SITI KHADIJAH Lancar Rangkaian Telekung Baharu di SHOPEE

Mudah nak beli telekung Siti Khadijah sekarang boleh secara online saja..


Siti Khadijah, jenama telekung berlandaskan hukum syariah yang terkenal dan bermutu tinggi telah melancarkan rangkaian telekung terbaharunya di Shopee, platform e-dagang No. 1 di Malaysia.


Peminat pasti teruja dan tertarik dengan begitu banyak pilihan rekaan yang bukan sahaja selesa untuk dipakai tetapi juga cantik dan menarik dipandang.

Jenama pakaian solat untuk wanita yang terunggul di Malaysia ini diasaskan pada 2009 dengan matlamat untuk menawarkan telekung yang direka untuk menjamin keselesaan dan fleksibiliti, terutama sekali pada bahagian muka dan dagu dan pada masa yang sama menyediakan pelbagai pilihan corak inovatif, motif dan warna. Dalam jangka masa yang panjang, Siti Khadijah merancang untuk menjadi pengeluar produk gaya hidup Muslim yang terbesarl di Malaysia dan juga di pasaran antarabangsa.

Buat masa ini peminat boleh mendapatkan set telekung Siti Khadijah dengan pelbagai rekaan menerusi platform beli-belah dalam talian. Kesemua telekung Siti Khadijah dibuat daripada material Poplin Signature bermutu tinggi: Signature Inara L.E warna putih, Sakura in Maroon dengan corak bunga yang cantik, dan TPO Songket dalam warna raksa, hitam dan merah jambu. Harga telekung bermula dari RM195 ke atas.

Selain tambahan terbaharu telekung, orang ramai juga boleh memilih pelbagai pakaian wanita jenama Siti Khadijah termasuk tudung, stokin tangan, jubah dalaman, baju Melayu, beg sandang, beg jinjit kembara dan aksesori.

Di samping itu, mereka akan mendapat diskaun apabila membuat pembelian dari kedai rasmi di Shopee:

  • potongan RM10 dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM100
  • RM20 dengan perbelanjaan RM170 ke atas
  • diskaun 10% dihadkan pada RM20.

Tawaran dan diskaun ini sah sehingga 31 Mei 2019.

“Telekung merupakan pakaian khusus yang digunakan oleh wanita Islam untuk bersolat. Walau bagaimanapun, cabaran yang dihadapi oleh ramai adalah pemindaan yang perlu dibuat untuk memastikan potongannya sesuai untuk pemakaian yang selesa. Oleh itu, kami memperkenalkan pakaian solat dengan rekaan yang dipatenkan dengan tumpuan utama kepada bahagian muka, menggabungkan kain bermutu tinggi dan bahan yang boleh diregangkan – dijahit dengan rapi menggunakan renda sulaman yang cantik. Kami di Siti Khadijah berusaha untuk mengekalkan sejarah dan nilai-nilai warisan telekung sambil memperkenalkan beberapa rekaan menarik untuk memenuhi keperluan pelanggan kami. Kami harap wanita Islam seronok memakai telekung kami khususnya tambahan terbaru dalam koleksi kami, sebagaimana seronoknya kami menghasilkan setiap satu daripadanya untuk mereka. Kami ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua,” kata Padzilah Enda Sulaiman, Pengasas Siti Khadijah.

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang rangkaian telekung Siti Khadijah yang terkini, sila kunjungi :

HONOR Newest Addition: Honor 20 Lite Is Now In Malaysia

HONOR announced  the latest addition to the HONOR series, the HONOR 20 Lite is launched in Malaysia!


HONOR 20 Lite Phantom Blue & Phantom Red

Thoughtfully designed for the way we connect, communicate and express ourselves through images and videos, the HONOR 20 Lite is packed with HONOR’s industry leading smartphone cameras: a triple-lens rear camera, wide-angle lens, and breakthrough 32MP selfie camera that helps users make the most of every moment, along with a comprehensive list of top features.


HONOR 20 Lite launch

“To better meet young people’s needs of technology, design, personal expression and community engagement, we are committed to delivering the latest premium features at an accessible level for them,” said George Zhao, President of HONOR.

“Aware of the unique way the young people want to express themselves, HONOR is working tirelessly to refine its camera capabilities. The pioneering 32MP front camera and triple-lens camera system in the HONOR 20 Lite have been created for the socially active and highly visual generation to help them capture the most precious moments in life effortlessly and co-create a new lifestyle together.”

Recognized for innovative devices with advanced features and a well-placed marketing strategy, HONOR not only reigns supreme in its home country as the No.1 smartphone e-brand, but achieved remarkable results overseas with a 170% growth in global sales in 2018.

In 2018, HONOR was a Top 5 smartphone brand in market share in Russia, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Czech Republic, based on a GfK report. In Europe, HONOR has experienced an explosive growth in sales volume since its entry, with a 200% increase in the UK and 500% increase in Spain, according to market-level data.

“The smartphone evolution is moving at a fast pace, and with competition so stiff, brands will need to constantly innovate to cater to changing consumer demands while remaining competitively priced. We commend HONOR for introducing yet another quality smartphone to the local market, this time with wide-angle lens and an industry-leading selfie camera, so that you look your best in every shot. This also reflects our beliefs in providing affordable products without compromising quality, or making luxury goods more accessible to Malaysians, looking at how costs are on a constant rise. We are privileged to be a partner in this HONOR 20 Lite exclusive launch as well as the HONOR Super Brand Day which offers users the best of HONOR when they shop on Shopee. We look forward to working closely with HONOR to offer Malaysians an excellent service to stay connected with one another,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director, Shopee.
Key features of the HONOR 20 Lite

Triple-Lens Camera to Capture What You See

The HONOR 20 Lite’s 24MP primary camera captures the view with breath-taking realism, rich in detail, sharpness and colour. With the f/1.8 wide-aperture lens and the Quadra CFA sensor, the camera system boosts light sensitivity and lets more light pass through, allowing for epic shots in low-light environments.

The 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens is a feature you will only see in premium smartphones. You will be able to capture the full scene (e.g. iconic buildings, full view of long beach, panoramic city view), regardless of where you are.

To elevate the photography game, the Super Night Shoot mode effortlessly produces silky smooth night shots without a tripod, while the AI multi-scene recognition, capable of recognizing 22 categories of objects and 500+ scenarios, helps you create professional-grade photographs with ease.

Breakthrough 32MP Selfie Camera

The HONOR 20 Lite’s AI-enhanced 32 MP selfie camera is HONOR’s best front-facing camera setup yet. It takes selfies to another level, effortlessly converting selfies into 2.3×1.7m-sized celebrity posters without compromising details. The built-in AI beauty algorithms intelligently touch up selfies based on gender, age and skin tone, creating the most perfect yet natural look you could ever want.

With the AI backlighting imaging technology, the HONOR 20 Lite’s selfie camera makes sure the most flattering amount of light is well-captured under any conditions – be it backlight, sidelight or front light. The impressive lighting capabilities are made possible by the flawless combination of a 32MP ISO-enhanced lens, the screen ring light-filling technology and the Quadra sensor.

Impeccable Experiences across All Dimensions

The powerful combination of hardware and software delivers an upgraded and flagship-like experience that helps you get the most out of everything you do – all in your palm.

The HONOR 20 Lite is an exquisitely-crafted art piece in an avant-garde gradient design that comes with two beautiful finishes –Phantom Blue and Phantom Red. It is ergonomic with a 3D curved body and rounded corners. With a minimalist dew-drop notch and an over 90% screen-to-body ratio, its 6.21-inch FullView HD screen creates an immersive entertainment experience.

The HONOR 20 Lite is powered by a Kirin 710 chipset that delivers a seamless and fast experience, comparable to that of a flagship smartphone. The 4GB RAM further enhances the processing speeds, while 128GB storage enables you to keep your favourite moments and bring all the hit TV dramas on-the-go.

Based on the EMUI 9.0 operating system, the HONOR 20 Lite enables a smarter life. The EMUI 9.0, optimized by the latest Android 9 system, represents an overall software upgrade that features a concise user interface, enhances data management system and optimises user experience. Not only is it your dedicated, caring personal assistant that counts calories in every meal with just a scan of the food, but also your public library that answers all of the questions.


In conjunction with the launch, Shopee will be organizing a Super Brand Day from 22 April to 26 April 2019, offering deals on selected HONOR products.

The HONOR 20 Lite 4GB RAM + 128 GB ROM will be available exclusively on Shopee and HONOR’s website beginning 24 April 2019, pricing at RM949.

First 500 purchases of the HONOR 20 Lite made on Shopee will be entitled to a branded drawstring bag and RM30 worth of Shopee Coins, while the subsequent 1,000 purchases will be entitled to an HONOR gift box and RM30 worth of Shopee Coins. Meanwhile, the first 50 purchases made on will be entitled to an HONOR gift box.

The HONOR 20 Lite will also be available at HONOR Experience Stores nationwide beginning 26 April 2019. The first 500 purchases will be entitled to a branded drawstring bag.

P&G Lancar Kempen Penjagaan Rambut Sempena Hari Jenama Super di Shopee

P&G menerusi jenama penjagaan rambut terkemuka, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Rejoice dan Herbal Essences, bersama-sama melancarkan “Hentikan Hari Rambut Tidak Bermaya” Hari Jenama Super di Shopee

7799d69952331a3ecc19d837cec8e5a9 - Copy

Mengalami hari rambut tidak bermaya bukan sahaja memberi kesan kepada penampilan diri, malah turut menjejaskan mood anda dan mengurangkan keyakinan anda sepanjang hari.

Masalah rambut paling biasa berlaku di Malaysia ialah:

  1. kelemumur
  2. kulit kepala berminyak
  3. rambut gugur.

Inilah yang mendorong syarikat barangan pengguna global yang terkemuka, P&G, syarikat induk jenama penjagaan rambut dengan jualan paling laris; Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Rejoice dan Herbal Essences; bekerjasama dengan Shopee untuk melancarkan Hari Jenama Super bertemakan “Hentikan Hari Rambut Tidak Bermaya”.

Mulai 8 hingga 12 April, Hari Jenama Super P&G x Shopee, akan menawarkan potongan sehingga 80% serta melancarkan produk baharu, Rejoice 3-in-1 Perfect dan Head & Shoulders Subzero bagi menangani beberapa masalah rambut yang paling kerap dihadapi oleh rakyat Malaysia.

Pembelian pek penjagaan rambut diberikan potongan tambahan 15%, selain tawaran serendah RM1 serta Jualan Mengejutkan setiap hari. Ambil bahagian dalam peraduan media sosial dan permainan aplikasi untuk memenangi hadiah menarik.

Rambut yang lebih kuat mengurangkan keguguran rambut

Rambut gugur bukan sahaja membimbangkan anda, malah ramai yang mengalaminya. Keguguran rambut dikatakan sebagai masalah rambut paling utama di Malaysia. Keguguran rambut dikaitkan dengan beberapa sebab seperti stres bahan kimia yang kasar daripada bahan peluntur dan pewarna, stres haba yang berlebihan daripada penggunaan penggulung rambut panas serta stres persekitaran daripada pencemaran dan pancaran UV.

Walaupun tiada sebab khusus yang diberikan, namun jika anda mula mengalami rambut gugur, anda seharusnya menggunakan produk penjagaan rambut yang dapat menangani masalah ini.

Formula Pro-Vitamin Pantene bukan sahaja membersihkan malah menguatkan rambut dari akar sehingga hujung dan mengurangkan rambut kusut semasa membasuh dan menyikat rambut. Syampu yang mengandungi pengadang kerosakan keratin ini membantu mencegah kerosakan rambut untuk mengurangkan keguguran menerusi penggunaan yang kerap.

Merawat kelemumur pada punca

Mahukan rambut 100% bebas kelemumur* merupakan cabaran yang dikongsi bersama oleh rakyat Malaysia. Berikut ialah tanda-tanda biasa kelemumur: paling nyata ialah kepingan kelemumur yang gugur, kegatalan dan kemerahan akibat kerengsaan, serta kulit kepala yang kering sebagai satu tanda awal. Walaupun anda sepatutnya tahu bahawa kelemumur merupakan keadaan yang berlaku secara semula jadi, namun pilihan syampu anti kelemumur merupakan senjata terbaik untuk memastikan anda bebas kelemumur* dan kulit kepala anda sihat.

Sebagai syampu anti kelemumur no 1 di dunia^, Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol terbukti secara klinikal dapat mencegah kelemumur. Ia mengandungi teknologi Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT), formula** yang merawat kelemumur pada sumber dan mencegah daripada berulang. Ia mengandungi menthol untuk memberikan sensasi menyegarkan dan formulanya lembut untuk kegunaan harian.
Rambut yang berbau harum sepanjang hari

Mengekalkan rambut yang berbau harum merupakan satu cabaran di Malaysia, terutama dalam cuaca panas sepanjang tahun di negara ini. Mengharungi perjalanan ke tempat kerja, pencemaran dan peluh menghilangkan keharuman rambut sehinggakan sebaik sahaja anda meninggalkan rumah.

Ada perlu mendapatkan syampu yang berkesan seperti Rejoice Perfume Smooth dengan haruman bunga peony yang diadun oleh pakar minyak wangi antarabangsa. Ia turut mengandungi serum untuk rambut anda yang lembut dan wangi.

Mencuci rambut agar cantik bersinar

Semua orang mahukan rambut yang cantik berseri yang indah dipandang dan lembut disentuh. Namun halangan seperti cuaca panas atau alat penggaya rambut seperti pengering dan pewarna rambut serta tidak memberikan kelembapan dan nutrien yang cukup menyebabkan rambut menjadi tidak sempurna.

Anda memerlukan Syampu Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care untuk menghadapi cuaca tropika di Malaysia. Ia direka untuk memberikan asas yang sihat untuk rambut dengan menghapuskan bahan asing secara lembut daripada rambut dan kulit kepala tanpa mengeringkan bagi melindungi rambut anda daripada kerosakan setiap hari.

Pulihkan rambut menjadi cantik semula

Hujung rambut yang berpecah, rambut kusam dan rambut yang rosak merupakan masalah yang biasa di Malaysia. Punca utama kerosakan rambut ialah persekitaran yang panas atau lembap, mewarnakan rambut secara berulang yang menghapuskan nutrien dan mengubah struktur rambut atau terlalu kerap menggunakan alat penggaya rambut yang boleh menyebabkan rambut rapuh.

Syampu Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care membantu mengekalkan rambut anda pada tahap optimum dengan mengibangi kelembapan untuk mendapatkan rambut yang lembut dan mudah diurus. Rambut yang kering dan rosak menyerap air yang banyak dalam keadaan cuaca lembap, tetapi Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care mengekalkan kelembapan yang diperlukan dan mencegah kelembapan yang berlebihan untuk rambut yang cantik sepanjang hari dalam apa juga keadaan cuaca. Ia tidak mengandungi pewarna rambut atau parabens.

Semua produk P&G boleh didapati melalui Kedai Rasmi P&G di Shopee Mall. Produk yang dijual menerusi Shopee Mall diberikan jaminan pemulangan barang dalam masa 15 hari, penghantaran percuma dan jaminan keaslian 100%. Sertai P&G dan Shopee untuk Hentikan Hari Rambut Tidak Bermaya – belilah semua keperluan penjagaan rambut anda hari ini menerusi!


Tohtonku Holds Its First Super Brand Day on Shopee

Started in 1964 where its products were sold door-to-door by the company’s sales force. While many of us may flinch at the idea of ringing the doorbell under unforgivable weather, that personalised sales concept proved to be a success. Coupled with effective advertising, interested international investors were soon knocking on its door, keen to expand into the Malaysian market.


Fast forward 55 years later and Tohtonku has grown from a household brand into an international company with footprints across Japan, Middle East, China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Today, it has more than 15 major brands in its stable of products. These include:

  • Ammeltz YokoYoko
  • Kool Fever
  • Nanowhite
  • Follow Me
  • Ubermen
  • Silkpro
  • Can Can
  • King Kong

To keep up with the times and reach out to more consumers who are restricted by geography, Tohtonku ventured into the digital retail space as it continues its vision to help men and women look and feel confident about themselves.

To thank its loyal customers for their never-ending support, Tohtonku will be having its 1st ever Super Brand Day on Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Taking place from 1 to 7 April, the campaign will feature up to 50% discounts across products from various brands including bestsellers Follow Me Anti-Bacterial Body Wash, Ubermen Hairstyling Wax, NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate, and Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum. There are also attractive vouchers worth a total of RM150,000 that are up for grabs and daily Shocking Sale with discounts up to 50% off to be enjoyed.

In conjunction with the seven-day campaign, Tohtonku Super Brand Day will feature an exclusive Nanowhite Beauty Set and NUTOX Anti-Ageing Beauty Set filled with skincare care essentials that customers can purchase for themselves, family and friends while saving up to 30%.

The Spend & Win contest, on the other hand, will reward customers who tops the list of being the biggest spenders during the campaign, with great prizes. Shopee’s in-app game called Shopee Slice, where users can ‘slice’ Tohtonku products to collect points to win up to RM500,000 worth of Shopee coins and vouchers up to RM10,000 is a fun and interactive way for shoppers to get more out of their shopping experience.

The Shopee Slice in-app game that is fun and interactive for shoppers
for a more engaging shopping experience.

On Tohtonku Super Brand Day which falls on 4 April 2019, there will be special highlights throughout the entire day including upsized vouchers with up to 30% off, and receive free shipping with a minimum of RM20 spend between 3pm and 6pm.

Tohtonku Super Brand Day is one of our initiatives to thank our customers for their loyalty and support towards the company and its brands for more than 50 years. With the campaign running over the course of seven days, customers can expect nothing more than great deals and offers to make their shopping experience a more enjoyable one. As a result, we are expecting to see a surge in orders and are ready to take on the huge capacity. The fact that Shopee has around 16 million downloads, we are able to reach out to more Malaysians and give them more value for their Ringgit when they buy our products. Through Shopee, we will be able to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain our high-level of service and satisfaction standards that we pride ourselves as a brand. Our Super Brand Day with Shopee is set to be one of our best digital initiatives yet,” said Jasper Lim, Executive Director, Tohtonku Sdn Bhd.

The Tohtonku Super Brand Day is also part of the Shopee Brands Festival celebration where Shopee users will be treated to:

  1. Bonus Voucher Days on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  2. earn double the amount of Shopee Coins on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  3. receive Free Shipping with minimum spend of RM20 during weekends from now until April 24 when they spend across brands in Shopee Mall.

For details, visit

SHOPEE Anjur Jualan Produk Pembersihan Rumah di Super Brand Day

Ibu-ibu di luar sana, jangan lupa sertai Super Brand Day anjuran Shopee bersama Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser bermula minggu depan, iaitu 25 Februari nanti sehingga 3 Mac.

Photo 4

Photo 3 (1)

Jika dahulu, tugas membersih dan mengemas rumah satu tugas yang sangat membebankan lebih-lebih lagi bagi ibu-ibu yang bekerja dan dalam masa perlu memastikan kediaman rumah sentiasa bersih dan kemas.

Photo 1 (1)

Photo 2 (1)

Kini, tugas mengemas rumah disifatkan sebagai paling bergaya. Memandangkan trend ini sudah menjadi satu sensasi global, semakin ramai orang menyahut cabaran untuk mempermudah urusan mengemas rumah mereka dengan mengikuti beberapa peraturan asas.

Pakar-pakar telah berkongsi hasil penyelidikan dan kajian mereka yang menunjukkan bahawa mengemas rumah adalah satu tugas penting. Bagaimanapun, kita perlu sedar bahawa usaha menjaga kebersihan rumah bukan sahaja dengan mengemas dan membuang barang yang tidak memberi sebarang faedah tetapi juga perlu membersihkan lantai, tingkap, bilik mandi, dapur dan setiap permukaan serta ceruk dalam rumah.

Tahukah anda?

Menjaga kebersihan dan menyenggarakan rumah adalah juga satu keperluan untuk memastikan persekitaran yang sihat dan mesra demi kesejahteraan keluarga, terutama sekali keluarga yang sedang membesarkan anak-anak. Rumah yang ceria membantu melenyapkan tekanan dan ketegangan yang disebabkan persekitaran yang berselerak. Dengan demikian, ibu bapa kurang terganggu dan dapat memberi tumpuan sepenuhnya kepada usaha untuk mewujudkan persekitaran yang sesuai dan kreatif untuk anak-anak membesar.

Memahami betapa pentingnya kita mempunyai kediaman yang sihat, Shopee telah merancang Super Brand Day bersama Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser, yang dijadualkan dari 25 Februari hingga 3 Mac.

Jenama-jenama terkenal di bawah Mead Johnson Nutrition dan Reckitt Benckiser, khususnya adalah:

  • Dettol
  • Enfagrow A
  • Sustagen
  • Durex
  • Vanish
  • Air Wick

Kesemua jenama diatas akan menyertai kempen ini dengan menawarkan produk dengan harga jauh lebih rendah.

Sepanjang TUJUH hari itu, pelanggan boleh merebut pelbagai tawaran hebat, termasuk tawaran RM1 pada 28 Februari.

Shopee Super Brand Day bakal:

  1. menawarkan diskaun sehingga 85%
  2. Jualan Mengejut harian
  3. perkhidmatan penghantaran segera kepada pengguna Shopee.


Manfaatkan sepenuhnya nilai wang ringgit anda dan rebutlah baucar menarik sehingga RM500,000.

Selain itu, mereka yang membuat perbelanjaan harian paling tinggi berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah menarik seperti telefon pintar, tablet, jam tangan pintar dan banyak lagi.

Untuk butir-butir lanjut, sila ke laman

PETRON Lancar Kedai Atas Talian Pertama di Shopee

Sekarang minyak enjin pun boleh beli online! Mudahnya..


Minyak enjin Petron kini boleh didapati secara atas talian melalui platform e-dagang terkemuka Shopee, yang mempunyai lebih daripada 16 juta pengguna di Malaysia.

Ini menandakan pelancaran kedai rasmi atas talian yang PERTAMA buat Petron Malaysia, selaras dengan komitmen Petron dalam meningkatkan pengalaman pelanggan dengan menyediakan akses yang lebih luas dan mudah kepada produknya.

Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail and Commercial Business_1

“Kami sentiasa berusaha untuk menggembirakan pelanggan dan meningkatkan pengalaman mereka bersama kami. PelangganPetron kini boleh menikmati pengalaman pembelian yang lancar – hanya semak, klik atas talian untuk membeli minyak enjin Petron, dan mendapat penghantaran produk terus kepada mereka,” kata Choong Kum Choy, Ketua Jabatan Dagangan Runcit dan Komersial Petron Malaysia.

Minyak enjin Petron juga boleh didapati di kedai serbaneka yang terdapat di stesen minyaknya dan bengkel kenderaan yang sah.

“Pembelian atas talian semakin berkembang di kalangan pengguna. Kini, mereka boleh menyakini keaslian minyak enjin Petron yang terdapat di kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee kerana produk-produk dihantar dari pengedar kami yang sah. Kami berharap para pelanggan dapat menikmati inisiatif baharu ini daripada kami sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha kami bagi memenuhi keperluan terkini mereka dan menawarkan layanan yang lebih baik,” tambah Choong.

Shopee merupakan platform atas talian yang dicipta untuk memenuhi keperluan rakyat Malaysia, dengan memberikan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang mudah dan selamat. Ianya kini pantas menjadi tapak e-dagang terkemuka di Malaysia.

Pelanggan boleh menemui pelbagai produk minyak enjin Petron seperti Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic, Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend, dan Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade yang terdapat dalam portal membeli-belah tersebut. Kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee juga memberi pelanggan akses kepada panduan dan maklumat produk.

Selaras dengan kempen Tahun Baru Cina Petron dan kempen Shopee Khas Untuk Lelaki yang akan datang, Petron Malaysia menawarkan barangan premium untuk sebarang pembelian Petron Blaze Racing Engine Oil.

Setiap pembelian minyak enjin Petron Blaze Racing 4L dilengkapi dengan hadiah istimewa. ‘Speaker bluetooth’ percuma akan diberikan buat setiap pembelian Petron 4L Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W-40, manakala pembelian 4L Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend 10W-40 dilengkapi dengan satu set fon telinga tanpa wayar percuma.

Sementara itu, pelanggan yang membeli 4L Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade atau 7L Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade 15W40 akan menerima pengecas kereta USB percuma. Promosi ini sah sehingga 28 Februari atau sementara stok masih ada.
Sejak dilancarkan pada tahun 2015, Shopee, platform e-dagang terkemuka di Asia Tenggara dan Taiwan, telah menunjukkan komitmen yang tinggi dalam menyediakan pengalaman membeli-belah atas talian yang terbaik kepada rakyat Malaysia sambil menawarkan penyelesaian penjual dan jenama mengenai cara bagi mengoptimumkan jangkauan mereka.

Lawati kedai rasmi Petron di Shopee


SHOPEE Prescribe ‘Laughter Medicine’ Online

This online medicine is available by Comedian Harith Iskander who joins the Shopee Celebrity Squad via The Joke Factory (TJF).

Photo 2

With so much going on in our lives: chasing for weekly targets, attending endless meetings and cleaning the house after a long day at work, some of us may have forgotten how to take a break, let alone laugh. Research and studies have also shown that there is a correlation between ‘laughter’ and ‘health’, the former having positive effects on the latter.

To encourage Malaysians to let down their hair more and have a good laugh, Harith will be joining the Shopee Celebrity Squad and opening The Joke Factory (TJF) official store on the platform. He joins the likes of Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, Dato’ Seri Dr. Hajah Vida, Scha Alyahya & Awal Ashaari, Ummi Nazeera, Shuib Sepahtu and Siti Sarah who also have their official stores on Shopee.

At the TJF official store, Shopee users will be spoilt for choice with the selection of daily shows they want to watch before purchasing the show tickets, fuss-free. The store will soon sell merchandise as well as food packages to offer Malaysians the ultimate comedy experience.

The Joke Factory in Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, was introduced by Harith and his wife Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander in August 2018. Lauded to be Malaysia’s Premiere Comedy Venue, it offers Malaysian-styled entertainment of international quality as well as food and beverage so the audience will have the best of both worlds. Apart from English, it also hosts comedy in Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Cantonese and Mandarin.

It is also at that venue where the launch of TJF by Harith Iskander official store on Shopee was held, witnessed by invited guests and the media. They also got a treat from the man himself, breaking into fits of laughter as he performed his jokes and antics on stage.

Harith has grown from a comedian into a world-recognised humour pundit, placing Malaysia on the international comedy map twice. He not only won Laugh Factory’s “Funniest Person In The World” 2016 competition but is also the first Southeast Asian comedian to have his own original comedy special “I Told You So” on Netflix.

“It has always been my mission to spread laughter in more ways than one to Malaysians. My wife and I are constantly seeking exciting ways to keep the local entertainment scene fresh and relevant. We are every bit excited to join the Shopee Celebrity Squad that has a line-up of amazing celebrities who are also selling their products on Shopee. Going on Shopee also allows us to reach out to its 16 million users, further bridging us and Malaysians as we continue to work towards spreading joy, laughter and humour in their lives. We look forward to having a fun-filled and long-term collaboration as we grow together in offering Malaysians the best there is,” comedian and TJF co-founder Harith Iskander enthused.

The Shopee Celebrity Squad was launched in May 2018 to allow fans and Shopee users to officially purchase curated products from their favourite celebrities with convenience. To date, there are more than 20 celebrities on board with more joining the family in months to come.

With the aim of growing their brand’s exposure, the Shopee Celebrity Squad will utilise an array of marketing channels including the in-app portal, social media and more. Aside from providing a digital platform for the celebrities to feature their brands, Shopee also partners with the celebrities on various offline activities that brings fans and celebrities closer. This include meet and greet sessions, roadshows and events.

“Through these various initiatives, Shopee has helped boost sales from participating stores by up to 10 times. As a testament, SIMPLYSITI by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin saw an uplift in orders, an increase of over 112% during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day as compared to a normal day. During the global Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, the Shopee Celebrity Squad stores received an average 7 times uplift in traffic compared to a normal day. With Harith’s The Joke Factory making its debut on the platform, Shopee is able to add another dimension of products to its users. Our users will be thrilled to know that they can receive updates on the latest laughs as well as attractive promotions The Joke Factory will be offering through the platform,” said Rachel Tan, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia.

The show tickets on The Joke Factory official store on Shopee will be available 20 December 2018 onwards for upcoming shows in 2019 as the shows this year have already ended.

To grab special deals in conjunction with the launch, Shopee users will stand to enjoy a 30% off, capped at RM20, on show tickets from 20 December to 27 December 2018.

Just enter the promo code HARITH20 before making the payment; limited to one code per user.

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About The Joke Factory

The Joke Factory is set to become the premier stand-up comedy venue in Asia featuring local as well as international comedians. Apart from serving as a vibrant hive for live comedy activities in the Klang Valley, the Joke Factory aims to stand as a communal hub for Comedy & Arts Education as well as a youth movement centre to promote social responsibility programmes in the effort to create a philanthropic purpose behind its establishment. It also aims to support developmental and awareness programmes surrounding social issues concerning special needs kids, the underprivileged as well as prevailing health issues affecting communities today.
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