist’s recommendations. Keeping sugary foods in check, encouraging regular brushing and flossing, and working with your dentist will lead to good dental health,” Dr Lim explained.

Kodomo Lion will also collaborate with the Ministry of Health Malaysia to take this campaign to pre-schools. The brand has been working with schools in Johor for the past 20 years on children’s oral care, and will be expanding to other states.

Kodomo Lion uses Lion Japan’s advanced dental technology to develop an advanced formulation “5% Xylitol + Active Fluoride” toothpaste which helps to restore mineral and repair early caries . It strengthens teeth with extra effect of cavities prevention and aids in keeping children’s teeth strong and healthy. It’s low foam formulation indirectly encourages children to brush for longer, while its sugar-free formulation aids in reducing the formation of dental plaque for healthier teeth.

Studies show that the effects of fluoride can aid in the prevention and reduction of dental caries for all age groups . Parents can rest assured that Kodomo Lion toothpaste has the safe amount of fluoride for children’s teeth.

“For parents whose children are showing the first sign of dental caries, Kodomo Lion toothpaste can help to repair early caries. The secret for parents and kids is to brush twice daily with a good quality children’s toothbrush such as Kodomo Lion’s that is suitable for the child’s oral development for at least two minutes, and to do it consistently,” said Ms Loo.

Kodomo Children’s Toothpaste comes in fun designs with Dr Lion and buddies and four sugar-free flavours (Strawberry, Grape, Orange and Apple) to make brushing effective and fun.

To make brushing more effective Kodomo Lion has two toothbrush ranges – Kodomo Lion Progress, and Soft & Slim for different age groups. Both toothpaste and toothbrush are available nationwide at hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies at the recommended selling price of RM3.40 to RM5.05.

Product Description

Kodomo Lion’s Children Toothpaste
• Helps to restore mineral and repair early caries in 14 days
o Xylitol – a safe and natural ingredient to enhance the fluoride action; helps to strengthen teeth enamel
o Active Fluoride helps to fight against cavities
o “5% Xylitol + Active Fluoride” helps to restore mineral and repair early caries

• Available in 4 sugar-free fruity flavours:
Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Apple (40g, 80g) Retail Price: RM3.40 (40g), RM5.00 (80g)

Kodomo Lion’s Soft & Slim Children’s Toothbrush
• Special-tapered soft & slim bristles removes food particles & plaque thoroughly yet gentle on gums
• Long slim neck design to reach out to clean all inner teeth “Thumb Lock” toothbrush handle for firm and easy grip
• Available with appropriate head sizes for 3 age groups:
0.5 – 2yrs, 3-5yrs, 6-9yrs
Retail price: RM5.05

Kodomo Lion’s Progress Professional Children’s Toothbrush
• Soft end-rounded bristles provides high cleaning efficacy
• Long slim neck design to reach out to clean back teeth thoroughly
• Available with round compact head sizes for 4 age groups:
0.5-3yrs, 3-6yrs, 6-9yrs, 9-12yrs
Retail Price: RM3.95

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